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  • Advantage3D, LLC
    Web-based software tools to create 3-D images, panoramic images, 360-degree images, and animated images from pictures taken with digital camera. No browser plug-in required for viewing.
    The smart 3D viewer for the AEC market (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) DXF/DWG, fast cross-section, fast cast shadows, very large models and real-time manipulation, secure file packaging. [Windows/Linux/Mac]
    Free scripting and prototyping environment program for 3D object behavior. Runs on Windows 95/98/NT. Reads many common 3D file formats.
  • Amira
    Advanced 3D data visualization and reconstruction software for microscopy, biology, medicine, and engineering, with powerful automatic and interactive segmentation tools support processing of 3D image data. Fast and robust reconstruction algorithms make it easy to create polygonal models from segmented objects.
  • Anto Matkovic Pages
    Collected works of Artist, and free sPatch models and POV source files. Zipped tutorial and pages with tips and tricks in HTML format, and tutorial examples on Head modeling in sPatch. Provides related 3d links.
  • ARC+ Render Pro
    Innovative, easy to use and powerful 3D photo-realistic rendering, animation and virtual reality software.
  • Architectural 3D
    Gallery of architectural visualizations, and downloads of some of their model objects in 3D-Studio format (max).
  • Armanisoft Software Development
    'Spiralizer' generates any kinds of 3D spiral models for all renders that can import DXF objects. There is also the possibility to export to MORAY/Povray. 'Elefont' is a free tool to create 3D text objects from TTF fonts. They are generated into DXF-files that can be import into Bryce. [Win NT/95/98]
  • Autolycus Corporation
    SpinImage DV is a revolutionary software package that enables anyone to quickly and easily create 3-D images of objects using a DV camcorder.
  • Bantam3D
    Software applications for creating 3d hair, grass, and other complex 3d objects.
  • b3d Studio
    Real time engine providing a WYSIWYG editing environment. Edit video clips, import scripts that have been written in screenplay format.
  • The Big 3D, Experimental 3D Web Contest
    Largest annual experimental 3D web contest founded by Electric Rain, SOFTIMAGE, 3D World Magazine, UltraShock, FlashForward, and FlashKit. Submit projects and tech notes.
  • Blackbox
    OpenGL-based software that adds behaviour to 3D models and lets them exist outside of the 2D window.
  • CADMAX Solid Master
    A CAD application that provides features based and Boolean solid modeling, as well as 2D drafting and free form surface modeling. Features complete drawing compatibility with the ability to import and export DWG, DXF, IGES, Parasolid, and STL (export only) files.
  • Carrara Studio
    3D graphics applications for Macintosh and Windows, a complete, extensible solution for modeling, animation, rendering, and special effects.
  • Character Studio
    Character animation system for 3D Studio MAX, it combines breakthrough motion capture, editing, and blending technology with traditional key frame animation, and comprehensive new skin deformation tools.
  • The Cloth Simulator
    Syflex is an extremly fast, stable and accurate cloth simulator plugin for Maya.
  • ClothSim - The real-time Cloth Simulator
    Software simulates whatever mass-spring system, cloths of any form, and even volumetric structures. Watch various cloth models (tablecloths, flags, garments) blowing in the wind (OpenGL 3D accelerated).
  • Crossroads 3D
    Windows freeware application that can translate between several 3D file formats, including 3D Studio, VRML 1, POVRay v2.2, and Wavefront.
  • 3-D and SIRDS Images
    This archive contains single image random dot stereo (SIRDS) and other 3-D images, together with related information and software. Available directly using anonymous FTP.
  • 3D Exploration
    Viewer for Windows which allows browsing of many popular 3D file formats plus common 2D file. Also a slide show presentation features.
  • 3D Graphics Editor and Viewer
    Create amazing 3D scenarios with a small Windows self-sufficient program. Draw 3D figures, define color, light position, view angle, paste textures or texts on the shapes, replicate and manage 3D bodies.
  • 3d Lenticular and Holograms Printing Software
    3DZ offers professionals and amateurs alike to quickly and easily produce every type of 2D and 3D lenticular image, from 3D to. Providing an easy to use interface, 2D/3D Layering module, Barrier screen generation with many added features package from the UK.
  • 3D MendelBox
    A toolbox for webdesigner including software for creation of 3D dynamic objects and avatars with natural behavior.
  • 3D Spot
    Resource for 3D and 2D animators and artists offering many objects, textures, images and utilities.
  • 3D Stereography Software
    Shareware products include 3DMiracle a program for creating single image Stereograms and movies from depth masks and 3DMonster a tool for creating depth masks from 3d objects, importing from 3DS format. Useful information about 3d, several stereograms and 3d depth masks.
  • 3D Visualization Graphics and Animation for Engineering and Science
    Products from CEI, Inc. EnSight post-processor for scientific/engineering data, EnVideo animation viewer, EnLiten 3D animation viewer. Support stereo and VR environments.
  • The DgeeMe Project
    Models digitized video in 3D by locating human reference points on captured video it is possible to transfer human motion into a 3D space where motion properties can be studied.
  • DreamText 3D Type
    Create custom 3D graphics and image fonts with hi-resolution, high quality photo-realism, for print, film, television, video and the web.
  • 3DWin
    An interactive shareware 3D converter for the PC platform. Available for Windows NT and Win95.
  • 3DZ Company
    Lenticular hologram 3D software for printing and displaying true 3D images on printed matter and 3D LCD TV monitors.
  • Easy Stereo
    Professional utility for creation of high-quality stereograms. Supports the following formats: 3D Studio 3DS, ASC; Quake MDL, MD2; BMP, PNG, JPEG; and AVI.
  • Eroiica Profi
    Software is for users that need to work with various types of raster, vector, text, and hybrid document formats. Edit technical documents, process and enhance digital images, examine graphics, CAD and engineering drawings. Includes 169 import and export filters. (Win 95/98/2000/NT)
  • Etdips
    Clinical Image and Processing software. National Institute of Health Supported Visualization software for radiological 3D imaging. Free downloadable Windows 2000/NT/9x software for volume rendering, image processing and surface rendering.
  • Genesis 3D editor
    Realtime 3D editor for windows. Objects can be loaded, edited, viewed and saved to disk while enjoying the luxury of realtime rendering.
  • Illusion
    A particle effects system and compositing tool that adds countless particle effects to 3D animation or digitized video. Supports multiple layers and other functions to integrate its effects into a 3D environment. [Mac/Win]
  • Informative Graphics Corp
    Free ModelPress software is a 3D model publishing and viewing system that solves the problems associated with distributing native format 3D CAD models over web technologies or networks to personnel that do not have access to the original files.
  • Insta3D
    A 3D scene authoring and animation tool for creating 3D text and true 3D charts. Scenes can be saved into an image or a video file for web graphics and business presentations. [Win 95/98/NT]
  • Kajima Corporation
    3d computer graphics rendering software developed for architectural animations, renderings and illustrations by architects. Free downloads.
  • K-3D
    A GPL'd 3D modelling and animation system with professional features including RenderMan support, unlimited undo/redo, scripting, and recordable interactive tutorials. [GNU/Linux/Win32]
  • Kitware Inc. Visualization Toolkit
    VTK is an open source, freely available software system for 3D computer graphics, image processing, and visualization. Supports a wide variety of visualization algorithms including scalar, vector, tensor, texture, and volumetric methods
  • The Lava Lamp
    Program is a graphical simulation of a lava lamp, open source C application using OpenGL and GLUT. Download, FAQs, forum, history, and screenshots.
  • MagicLight
    Free (GPL) portable 3D-modeling and raytracer package for Linux and Windows, supports both analytic objects, mesh objects and nurb surfaces. By, Mikaels Aronssons.
  • Meshbox
    Manage and convert 3D objects. Supports batch conversion, search and storage in databases and with special export functionality for Macromedia Shockwave 3D and Viewpoint Corporation's VET file formats.
  • Multi-Tech Media Ltd
    Suppliers of 3D visuals, animation, and interactive media solutions to aid design proposals, planning applications and marketing strategies.
  • Openfx 3d Studio
    An Open-Source 3D modeling, animation and rendering suite. Set includes a full renderer and raytrace engine, NURBS support, kinematics-based animation, morphing, and an extensive plugin API.
  • PatchDance
    3D graphics software for modeling, vertex-oriented and spline based. Shareware for PowerMac.
  • PeakWork Software
    Peak3D is a interactive 2D and 3D modeler, which contains a boolean3D algorithm for polygonal meshes, an integrated 2D editor including 3d view and a binary filter which provides simple editing.
  • Pixels 3D
    A 3D graphic and animation software package. Web site provides users and people looking to buy the software some excellent resources.
  • PolyGone
    Has several Retracing and 3D tutorials, programs developed for download, links to 3D programming pages and resources.
  • Psunami
    Design, animate and render 3D oceanographic effects completely within Adobe After Effects.
  • Psyc3D Online
    3d animation, videos, tutorials for Maya and 3d Studio Max, images, wallpapers and information for the 3d Artist.
  • QuadriSpace
    Develops, an easy to use authoring environment with a proprietary 3D rendering engine. The product provides the ability to deliver engaging presentations using existing 3D models and 2D drawings.
  • QX3D/Mechanical System Animator
    Concurrent Dynamics specializes in multibody dynamics simulation tools. Its QX3D program interacts to define the mechanical system, and generates VRML files to visualize and animate models.
  • RansomActive
    Offers seamless textures containing all relevant shader maps, several packages are available or purchase textures individually. Free samples available. Also models, and digital products.
  • RapidForm2001
    Software for 3d reverse modeling and 3dphotography, supports mass customization, inspection of industrials, medical operation simulation and cg works.
  • Rational Reducer
    A 3D-image file compression tool designed to help speed 3D rendering by reducing polygon count. Supports VRML, AutoCAD's DXF, and 3D Studios 3DS formats.
  • Shapescape
    Easy to use Windows program that automates the process of designing and constructing polyhedral models. It can also produce animated GIF files of rotating polyhedral.
  • SIAMS Company
    SIAMS S3D is 3D-structure design and visualization software useful for the researches and practicians, mathematicians and physicists, tutors and students and even artists and designers. Works on Windows 9x/2000/NT4.0 and does not require additional libraries.
  • Solid123D
    Windows-based 3D modeling and graphics software package. Program developed to exploit a unique mathematical method to describe the visible edges on an arbitrary shape in 3D space.
  • solidThinking LT
    Easy to use 3D surface modeler targeted to designers, illustrators, multimedia and Internet content creators. It uses NURBS (Non Uniform Rational B-Splines) as its geometry type. features an advanced polygonal modeler with support of n-side polygons. [Mac OS 8.6]
  • Steamroller
    Program that reads a description of a 3D figure and generates a printable diagram, that can be cutout and glued to resemble the 3D figure. Offers tutorials and download.
  • Stereogram Creator Pro Official Website
    Application to create stereogram images. Start with a 3D model, continue with hidden image settings, and finish with pattern generation.
  • Steve Abbott's Computer Drawn Celtic Knotwork
    Create custom shapes Celtic knots in 2D then make them into 3D knots then rotate in 3D space. Knots can be exported in various 3D formats including VRML for viewing in browsers. Knots3D is written in Visual Basic 6.
  • Strata 3d
    Software for 3D multimedia and animation. Products include MediaPaint a video painting and special effects program. VideoShop a digital video, audio, animating, compositing, and editing application.
  • SurRender 3D
    Real time 3D graphics technology, visibility and occlusion determination, software rasterization.
  • Terrestris
    Generates terrain based on the musical output of an MP3 player. It translates the song into a 3D surface of a planet, cruise this terrain as the music plays. Written in OpenGL, so it renders smoothly and easily ported to any platform.
  • Texturetools
    Computer graphics plugins designed to improve the creativity and productivity of 3D animators and game developers.
    Software plugins VB Exteriors 3D plants and textures optimized for a low data workload. Models and textures for various 3D platforms like 3D-STUDIO MAX/VIZ, AutoCAD, MicroStation can be previewed and purchased. Demo downloads available.
  • Virtual Decor
    Interactive 3D software for creating online catalogs for business.
  • Waves World
    A program for simulating waves. Give it a height map of the terrain, specify where sea level should be, create some wave fronts, then let it work.
  • ZBrush
    A combination of a 3D modeling and 2D paint program. Create 3D objects, manipulate, scale, rotate and move as well as performing Boolean add, subtract and cut operations on them. Features include a real time rendering engine with a customizable interface.
  • Zpaint
    Free tool for creating 3D-looking elements for websites and software interfaces. Easily paint raised or lowered shapes such as buttons, rings, and boxes.
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