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  • Andrade Arts
    Xtras designed for game development. Include Enhancer, Resolution and Move Cursor Xtra.
  • Antoine Schmitt Software Design
    Xtras to computes a FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) on live input sound samples and to enable Director to output sound to sound hardware.
  • AppStudio
    SpriTec Xtra exports Director cast members and score layout information.
  • APresentationTrakker
    Cross-platform scripting Xtra for Macromedia Director and Authorware that allows user tracking in applications and stores the information on a web server.
  • Calu
    Data Linker Xtra links Director to various data sources including Access and Excel. MD5 Hashing Xtra encodes strings and files using the RSA MD5 Message Digest Algorithm.
  • CDTC Inc.
    Spell checker Xtra for Director. Company offers other multimedia development services.
  • cXtra
    A variety of Xtras from transitions to joystick control.
  • DataGrip
    Xtras to combine Macromedia Director/Authorware with Microsoft Access in CD-ROM and Shockwave applications.
  • DelphiXtra
    Developer of the DXLib library used to create Director Xtras using Borland Delphi. Also develop and sell a number of useful Xtras built using DXLib.
  • DesignLynx
    Offer Xtras for spell checking and to help write behaviors.
  • DigiCrafts
    DaoX Xtra connects Director to databases such as MS Access.
  • DirectXtras
    X tras for communicating with external devices including email and ftp. Other Xtras available include the ability to export images, create lip-synching and add to the transition library.
  • DMtools
    Transition Xtras for Director.
  • 3DPI
    An additional property inspector for 3D cast members in Director 8.5 and Director MX.
  • DV electric
    xMedia 2 Xtra enables Director and Shockwave applications to play all Microsoft Windows Media Player compatible audio and video files. Display Mode Xtra allows switching of the monitor resolution and color depth.
  • Electronic Ink
    Offer Xtras for printing (PrintOMatic), and for creating grid cast members.
  • Emazines Software pvt ltd.
    Offers a number of Xtras including ActiveX control, Microsoft Access database communication, PDF support.
  • FileFlex
    Relational database Xtra for Director.
  • fischhase -
    Xtra to combine Macromedia Director presentations with DVD video content.
  • Geoff Smith
    Offer Xtras to allow audio recording from any input device, allow access the serial port, determine the volume level at the microphone input, and provide video capture capability.
  • Havok
    A fully integrated rigid body physics simulation engine for Director. Includes demos, downloads, tutorials and a FAQ.
  • IMS Interactive
    MS CharacterGenerator Studio is an authoring product to incorporate 3D talking characters as part of Director presentations.
  • Ingeniak
    E-MailExec Xtra links movies to the default email application and Text X Changer Xtra allows quick and easy editing of text related cast members.
  • Integration New Media
    Offer a number of cross platform Director and Authorware Xtras, including the V12 Database Engine, PDF Xtra, SecureNet Xtra for extending NetLingo and Moka Xtra, which allows the use of Java objects through Lingo.
  • Intermedia Xtra
    Offer various Xtras to allow change the shape of the display window for a projector, allow developers to read and save data in binary files, allow the use of several windows API dialog functions, and add to the transitions library.
  • Kent's Xtras
    Free Xtras for manipulating files and folders, screen capture, manipulating multi-track QuickTime audio files, and to provide a list of running tasks.
  • Laurent Cozic's Xtras and Demos
    Includes Xtras to freely download and shockwave and Lingo demos, most with source code. They include ability to monitor the 3D member properties, allow binary file input and output from Lingo, joystick control, abilty to set the mouse location and ability to check if a point is inside a polygon.
  • Macromedia Director Xtras Developer
    Discussion forum for Xtra authors, beta-testers, users and fans to share their knowledge and experience.
  • Magic Modules
    Home of Budy API Xtra which contains over 100 functions for dealing with the Windows API and Macintosh Toolbox.
  • Magicsoft
    Offer a variety of Macromedia Director and Authorware Xtras from database support to color management.
  • Marmalade
    Multimedia company and developer of Amplitude Xtra, which sends a continuous stream of amplitude values to Director while a sound is playing.
  • Media Click Software
    Director and Authorware Xtras to allow data encryption, sending email, control of sound cards, and to prevent debuggers, monitors, spy applications, memory monitors and reverse engineering tools from doing step-by-step tracing and monitoring of applications.
  • Media Connect
    Multimedia company that develop a range of Xtras including the ability to remove the black border line from projectors and the ability to display html pages on the stage.
  • MediaLab
    Photoshop and alpha channel Xtras.
  • Meliora Software
    Offer a variety of cross-platform Xtras including features to manage the projector window, image retrieval from scanners, digital cameras, control of desktop elements, access to Windows Registry, keyboard input filtering, and control of volume and monitor resolution.
  • Moshofsky Plant
    Director EPS to vector shape converter.
  • Multimixer Xtra
    Allows the mixing of three audio tracks in realtime and contains code to allow automatical change of CD input settings and monitor settings.
  • OpenSpark
    Xtra to provide user interface components including buttons, menus, sliders, progress bars, spin and tab controls. Includes a FAQ, mailing list, and online support.
    Open-source Xtras for Macromedia Director, including the freeware Xtra PRegEx, which brings regular expressions and list utilities to Lingo.
  • Paul Farry Shareware Xtras
    Xtras for Windows and Macintosh from control of the operating system to dynamic control of Castlib attachments and detachment.
  • PC Guard
    X tra to access the internal data of PC Guard software protection and licensing system using Lingo, allowing the creation of demo/trial versions of projector files.
  • Penworks Corporation
    Offer various Xtras for capture and control of video, audio and joystic control.
  • PRegEx
    Free, open source, Xtra that brings the power of Perl regular expressions and list handling to Lingo.
  • RavWare
    Offer a number of Xtras including the ability to customise the shape of a projector window, to export images, view PowerPoint presentations, and control joysticks.
  • Reaction Media
    Autorex Xtra to switches monitor resolutions and launches programs (Macintosh only). DiskJockey allows the creation of autorun CD-ROMs that switch monitor resolution, launch programs and restore the resolution when a program quits, all without scripting (for Mac and Windows).
  • Real and Dream Co ltd.
    Xtras include support for additional audio and video formats, web page control, and sending email.
  • Sharp Software
    Offer Xtras to allow Director movies to be converted into applications that can be run on a PocketPC handheld computer, and to allow exporting of bitmap castmembers to a variety of image formats.
  • Smoothware Design
    Offer Xtras to manipulate images and video.
  • Sourceforce
    Multimedia company that develops the sequenceXtraS to provide MIDI support to movies.
  • StarSoft Multimedia
    Offer various Xtras to allow support of video and audio formats, create popup menus, send email, and customise the appearance of projectors.
  • STATmedia's Transparencies
    Rendered buttons that are alpha-channel mastered and come with a behavior library.
  • studioPKO 3dCasting
    A tool for postprocessing Shockwave 3D files as they are output from packages like 3D Studio Max, Plasma and Maya.
  • Tabuleiro
    Developer of Xtras to support MPEG and streaming media, database support, incorporate a web broswer in movies, and ShapeShifter3D, a modeling tool designed specifically for the Shockwave 3D creation..
  • Timehouse
    Offer a Xtra to add speech to projectors.
  • Updatestage
    Information and Xtras for Director developers.
  • Valentina for Director
    Valentina for Macromedia Director (V4MD) is a Xtra that connects Paradigma's object-relational database engine to Director.
  • Visible Light
    Xtras for Director and Authorware to provide support for a variety of video and audio formats, as well as connect DVD-video content into projects.
  • WebCamXtra
    Incorporates realtime video input with Director movies.
  • Word Wrangler
    Xtra for spell checking and text replacement.
  • XtraMania
    Xtras to provide support of ActiveX Data Objects, allows use of Lingo like VbScript to automate applications, and to implement a binary Lingo variable
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