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  • Abydos
    Provides workflow software products for CRM process automation, order management, operational support, and business support systems. Includes information about the company and its products and services.
  • AC&C HSH Group
    Company provides workflow solutions to the prepress industry. Company and contact information, support options, Documentation, FAQ, and specifications.
  • Accentuate Systems, Inc.
    Supplier of web, intranet and Internet applications for project management, document collaboration, and adaptive workflow. Includes announcements, product list and support.
  • Active Report
    Online workflow management system that enables easy reporting and tracking of activities within any organization. Trial software, product information, and user manuals available on the site.
  • Advantage Software
    Management software specializing in advertising agencies. Includes full presentation and samples.
  • A-Frame
    Features a Java workflow product, WorkMovr. Read case studies, product information, and the business benefits offered.
  • Apt Projects Ltd
    Typing, tutorial, and contact management workflow system software for business and personal use.
  • Aspen Grove Workflow Solutions
    Workflow and process management solution for legal, banking, insurance and other service based organizations. Internet, extranet or intranet.
  • AWD: DST Technologies - Busienss Process Management
    AWD: DST Technologies is a full service provider of the industry leading, business process management and workflow solution AWD (Automated Work Distributor).
  • Axonet
    Comprehensive integrated workflow and document management software.
  • AXS-One
    Workflow-centered financial software.
  • BizFlow
    Web-based workflow solution designed to organizations more effective.
  • Blue Pumpkin Software
    Workforce management scheduling and forecasting software for customer contact centers and inbound sales call centers.
  • Buoy5
    Features iApprove, an automated request and approval suite, with company overview, news and events.
  • Business Intelligence for the Enterprise
    Portellus enables intelligent decisioning and workflow management for companies in the financial services, health care, and insurance industries.
  • Cabinet NG
    A paperless office, workflow and document management software file or filing system.
  • Carnot
    J2EE-based workflow engine. Can be deployed as an Enterprise Java Bean in an Application Server. Demo version available for download.
  • CaslonSoft
    Links standard software together, producing an automated workflow. Product information and downloads.
  • CGS Computer Graphic Systems
    CGS (ORIS) is the worldwide leader in digital workflow and productivity software for the printing and graphic arts industry. The ORIS software suite consists of: Color Tuner, Works, and Page.
  • Change Management Expert
    Web-based software application for maintaining change control to company documents, assets, or procedures. Free online demo available.
  • Collaborative Strategies
    Workflow based software tools and consulting services utilizing knowledge management strategies and new technologys for collaboration challenged businesses.
  • Critical Path Technical Services
    Business software tools for resource management, workflow, issue management, and a provider of Microsoft Project Add-Ins.
  • DAS Software
    Browser based online Workflow/Supply Chain integration.
  • Ditium Technologies - Umero Communications Workflow Server
    We provide communications workflow solutions for fax servers, mobile/wireless systems, email systems, SMS, telex, pager, IVR solutions and Corporate Applications like CRM, ERP, SCM, DMS, etc, and email systems (Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes) using the Umero Communications Workflow Server.
  • DocBase Direct - Document Workflow Management
    Archiving and Workflow solutions software, for electronic document management.
  • DocFlow - document and knowledge management
    DocFlow produces web-based solutions for managing, accessing, distributing and sharing document-based knowledge.
  • dotFlow: A Java-based Workflow Engine
    dotFlow is a pure Java Workflow implementation that is lightweight and embeddable. A template design studio and administration console are included.
  • Drala Workflow Engine
    An embeddable Java component for automating business processes.
  • Dynaflow
    DynaFlow Modeling Solutions inc. - Global provider of Business Modeling and Workflow Consulting, Training and Product suite (Total Process Management)
  • eForms and Workflow from Trillium Software Inc.
    Metastorm e-work.Business Process Management solution provider for automating people-intensive administrative and management processes. Workflow is a key component.
  • Endeavors Technology
    Provides software solutions to improve business processes by using the Internet. Includes company profile and contact details.
  • Enhydra Shark
    Open source workflow engine and client applications (admin and worklist handler) based on WfMC and OMG specification.
  • @enterprise Web Workflow System
    enterprise is a workflow system based on Internet technologies. It supports customers in definition, execution and controlling of business processes.
  • Exceleron Software
    Solutions for Competitive Local Exchange Carriers in the areas of Order, Pre-Order and workflow management, provisioning, billing, customer care and OSS Gateway applications to Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers including LSR, CSR, and PIC/CARE integration.
  • ExtraTextual Compliance Management System
    ExtraTextual is a Compliance Management System for the superannuation and managed investment funds industry
  • FDS Solutions - Imaging and Workflow Specialist
    Imaging and workflow banking solutions developed on FileNET technology.
  • FileNet
    Complete integrated document management (IDM) solution based on a scalable, open product family that can address your entire document management and process automation requirements.
  • FINEOS Workflow Manager
    A component-based workflow management solution, created specifically for the retail banking industry.
  • FloSuite .NET business process management software
    FloSuite business process management software - configurable application suite that supports case management, workflow and collaboration.
  • Flotiva
    A development environment that provides totally integrated workflow, document management and unique application development power.
  • FORO Workflow
    FORO-WF is a workflow system that manages business processes.
  • Fujitsu I-Flow
    Browser-based business process automation engine to work with all of the major application servers.
  • iBEST, LLC.
    iBEST provides integrated business workflow solutions for service organizations.
    E-commerce enterprise application integration software and services, XML forms engine, workflow server, xml-based forms designer. Formerly Keyfile Corporation, offering application development services and XML consulting.
  • Identitech
    FYI, an integrated solution for Business Process Management, offers industrial-strength workflow, content management, electronic forms, imaging, and process monitoring tools.
  • Identitech. FYI Workflow
    FYI Workflow is a component of Identitech’s FYI Business Process Management solution. Organizations can develop, manage, and monitor all of their workflow processes.
  • i-man integrated management
    Task-oriented workflow management solution.
  • Incodea Corporation - Business Pilot workflow software.
  • InfoWorkSpace Online Collaboration
    Complete Workflow Management in a virtual online environment. Document sharing, whiteboard, audio, video, email, calendar, newsgroups, and application sharing.
  • Insession Technologies
    Solutions based provider of business software products focused on emerging technologies for workflow,communication, data movement, and transaction processing.
  • InterTextual Compliance Managemnt System
    InterTextual is a company that specialises in Compliance Management systems for the superannuation and managed investment funds industry
  • Ivy Team
    Process management and process-based Web applications including Workflow Control.
  • JaWE - Graphical Java Workflow Process Editor
    Open source graphical workflow process editor supporting WfMC specifications. Can be used to view and edit XPDL files.
  • jBpm
    Open Source workflow management system based on J2EE. It runs on a JBoss application server and is available under the Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Contains project description, system documentation and links to the source code. Maintained by Tom Baeyens.
  • Kintana
    Company develops technology chain automation software for e-business infrastructure. Integrates process and change management collaboration.
  • LANE Telecommunications
    PASSPORT Document Exchange comprises a suite of objects and applications that combine to form a comprehensive communications, workflow and email security server.
  • Legistar
    Comprehensive, integrated document management and information retrieval system designed specifically to support the legislative process in cities, towns, and counties.
  • Lexmark Document Distributor
    A customizable, centrally manageable Microsoft NT server-based software package that streamlines and automates document process workflow in business environments.
  • List of Open Source Workflow Projects
    Maintained by Dutch consultants Topicus. They list version, language, status and license of more than a dozen open source workflow projects, and provide a short summary of each project's focus. Owner Michiel Schipper also maintains a Blog on workflow related topics.
  • Lotus Domino Workflow
    Domino Workflow is a standalone product that works on top of Domino to provide our customers with the ability to develop, manage, and monitor all their business processes and help them eliminate the downfalls of paper-based work.
  • Mackin Imaging Systems
    Document Imaging, Workflow, COLD, and Conversion Services. Offers OTG, Kodak, Canon, Plasmon, MTI, and Digitech.
  • MADSolutions
    Internal operations workflow tool available for the Microsoft environment.
  • Magellan Software
    Document management solutions including products for ERM/COLD, imaging, workflow and content archiving.
  • Metastorm
    Vendor of e-work workflow software. Modeling tool available for free download.
  • MQSeries Workflow
    Description of IBM's Workflow product that can run on Windows, OS/2, Sun, HP, RS/6000 and OS/390. Links to documentation and related information.
  • NaviCare Systems, Inc.
    Developers and marketers of productivity, work-flow management, real-time communications and patient tracking software solutions and services for the healthcare industry.
  • Nemesis Software Systems
    Develops Nemesis SLM/PPM, a suite of real time workflow analysis tools that include pay for performance, modeler, and capacity planning. Can be used with any legacy workflow systems to provide management and users with valuable and real time information.
  • OneVision Software
    OneVision - Includes SpeedFlow, a Professional PDF Workflow product for Commercial Printers.
  • Open Business Engine
    Open source workflow engine written in Java, designed to execute workflow definitions written in XPDL. Designed to be embedded in an application, used as a stand-alone server, or used in a J2EE container.
  • OpenCS
    An adaptative web based workflow engine designed for the sectors of electronic document management (EDM), production of Internet, Extranet or Intranet sites, and client relationship management (CRM).
  • OpenFlow Introduction
    Open source workflow engine which models activity-based workflow. Most of the information and documentation of OpenFlow is in Italian, but the English-language introduction is well-written.
  • OpenFlow workflow management system
    An enterprise production type workflow management system for control and management of workflow in any business environment.
  • OpenWFE - Java-based open source workflow engine.
  • Optical Image Technology
    Offers electronic document management software to help businesses manage their workflow. Suite includes document storage features, content management tools and electronic signature capabilities.
  • Optika Inc. -
    Their solutions enable Fortune 1000 companies to efficiently and inexpensively manage today's high-volume flow of paper and electronic data.
  • Oracle Workflow
    Overwiew of Oracle Workflow - the workflow product from Oracle Corporation.
  • Overview of Business Process Modeling Tools
    A collection of links to tools for modelling business processes and workflows maintained by Bart-Jan Hommes at TU Delft, the Netherlands.
  • Pallas Athena: Process modelling and Workflow management
    Software vendor and consultancy, offering process modeling and workflow tools. Demo version of process modeling tool available for download.
  • Probiquity - Role based workflow
    Probiquity’s Role based workflow software focuses on people and what they do using easy to understand diagrams which can then be automated.
  • Q-Link Technologies Inc.
    Q-Link BPM: Platform to rapidly design and deploy web-based, process-centric applications. Combines workflow, application development and services-oriented integration.
  • Same-Page eStudios
    Web-based collaboration toolkit that enables team members to share a secure virtual studio space.
  • SimpleScan Software, Inc.
    SimpleScan Software, Inc - providing powerful, cost effective, enterprise wide document management software solutions.
  • Singularity Ltd
    ActiveWorkflow(tm) is the first of its kind: an enterprise scalable component suite.
  • SISED srl
    Archiviazione ottica documentale, Sistemi per "service di archiviazione ottica", gestione cartelle cliniche, gestione protocollo e workflow, sistemi di controllo produzione, sistemi integrati territoriali GIS, applicazioni software customerizzati
  • Skelta
    .NET-based workflow engine. Demo version available for download.
  • Softech & Associates, Inc.
    Document management, image conversion, workflow and e-process solutions for FileNET customers and partners.
  • SolCom
    A business process management software company for mid-sized to large healthcare providers.
  • Solicitec Ltd - powerful, flexible case management systems.
    Solicitec are the premier supplier of legal Case Management Software in the United Kingdom. Customers include large and small firms of Solicitors and the Legal Departments of Banks, Local and Central Government, Insurance Companies and major corporates.
  • Sparta Systems
    Customizable quality management software, TrackWise. Includes company information, product overviews, downloads, pricing and services.
  • Staffware plc
    The Worlds Leading Production Workflow Automation Product for client/server and intranet environments.
  • Task Manager 2000
    Workflow Management Software: Featuring Orbisoft's Task Manager 2000(tm) for personal or group workflow management. Free trial download available.
  • Teamplate
    .NET business objects that can be rapidly integrated to form deployable workflow applications.
  • TeamWARE Process Solutions
    TeamWare Process Manager is at the heart of a system called ProcessWeb developed at Manchester University in the UK.
  • Tectrix Business Software Products by Savvior
    Web based Project management sofware that manages contractors, clients, telecommuters, and internal employees.
  • Tidemark Computer Systems Inc.
    An innovative leader of workflow client/server software and Internet applications services for government agencies.
  • Tower Technology
    Delivering high-volume, production imaging, COLD/ERM, case management and integrated document management solutions to the business, health, and government industries.
  • TQS Europe
    Program overview and features of ActiveModeler, an integrated Process Modeling and Workflow product.
  • TQTracker Shop Management Software.
    Business management software application developed by iSystems Inc. for the Commercial Photo Lab, Printing, and Pre-Press industries. TQTracker is a job management system designed to increase profitability. TQT? integrates your data, from the original estimate through the production process to the final payment on the invoice.
  • Ultimus
    The Ultimus Workflow Suite is the easiest way to web-enable purchase requisitions, time sheets, expense reports, and other business processes.
  • Versata
    Process Logic Engine is a Java-based workflow engine that can be deployed in a J2EE Application Server.
  • W4 Global
    Web-based workflow solution with a strong presence in the French market.
  • wftk: Open-Source Workflow Toolkit
    The wftk is a general-purpose open-source workflow engine and toolkit, designed to work with diverse interfacing systems (databases, mail systems, and user interfaces).
  • WinOcular
    Software solutions for document imaging, document capture, and automation of a business process through workflow software for corporations, small business, government, and public schools.
  • WorkDynamics Technologies Inc.
    WorkDynamics provides ODBC-compliant workflow tracking and correspondence management software.
  • Workflow & Collaborative Applications
    The Ilaunch eBusiness Applications System is a revolutionary new architecture based on flexibility and choice and able to evolve with the ever-changing needs of an enterprise and it’s stakeholders.
  • Workflow Management f?r verteilte Betriebsabl?ufe
    Workflow management for distributed processes, including trouble ticketing, plant maintenance, resource, configuration and quality management
  • Workflow software
    Emailflow - workflow software based on webforms and email - no client software required
  • Workflow Systems
    Internal efficiency, productivity, and profitability solutions that employ workflow applications to capitalize on Internet and electronic commerce opportunities.
  • WorkPoint Processflow Solution
    COM+ and Java engines can be deployed within the same enterprise sharing the same data. WorkPoint's appserver independent BPM engine ensures seamless orchestration of virtual enterprise required by emerging STP model.
    Web-based workflow and document management ASP.
  • Write Track Media
    Provides workflow automation solutions designed to help clients eliminate repetition. Offers an online store, downloads, and news links.
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