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  • A. Ramakrishnan
    Free gradient settings for Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. Useful for masks, chrome texts and vignette effects.
  • Adobe Photoshop and Corel PHOTO-PAINT Plug-Ins
    Listing of the top plug-in software and other add-ons for Adobe Photoshop and Corel PHOTO-PAINT.
  • AdobeFX. Plug-ins
    Author's site offering plug-in modules for Adobe PhotoShop, includes Panopticum Digitalizer and Panopticum Engraver.
  • AFH System Group
    Compatible beveler filter for Photoshop 3 and later.
  • AGD Color Temperature Correction Plug-in
    Correct color temperature after incorrect scan result or shooting. Support 24 Bit and 48 Bit RGB images. Precision algorithm with floating point. Trial version download, and tutorial.
  • Age Technologies Inc.
    Makers of Clicdesign modules, which turn Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator into specialized apparel and textile application.
  • AIM: Filter Formula/ATS Filters
    DeepSpace are FilterFormula developed filters for color correction and sharpening effects.
  • Alf's Filters
    Download page for Alf's freeware filters.
  • Alien Skin Software
    Developers of Eye Candy and Xenofex, high-tech graphics plugins.
  • AmphiSoft
    Several freeware and shareware filters for image enhancement, despecle, sharpen, edges, and special effects: raster, guilloche and TV-scanline; 3D-like shiny metal effect, generating complex organic textures, motion and cross-shaped blurs.
  • Andromeda Software