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News and Media

  • ABCNews: Don't Do Windows?
    Feb. 8. Story with a simple moral: Always read the fine print. In February 1998 an Australian systems manager named Geoffrey Bennett, after buying a Toshiba laptop with Windows 98 installed, noted an interesting clause in Microsofts standard End User Licensing Agreement.
  • Australia: Cantech Online: GTV 9 Perth
    Major Australian television station runs Linux refund story: 5 meg .avi file download.
  • BBC: Windows refund day dawns
    "Windows may be on more than 90 per cent of the world's Personal Computers, but a growing campaign takes to the streets on Monday to keep the Microsoft Operating System (OS) in its box."
  • CNET Group of PC users wants Windows refund
    Describes refund campaign; terms EULA clause a "loophole".
  • CNN: Interactive: Windows license opens door for Linux refund
    Reprint of 99-1-21 LinuxWorld piece.
  • Fans of Linux Plan to March On Microsoft
    Article relating to computer users who intend to seek a refund for unused copies of Windows sold with their machines.
  • Group seeks refunds for bundled versions of Windows (
    A group that is rallying Linux, BeOS, BSD, OS/2, and NetWare users to demand a refund on Feb. 15 because of the end user license agreement wording.
  • Information Week: Want A Refund? Try The IRS
    "...don't expect any money while Microsoft and the Justice Department do battle in court. If Microsoft loses, however, look for "lawsuits coming out of the woodwork..."
  • LA Times: G'Day, Microsoft Foes
    Bennett's refund saga with Toshiba Australia, and the foundation of Windows Refund Day.
  • Linux Weekly News: Monday, February 15, is Windows refund day
    "... it is a bit disappointing that there are not more organized groups out there."
  • Linux Weekly News: The Windows refund movement is snowballing
    Discusses WinRefund Movement on bottom 1/8 of page one; or near the top of the 1-big-page LWN.
  • LinuxWorld: Windows license opens door for Linux refund
    Call your PC maker, not us, says Microsoft.
  • LinuxWorld: Windows refund initiative gearing up for Feb. 15
    Via IDG News Service. "We expect Microsoft to take a stack of checks, stick them in the laser printer and do the right thing,"
  • The Mac Observer--Get A Refund On Windows If You Don't Use It
    Brief article regarding computer owners who are attempting to get refunds for unused copies of Windows preinstalled on their computers.
  • Network World: Kearn's column: Get rid of Windows, and get your money back! Describes one user who read the EULA and found a way to get refunded for an operating system he wouldn't use.
  • New Zealand: NZInfoTech: UniForum plans NZ Windows campaign
    "New Zealand Unix operating system lobby group UniForum is planning a national "Windows Refund Day" for the Microsoft operating system on February 15..."
    Article attempting to attract qualifying users' attention to the possibility of participating in Windows Refund Day.
    The LinuxMall website is hosting a forum for computer owners who want to obtain a refund from Microsoft for the unused copy of Windows that came with their machines.
  • - Reuters: French FinMin confirms probing Microsoft
    Discusses one company's probe into Microsoft's behavior and claims it has found nothing warranting an antitrust trial.
  • NY Times: Linux Users Going Straight to Microsoft
    Second of 3 short articles on one page.
  • San Jose Mercury News: Mark your calendars
    8th item from top.
  • Slashdot: Refund for Windows action
    Further commentary from the early stages of the movement.
  • The Times, Sunday, London: Interface: US Hotlines
    3rd story down from top: "MICROSOFT is facing an embarrassing and potentially costly confrontation ..."
  • USA Today: 'Refund Day': Another pain for Windows
    "Hundreds of people who bought computers preloaded with the Windows operating system plan to politely storm Microsoft offices around the world Monday and request refunds."
  • Windows Refund Day Momentum Builds - Several hundred computer users, at the time of this article, intended to seek refunds from Microsoft for the unused operating system sold bundled with their machines.
  • :Windows Refund Madness
    Story regarding a group attempting to get a refund from Microsoft for unused copies of Windows which came with their computers.
  • Wired News: Geeks to MS: We Don't Do Windows
    Coverage of the Microsoft Refund Day event, by an on-the-spot reporter.
  • Wired News: The Non-Refundable Refund
    "Microsoft may be colluding with PC makers to make Windows refunds impossible, or near impossible. At least that's what a number of consumers are saying who have tried to get their refunds. And some lawyers are beginning to agree."
  • Wired News: Waiting for Windows Refund Day
    Non-Refundable Refund follow-up story.
  • ZDNet AnchorDesk: Does Microsoft Owe You a Refund?
    Editor Liz Enbysk says: "Go for the refund!"
  • ZDNet: PC Week: Duo aims to take the shackles off software bundles
    "For users tired of buying PCs with software they don't want or don't need, two small developers have teamed up to create an attractive option": The MediaToll content-management system.
  • ZDNet: PCWeek: Linux boxes show promise for the enterprise
    Editor-in-chief & columnist Eric Lundquist, at the end of his column, gives a brief rationale for Windows refunds and mentions Refund Day.
  • ZDNet: ZDNews: News Burst: Linux users to MS: We want our refund
    brief article on northern California Linux users who plan to rally at company's office to "present a calm and polite, but firm, request for [a] refund."
  • Exchange Windows with Linux for free - THe SSLUG (Denmark/Sweden) hosts an installfest as an alternative to other Windows Refund Day actions. (February 14, 1999)
  • Slashdot: Australian Linux User Gets Windows Refund
    Links to an article on the individual whose refund made it into the press, and early discussion of the larger refunds project. (January 18, 1999)
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