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  • Berggreen Service
    Scandinavian Shareware Registration Service
  • BMT Micro, Inc.
    - Shareware registration service. Takes 9.5% - 20% commission. Options include mailing list, support mail addres, and FTP storage.
  • DigiBuy
    Shareware registration service with 13.9% commission. Costs minimum $29.99 for initial setup. Optional key code generation from supplied list/web page at higher setup costs. By Maagnum Internet Group.
  • DigitalCandle
    Shareware registration service offering credit card payment processing, (ESD), product marketing and software support solutions.
    Provides and promotes software for IS/IT professionals, developers, business users, and personal users.
  • eSellerate
    E-commerce system that integrates with your software
  • Kagi
    A shareware payment processing service. Takes 10% + $0.50 commission. Free key code generation using their standard registration system or 1% fee for supplied program.
  • NorthStar Solutions
    Software registration service taking 4% + $2.5 commission for online orders and 4% + $4.75 for other orders. $15 initial setup fee.
    Registration service, takes 14%. Fully customizable order forms. Fraud protection
  • OSoLiS
    Software licensing and registration service
  • Overview of Shareware Registration Services
    Lists what registration services are available, what each charges for processing orders, and has a comparison chart showing the fees charged by each service, at various program prices.
  • Register Now
    A service of Digital River. Provides, non-exclusive shareware registration service. Takes 20% commission. Free key code generation using supplied list/program.
  • RegNet - The Registration Network
    Registration Service, Charge: 10% + 3%, Optional use of their own registration code system.
    Georgia, USA based registration service for only 10% or $3 (whichever is higher). Free key code generation using supplied list/program. 800 number, FAX. By, Inc.
  • ShareIt
    Shareware registration service with presences in Europe as well as in the United States. Accepts payments in USD and Euro. Takes 4% + $2.95 commission. By element 5.
  • Shareware Australia
    Australian shareware registration service.
  • Shareware Promotion
    Marketing services for shareware developers
  • Shareware-Australia
    An Australian shareware registration and distribution company. Takes 20% commission in AUD, optional order fulfillment at additional costs.
  • Shopthings
    Offers shareware registration service with competitive price and with free 7 level affiliate system
    Fully automatic creation and maintenance of accounts in realtime. Fees: $1 + 4% per sale. No sign up fee. Affiliate plan, multicurrency, tollfree numbers in 20 countries. Also used by Compuserve for their SWREG service.
    Provides a UK-based shareware registration service to authors of shareware products. Takes payments in GBP with 15% commission.
  • Yaskifo!
    International Shareware Registration Service. 16 currencies. Multilingual. English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese.
  • Zerotec Independent Fulfillment
    Zerotec provides software registration, secure file download, tangible product fulfillment, and payment services.
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