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  • Aerosim Blockset
    A Matlab/Simulink block library useful for rapid development of nonlinear 6-DOF Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) dynamic models. Proprietary, commercial software. May be used without charge by some non-commercial users.
  • ARS MAGNA: Abstract Robot Simulator
    Provides an extensible, abstract world in which a planner controls a mobile robot. Nisp source code utilizing a CLX GUI. Free Software under a BSD-style license.
  • Biorobotic Simulation Program
    A scripting language called Config++ that wraps a library of C++ classes for simulating the dynamics of multi-segment robotic devices. License allows non-commercial use only.
  • B-Soccer
    A Java robot soccer simulator that use neuro-evolution techniques to evolve soccer robots control clients. Free Software licensed under the GNU GPL.
  • BugWorks
    BugWorks lets you build and play with 2D robots using a drag-and-drop interface. It offers an introductory course on robotics in the guise of a mission-based, simulation game.
  • Camelot
    A robot offline programming and simulation environment for industrial robots. Proprietary, commercial software for MS Windows. Site in Danish and English.
    Festo Didactic's 3D robot simulation system for MS Windows 95/98/NT/2000. Combines robot simulation with modelling and programming. Proprietary software.
    A multibody dynamic and hydrodynamic simulation library implemented in object oriented, cross-platform C++. Suitable for simulation of underwater articulated robots, ROVs, and AUVs. Free Software licensed under the GNU GPL.
  • Dynawiz XMR
    Multibody dynamics simulation tool for robotics design and analysis. Proprietary, commercial software for MS Windows.
  • Easybot
    A universal 3D robot simulator for MS Windows developed as a plug-in module for the 3D-modeller LightVision3D. User may create worlds and arbitrary forms of robots with as many sensors as desired.
    A 3D robot simulation and modeling tool. Proprietary software for MS Windows only. Website in English and German.
  • EDTSim
    Electric Drive Train Simulator. Can be used as a drive train development tool for mobile robots but was specifically developed for combat R/C vehicles such as those used in BattleBots. Proprietary software.
  • eyeWyre Simulation Studio
    Provides real-time, 3D physics simulation of Parallax robots and BASIC stamp microcontrollers. Includes a scripting languages for customizing the simulations. Proprietary software for MS Windows.
  • The FLAT 2-D Robot Simulator
    Simulates an RWI circular, sonar-guided robot in a flat 2D world. Includes a physical simulator, sonar, and laser rangefinder simulators. The simulated robot has internal odometry, one or two laser rangefinders, and 12 sonar sensors. You can design your own 2D floor plan. No source available.
  • Hexapod
    Amodeling environment for simulating hexapod 6DOF robotic tool platforms (Stewart Platforms). The software includes C++ source code and is Free Software licensed under the GNU GPL.
  • Juice
    A 3D simulation environment with realistic physics for developing walking or rolling robots using a visual programming language. Run MS Windows. No source code available.
  • Khepera Simulator
    A 2D simulator for the Khepera mobile robot. Includes C source code. For non-commercial use only.
  • MobotSim
    A configurable 2D simulator of mobile robots. Features a graphical interface where robots and objects are easily configured. Uses BASIC as a simulation development language. Proprietary software for MS Windows.
  • MOBS
    Mobile rOBot Simulator developed at the Universtiy of Stuttgart, Germany. Software models the French Robuter II robot including odometry, bumpers, sonar, and camera view. MOBS is public domain software developed in C. It requires XView, DevGuide, PVM-library, and SGI OpenInventor.
  • Motion Planning Game
    A simple simulator meant to give people a feeling for the difficulty of planning collision free motions for a robot. Binary-only for MS Windows. May be used and distributed for any purpose. Site in English and Dutch.
  • Open Dynamics Engine
    ODE is a platform independent C++ library for simulating articulated rigid body dynamics; ground vehicles, legged creatures, or moving objects. Supports advanced joints, contact with friction, and built-in collision detection. ODE is Free Software licensed under the GNU GPL.
    A 2D simulation environment for track-driven robots that includes inertia and track dynamics. Poplog source should run in most Unix/X Poplog environments.
  • Reconfigurable Intelligent Modular Robots
    C++ object oriented, 3D simulation of modular robots. Free Software licensed under the GNU GPL.
  • The RoboCup Soccer Simulator
    Research and educational tool for multi-agent systems and artificial intelligence. It enables two teams of 11 simulated autonomous robots to play soccer. The multiplatform C++ code is Free Software licensed under the GNU GPL.
  • Robot Auto Racing Simulator
    RARS is intended as a competition among programmers. It consists of a simulation of the physics of cars, a graphic display of the race, and a robot driver for each car. RARS is Free Software written in C and C++ and licensed under the GNU GPL.
  • Robot Simulators on the Net
    A list of information on sites and groups that are producing robot simultion software which might be of interest to the academic or research community.
    3D wireframe simulator and offline programmer for industrial robots such as RCM, ABB & KUKA. Motion in joint, world, user and tool coordinates. DXF import/export. Proprietary, commercial software for MS-DOS.
  • Robotect
    OphirTech product that allow user to create, visualize, animate, and analyze serial-link robot arm designs. Proprietary software for MS Windows.
  • RobotFlow
    Linux/Gnome Open Source robotics simulation toolkit for Overflow. Supports vision, signal processing, fuzzy logic, neural nets, and other control methods. Includes drivers for Pioneer2 robots. Written in C++ and licensed under the GNU LGPL.
  • Robotics Toolbox for MATLAB
    A public domain Matlab Toolbox for robot kinematics, dynamics and trajectory generation.
  • RobotWorks
    Interactive CAD environment for workcell design and motion simulation of industrial and factory automation robots. Proprietary, commercial software for MS Windows.
  • RoboWorks
    A tool for 3D modeling, simulation and animation of any physical system.
  • Robsim
    3D Robot model viewer and simulator coded in Java and built as a college engineering project. Source available on request. Non-commercial use only.
  • Simderella
    A simple robot simulator consisting of a controller, a forward kinematics component, and an X Windows GUI. C source is included. There is no cost for non-commercial use but commercial users must pay a license fee.
  • SodaConstructor
    An online Java-based simulator that allows users to construct robots and other mechanical creations and watch them walk, move, or fly.
  • System for Parallel Agent Discrete Event Simulation
    SPADES is a middleware system for the creation of AI agent-based simulations. Agent have continual sense-think-act cycle interaction with the simulated world. SPADES is Free Software written in C++ and licensed under the GNU GPL.
  • TRSoccerbots
    3D Soccer simulation that uses teleo-reactive programming to expose the fundamental ideas involved in the creation of autonomous agents to students. Proprietary software for Microsoft Windows. May be downloaded and used without charge for education purposes only.
  • vsoc
    A Java-based, robot soccer simulator that uses neuro-evolution to generate control clients. Free Software licensed under the GNU GPL.
  • Webots
    Allows creation of 3D virtual worlds populated with multiple simulated robots. Supports customized wheeled, legged or flying robots. Includes API for robot control, physics, a complete library of sensors and actuators, and communication capabilities. Proprietary, commercial software for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X systems.
  • Yobotics! Simulation Construction Set
    A rigid body dynamic simulation package ideally suited for simulating legged robots (bipeds, quadrupeds, hexapods), robot arms, Stewart Platforms, and other mechanisms.
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