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    University of Zurich, Switzerland - Looks at the use of federated workflow systems for supply chain management. Contains the project description and links to publications. [project completed]
    University of Ulm, Germany - Looks at different facets of advanced process-oriented information systems. Examples are modeling concepts, support of temporal aspects, support of dynamic changes, and management of interworkflow dependencies. Contains the project description and a list of publications.
    University of Geneva, Switzerland - Deals with an advanced network and agent infrastructure for the support of federations of workflow trading systems. Contains the project charter and some publications in PDF format. [project completed]
    University of Stuttgart, Germany - A transactional workflow management system based on CORBA. The site contains some publications in PS format. [project completed]
  • CrossFlow
    IBM Zurich, Switzerland - Looks at an architecture for cross-organizational workflow support through contracts. Contains project details and publications. [project completed]
  • EvE
    University of Zurich, Switzerland - An event-driven distributed workflow engine. Contains the project description and links to the people involved. [project completed]
  • Exotica
    IBM Almaden Research Center - Extension of the FlowMark workflow engine with mobile client support and message queueing. Contains publications and presentations related to the project. [project completed]
  • LogiCougaar
    Aims at the development of a distributed agent-based workflow environment based on the Cougaar architecture. Contains architecture documents as PDF files.
    University of Georgia, USA - Aims at the reliable support of large-scale, complex and adaptive workflow applications in real-world multi-enterprise heterogeneous computing environments. Contains publications in PDF format. [project completed]
  • Process Interchange Format
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA - PIF facilitates the exchange of process models. This language was used in the process handbook project. Contains the specification, workshop results and links to related projects. [completed, merged with PSL]
  • Process Specification Language
    National Institute for Standards and Technology, USA - Defines a neutral modeling language for manufacturing processes.
  • SWIM Aims at the development of an infrastructure that manages the information flow between agents in Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance scenarios. Contains the project description and links to project-related publications. [project completed]
  • WASA
    University of Muenster, Germany - A CORBA-based workflow system that supports dynamic modification of process instances. Contains a flyer in PDF format, and a list of publications. [project completed]
    State University of New York, StonyBrook, USA - Deals with the development of enabling tools and technologies for web-based virtual enterprises. Contains a list of papers on transaction logic and related topics. [project completed]
  • WIDE
    Deals with extending distributed and active databases for workflow-enabled applications. Contains the project description, papers in PDF and a lot more. [project completed]
  • Workflow Patterns
    TU Eindhoven, the Netherlands - A collection of process patterns used for the evaluation of workflow management systems and related standards. Contains the patterns, evaluation reports and further documentation. Maintained by Wil van der Aalst and Arthur ter Hofstede.
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