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Language Specific

  • Aim High
    Provides translation software for a wide range of languages.
  • Chinese Software Superstore
    Thousands of Chinese software titles. Whether you need translation, OCR, graphics, or to view webpages.
  • Complex scripts
    FAQs on complex scripts, contextual shaping, character reordering, diacritics and special justification and wordbreak rules for complex scripts.
  • Computer Digest
    Multilingual software for a hundred of languages.
    A Linguistic Engine and the main product of TEXTEC, it carries out a (morpho-syntactic) analysis of different languages: English, French, German, Greek, Italian and Spanish.
  • Free Hebrew Software for Unix
    The list of free Hebrew software for Unix.
  • ISCA SIG: Speech And Language Technology for Minority Languages
    The ISCA (International Speech Communication Association) Special Interest Group on Speech and Language Technology for Minority Languages has the overall aim of promoting research and development in the field of speech and language technology for lesser-used languages.
  • Locales & language groups
    FAQs on locales, language groups, system and user locales, codepage support and Unicode support
  • Mason Integrated Technologies (MIT2)
    A privately-held Massachusetts-registered corporation which specializes in the creation of localization and language processing software for lesser-supported languages (especially Creoles and Pidgins).
  • MultiLingual Lisp HyperText Generation System
    Using these Lisp libraries, you can program large documentations, write out to HTML and LaTeX, export translatable text into minimal tagged text files for easy handling by translators/proofreaders, and reimport the result into the hypertext structure.
  • SALTMIL Mailing List
    The ISCA Special Interest Group on Speech and Language Technology for Minority Languages.
  • Softwolves Software
    The home page of Softwolves Software, Peter Karlsson's 'alias' for software publishing. Help you translate your program from English or German into Swedish.
  • South Slavic Literature Library
    Excellent sections on encoding, tools and fonts.
  • XA International
    International Unicode and DBCS Software Engineering company. Translation and globalization for Asian languages.
  • Yamada Language Guides
    The Yamada WWW Language Guides are the definitive guide to language resources on the World Wide Web.
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