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  • Baboni
    Portfolio site of Simone Baboni. Includes Director experiments, menus, games and utilities, as well as work in CD, web development and book contributions.
  • Dave Cole
    Developer specializing in Macromedia Director and Flash development for CD-ROM and web, video, 2D and 3D games. Site includes Dave's 3D Engine for 3D Polygonal graphics in Director.
  • ForgeFX
    Specialize in developing interactive 3D for the web. Site includes Shockwave 3D demos.
  • getpixel
    Lingo programmer with a showcase of Shockwave games. Site includes demo files for download.
  • Insight Interactive Games
    Company specialized in Shockwave and CD-ROM game development. Site includes shockwave demos of games as well as team and company contact information.
  • Meliora Software
    Create interactive CD titles, multimedia presentations, shockwave games, 3D visualisation, custom Director and Flash programming as well as offer Director Xtras.
  • Oindypoind
    Personal site of Andy Talbot, which includes a collection of Flash and Shockwave pieces as well as 3D work.
  • Parasme
    Director programmers and game makers, flash programmers and application developers.
  • Penworks
    Provide services in multimedia software architecture and software engineering. Also offer Director Xtras.
  • Play design
    Lingo experiments by Ken Chan, a Director Lingo and Flash Actionscript programmer and designer.
  • RealLingo
    Specialize in programming with Director, Flash and ColdFusion as well as develop Xtras for Director.
  • skeletonmoon
    Offers training, consulting and development services for Macromedia Director based projects.
  • Studio dmm
    Multimedia developer that also offers Xtras for Director.
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