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  • ANE Resources
    Keypak, tools for information sharing and management via e-mail, in various formats. Available for most major operating systems.
  • AscToHTM
    From text to HTML. [Windows, OpenVMS]
  • Asp2php
    Active Server Pages (VBScript) to PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. [Unix, Windows, source code]
  • BibTeX2HTML
    Collection of tools, from BibTeX to HTML. [UNIX]
  • Cxx2HTML
    Perl script creates HTML class descriptions from C++ headers.
  • Edc2HTML
    Builds HTML documents from FrameBuilder element catalogs. [Requires Perl]
  • ExpressoWeb
    Generates HTML from database formats. [Microsoft Windows, Visual Basic runtime]
  • Filtrix
    FrameMaker, HTML, Word, Interleaf, WordPerfect and other formats. [Microsoft Windows, UNIX]
  • Fmtoweb
    From FrameMaker to HTML. [Requires Perl]
  • Hex Color Converter
    RGB values to hexadecimal, displays the resulting color. [Microsoft Windows, Visual Basic runtime]
  • HTML Generation
    Various conversion scripts from the World Wide Web Consortium.
  • HTMLDoc
    HTML to PostScript and Portable Document Format (PDF). [Microsoft Windows, Unix, source code]
  • HTMLpp
    From plain text to HTML. [Perl]
  • HTML2Ps
    From HTML to PostScript. [Multiple platforms, requires Perl]
  • HTML_txt
    From HTML to plain text. Written in REstructured eXtended eXecutor (REXX) language. [OS2, other servers]
  • Hypermail
    From UNIX mailbox format to cross-referenced HTML documents. Suitable for maintaining mailing list archives. [Source only]
  • Image2HTML
    From GIF and JPEG images to HTML tables. Written in Java.
  • Intelligent Converters:Text-to-HTML
    Conversion utility to convert ASCII text documents into HTML format.
  • IntraPDF
    Convert PDF file to HTML format.
  • LaTeX2HTML
    From LaTeX documents to HTML. [Multiple platforms, requires Perl]
  • Logictran
    From Rich Text Format to HTML and XML. [FreeBSD, Linux, Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, Solaris]
  • Lore's Source Converter
    From C, C++, Java, Delphi code to HTML. User's manual, screenshots, download as free software. [Microsoft Windows].
  • Man2html
    From UNIX manpage to HTML.
  • Martha
    From Rich Text Format to HTML. [MS-DOS]
  • MHonArc
    Generates HTML archives from various mail formats. [Perl]
  • Net.db
    Development of HTML projects from SQL databases. Free trial version, support newsgroup, FAQ. [Flash-intensive].
  • Piper Project
    Rich Text Format (RTF) to HTML tool, documentation on web publishing.
    PostScript to HTML. [Microsoft Windows 3.1]
  • Ps2HTML
    PostScript to HTML. Requires PostScript interpreter.
  • rpm2html
    a generator of Web pages for RPM packages
  • RTF-2-HTML
    From Rich Text Format to HTML, an ActiveX COM component. Can be used in ASP pages or within any gui development language like Visual Basic. There is a free trial version with sample projects available for download.
  • SkiSoft
    Web Publisher, from Word, WordPerfect, Frame Maker, Rich Text Format, to HTML. [Microsoft Windows]
  • Source to .html Converters
    From C, C++, Java, Modula2, Pascal, Perl source code to HTML with syntax highlighting. [Linux]
  • Src2HTML
    Generates HTML hierarchy from C source tree.
  • T2T
    From Comma Separated Values (CSV) to HTML tables. Free download, forum, screenshots. [Microsoft Windows]
  • Txt2HTML
    From plain text to HTML. [Perl]
  • Unroff
    From UNIX troff format to HTML. [UNIX]
  • Verity
    HTML Export, from large list of formats to HTML. [Most major platforms supported]
  • WebConvert
    Word, WordPerfect, AmiPro, ASCII, to HTML. [Microsoft Windows]
  • WebMerge
    Generates static HTML pages from any database or spreadsheet, including Microsoft Access, FileMaker Pro, and Excel.
  • WpaHTML
    WordPerfect to HTML. [Microsoft Windows]
  • Wp2HTML
    From WordPerfect, Microsoft Word to HTML. [Microsoft Windows]
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