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  • Access International
    Provides international sales, marketing, localization and operations services.
  • Accurate Translation, Inc.
    Web site translation and localization.
  • Advanced Language Translation
    A translation and localization services company.
  • AimTrans
    Korean, Chinese, Japanese and European technical translation, full dtp to PS, PDF, film output, software resource, help, and html translation.
  • Akzent Language Engineering, S.L.
    Software localization, web localization and technical translation company in Madrid, Spain.
  • Alis Technologies Inc.
    Translation software and products in Quebec, Canada.
  • Alpha CRC Ltd
    Software localization, technical translation and multimedia products. Based in Cambridge, UK.
  • ALS International
    Full translation, localization and internationalization services.
  • Arabtrans Localization Services
    English/Arabic translation and localization of web sites, brochures, software, subtitles and all kinds of documents. Middle East markets research.
  • Arial Translations
    Asian language translation services for Chinese, Japanese and Korean, double-byte software localizations. Asian language DTP and Linotronic output services.
  • Asia Translate
    Translation and localization services in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
  • Atlas
    Offers language, localization and communication services in the fields of internet, software, hardware, finance and international marketing.
  • Avalon Technologies
    Specialized in localization consulting.
  • Basis Technology
    New England firm specializing in software internationalization and localization services and products for Asia.
  • Bowne Global Solutions
    Globalization, software localization, multimedia localization, technical translation, multilingual testing and globalization consulting services.
  • Brossco Systems
    Software and manuals localization services.
  • Cabinet Champollion
    Features multilingual software localization and translation for the Windows, OS/2 and Macintosh platforms.
  • Cedilla Globalisation Solutions
    Consulting and project management services in the areas of internationalization and localization of software and marketing materials.
  • DTB Online
    Provides translation and localization services.
  • Eclectic Communications USA
    Software localization, technical translations and international web site solutions.
  • EpiCentre
    Software testing, localisation and technical support facility.
  • Excel Translations
    Provides translation and software localization services in any language.
  • Eyron Software Group
    Localizes software into Hebrew.
  • Ficorp, Inc. Globalization Solutions
    Software localization house that offers services for software and web page globalization.
  • Foreign Ink Ltd
    Specializes in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai translation, typesetting and software localization.
  • ForeignExchange Translations, Inc.
    Localization and translation solutions in 24 languages to companies in regulated industries, incl. medical devices, automoative, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, financial services.
  • GlobalVision
    Specialists in Software and Internet Localization. GUI, Software, Online Help, Manuals, Web Sites, Marketing material, HTML to most European, South American, Asian and Mid-Eastern languages.
  • International Software Localization Group, Inc.
    Multilingual localization engineering and language translation services.
  • International Software Products
    Cross platform software localization for Macintosh and Windows into the major European languages.
  • InterPro Translation Solutions
    Provides software and website localization, multilingual desktop publishing, and translation services in over 30 languages.
  • InterTrans
    Software localization into multiple languages simultaneously.
  • Japantec
    Japanese localization services. Written in Japanese and English.
  • Kevrenn International
    Localization services and multilingual publication.
  • The Language Technology Center
    Specialises in consultancy in language technology.
  • The Language Technology Center Ltd.
    Provides software and web localisation, translation service and multilingual software.
  • Lengua
    Software localization.
  • Lingo Systems
    Technical translation and localization services for international business. Simultaneous release of software and manuals into 42 languages.
  • Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.
    Provider of product localization services for software, hardware, documentation, marketing literature, and web-based information.
  • LocalEyes Sverige
    Specialists in translation of printed and online documentation into Swedish, but also performing Windows and Mac OS string translation and software localization.
  • Localization Services For Baltics
    Technical translation and localization of IT products and web content for Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian.
    English/German localization and translation services for the software, hardware, communications and networking industries.
  • Locasoft
    Translation and localization of software and documentation. Tools for leveraging and consistent translation.
  • Middle East Translation Services
    English/Arabic translation and localization of web sites, brochures, manuals, and software. Translate legal and general documentation. Market research and analysis.
  • MultiLing International, Inc.
    A translation, localization, and language technology company based in the USA. Allied to the STAR group of translation companies.
  • Netrom Translation
    Translation, localization and QA of computer related material from English, Danish and Swedish into native Norwegian.
  • Rubric - Software localization and technical translation services to the IT industry.
  • Sakura Translation Service
    Japanese / English / French localization and translation in a wide range of fields. Japanese web site translation.
  • Salford Translations Ltd
    Specializing in software localisation and in providing translations of user manuals across a range of European languages.
  • Satellite Station
    Asian software/internet localization company.
  • Schofield & Partner
    Translations into all languages - all speciality fields. Localization of large multi-language projects.
  • SDL International
    Translation of software, multimedia and web site design.
  • SimulTrans localization services
    Software localization, localization engineering and testing, internationalization engineering, translation, multilingual publishing, consulting, and training.
  • SinoMetrics International, Inc.
    Provides globalization technology and solutions.
  • Skandis Systems International, Inc.
    Provides internationalization & localization products and services for the Asian & European software markets including translation, development, QA and maintenance services for multi-lingual web and software applications.
  • Software Internationalization Consulting
    Consulting services ranging from software audits to large-scale internationalization projects.
  • STAR
    Software, translation, artwork, recording.
  • SunTrans
    Hungarian translation, interpretation and web site localization.
  • Sykes Enterprises
    Helpdesk, outsourcing, software localization, translation, information development and technical writing.
  • Syntax Language Management Services
    A Germany-based translation company specialized in translation of software programs, on-line help, users guides, web sites, computer games and multi media files.
  • Translation Services and Documentation
    Translation services, software and web site localization, multilingual documentation, internationalization, and interpreting services.
  • Transline International
    Offers translation, localization and language communication services in all Western and Eastern European languages, their North and South American varieties and major languages of Asia and the Middle East.
  • TransLite
    For those seeking to adapt their products and services to the Brazilian market.
  • Vertext
    Specialized in technical translation and localization services into Italian.
  • WordHouse localisation bv
    Services include: software translation, editing, engineering, multilingual desktop publishing, technical documentation, web sites and art localization.
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