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  • ADAPTx
    [commercial] Automated multivariable system identification and time series analysis software.
  • ARfit: Fitting Multivariate Autoregressive Models
    MATLAB functions for estimating parameters of multivariate autoregressive (AR) models, diagnostic checking of fitted AR models, and analyzing eigenmodes of fitted AR models.
  • ARMASA Toolbox
    [free] The power spectrum containing only the significant details is calculated from an estimated time series model. The model order and type are determined automatically, using statistical selection criteria.
  • Automatic Differentiation in MATLAB
    Enables you to differentiate target functions defined via M-files.
  • Bayes Net Toolbox
    Bayes Net Toolbox for MATLAB 5.
  • Biomedical Signal Analysis Software
    A MATLAB-based software package of various methods for biosignal analysis. The package can easily be adapted for the analysis of various kinds of time-variant or event-related biosignals.
  • Blind Watchmaker for MATLAB
    Provides an interface for visually evolving a "genotype" vector of floating-point values based on a displayable "phenotype".
  • The Bootstrap MATLAB Toolbox
    [free] Functions for resampling, hypothesis testing, and confidence interval estimation.
  • BrainStorm
    A toolbox dedicated to Magnetoencephalography (MEG) and Electroencephalography (EEG) data visualization and processing.
    [commercial] Equation Viewer for MATLAB. The equations typed for evaluation are automatically transformed to graphical Tex presentation.
  • CallDll Toolbox
    [commercial] Call DLLs directly without writing a MEX wrapper.
  • Camera calibration toolbox for MATLAB
    Utilizes a new bias correction procedure for circular control points and a nonrecursive method for reversing the distortion model.
  • The Cerveau Cafe
    User submitted Matlab benchmarks. Lists information comparing different types of hardware with program performance.
  • Chemometrics Toolbox
    The Chemometrics Toolbox provides more than 40 specialized MATLAB functions for chemometric calibration, including quantitative and qualitative analysis using powerful methods such as Multiple Linear Regression, Principal Component Regression, and Partial Least-Squares in latent variables.
  • comp.soft-sys.matlab Newsgroup Access
    This section of MATLAB Central provides web access to the public Usenet newsgroup comp.soft-sys.matlab, an independent, unmoderated forum.
  • COMSOL Norge
    Scandinavian distributor of MATLAB, FEMLAB and Maple.
  • Constellation Toolbox for MATLAB
    A Toolbox designed for analysis of GPS, GLONASS, and user defined constellations for navigation or communcications. Satellite visibility, ground station contacts, signal propagation modeling for GPS and GLONASS, and orbit animations. We also specialize in consulting for constellation design, satellite mission analysis, and GPS navigation.
  • Control Tutorials for MATLAB
    Tutorials about using MATLAB for the analysis and design of automatic control systems.
  • Cornell Multitask Toolbox
    [commercial] CMTM provides a new, user-friendly set of development programming tools that extends the power of MATLAB to parallel computing.
  • Cross Recurrence Plot Toolbox
    The toolbox contains MATLAB routines for computing recurrence plots and related problems. The most programmes contain a user-friendly graphical user interface, a command-line application of the programmes is also possible.
  • CSIRO matlab/netCDF interface
    Used in a to retrieve data from, and information about, existing netCDF files.
  • Data Visualization Toolbox
    MATLAB software implementing the analytical and graphical methods presented in William S. Cleveland's Visualizin