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  • A43
    File management utility. Dual-pane view. Does not change registry, can fit on a floppy. [Windows 2000/XP]
    Programs for webmasters, investors, and news-group users.
  • Advanced Clock
    Analog clock program. Its features include alarm function, screen saver, and full customization options.
  • allSnap
    A free system tray program for Windows that makes all top level windows snap to the edge of the screen (or screens) and each other while moving or sizing.
  • Anna-Lyse Ros 2000
    A virtual secretary and announcer for Windows that can do announcements and help remember things.
  • Banshee Screamer
    An alarm clock program featuring a large skinnable display, alarm actions, and snooze.
  • Benfold
    Original Java and Windows games, screensavers, math, and science programs with screenshots.
  • Big Fat Panda
    A collection of free programming resources, retro computing stuff (Sinclair Spectrum) and some self-described "cheesy bits of artwork".
  • Blackout Monitor
    System tray application for Windows that warns Southern California Edison customers of impending rolling blackouts.
  • Bret Johnson
    DOS TSR (Terminate/Stay Resident) keyboard and screen utilities . Some can also be used in Windows. Source Code is available for most.
  • Burn to the Brim
    Windows Utility which takes the group of files or directories and selects those which optimally fill a cdr.
  • Calculator
    Windows utility that lets you add, subtract, divide, and multiply.
  • Chungsoft
    Javascript and Windows freeware, including JavaScript Guestbook, Chungsoft Windows and CallMaker.
  • Clickie
    Utility that can add two new features to the right click context menu of Windows Explorer: Copy Path Name, and Open MS-DOS Prompt.
  • Click-N-Type Virtual Keyboard
    On-screen virtual keyboard for anyone with a disability who can't type on a physical computer keyboard, but can use a pointing device like a mouse.
  • The Crispen Family
    Programs are provided without charge under the terms of the GNU General Public License. The software consists of Windows, general purpose, VRML, Website and Internet tools and programming tools.
  • DataMonkey
    Open Source Windows data translation and conversion application.
    Swiss portal with large archive of freeware and shareware. In German and English.
  • Dutch's Software
    Unit conversions, HTML body tag colors, an image viewer, and a sound player.
  • eBot
    Program that manages down loads, retrieves free software, updates, bug fixes, rebates and promotions.
  • Electronic Shop Assistance (ESA)
    ESA is a POS, price quote software for computer stores or any shop front business that enables the business to professionally prepare a quote for a customer on the spot. [Win 95/98/NT]
  • File Informer
    Adds a tooltip to Windows Explorer with extended information such as image dimensions and audio file play time for numerous file types.
  • Finance Database
    Database for people in any kind of business. Software descriptions, screenshots, download, and contact details.
  • Free Dezign
    Desktop and internet utilities, games, and screen savers for MS Windows 95/98 and MS DOS.
  • Free Electronic Secretaries
    An voice activated electronic secretary for Windows that will manage your appointments, address book, provide you with a graphically editable calendar.
  • Free View
    Data acquisition software (DAQ) developed with agilent VEE for Windows.
  • FreeTime
    Countdown timer software for Windows.
  • Gadwin PrintScreen
    Easy to use freeware utility that allows you to capture any portion of the screen, save it to a file, copy it to Windows clipboard, print it or e-mail it to a recipient of your choice.
  • Gav's Freeware Productions
    Useful stuff for your computer here, personally created by Gav.
  • HELP Read
    Text-to-speech software for Windows 3.1 or later. Supports English and Hawaiian languages. Different characters read aloud, allows correction of pronunciation, highlights text.
  • Indirect Group
    3D file managers, games, logo producers, and bar builders for Windows.
  • Information Organizer
    Organize digital photos, digital music, daily calendars, business meeting minutes, diaries, in such a way that it is easy to access, browse, compare and share with others. (Java)
  • JExplorer
    Dual-panel "Commander"-style file manager, web browser, FTP client, compression/decompression utility, and mail monitor based on Explorer. [Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4/2000/XP]
  • Joe LeVasseur's Freeware
    Includes Yankee Clipper - a Win9x/NT Clipboard stacker/memory, a Win95 screen-saver starter, a simple loan calculator, a Visual Basic messagebox constructing utility, and other utilities.
  • JR Directory Printer
    Print a listing of every file contained within a directory and/or subdirectory(ies). Freeware for Windows 9x/2K/NT/ME/XP.
    Free applications for Windows 95 and NT4.
  • LetmeSee
    A nicely designed freeware site with reviews of all the latest programs.
  • LineCounter
    Free command line tool that counts the number of source code lines. It counts individual files or integrates with your favorite IDE.
  • LuckyMe Software
    Mom's Calendar b3.1.4 is a free simple printable calendar that helps people keep organized for Macintosh or Windows.
  • MacExplorer
    Windows program allowing to analyze Macintosh files stored on a Windows NT Server. Site includes download and a general information page on the software. [Windows 95/98/NT/2000]
  • Mango
    Recipe management software for Unix that is mealmaster compatible and includes support for RecipeML. [Open Source]
  • Meazure 1.0
    Measure, magnify and capture arbitrary portions of the screen in a number of different ways. [Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4/2000/XP]
  • MeD's Movie Manager
    Customizable movie manager with add, edit, delete database functions, imports movie information from IMDb. [Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000]
  • MickSmith's Mix
    Newsletter with brief reviews of a variety of utilities.
  • Movie Organizer
    Get organized with the OXD data movie organizer. It's easy-to-use, and fun.
  • MultiTrack Stopwatch
    Clock multiple elapse times with ten parallel counters. Multiple timers also act as lap holder or just for keeping results of past clocking.
  • Odaat 95
    A daily journal program for Windows that features customized tab control for easy navigating, password protection, full encryption of all journal data, keyword search capability and random display of your favorite quotes.
  • The Open Technology Portal
    An extensive web resource for open source software news, products, discussion, tools and licenses. Most freely available code from open source projects is cataloged.
  • OpenUniverse
    3D solar system simulator for Linux, OpenGL, or Windows that uses NASA data.
  • Philex Atomic Clock
    Matches a computer's clock to the US Government's atomic clock.
  • PhraseExpress
    Manages frequently used text phrases in a taskbar icon and pastes them into any application with a single mouse click.
  • Point-N-Click
    On-screen virtual mouse for anyone with a disability who can't click a mouse, but can otherwise move a pointing device like a mouse or trackball.
  • Prime Time Freeware
    Publishes mixed media collections of Open Source software.
  • PrintDeskTop
    Free screen print utility for Windows.
  • Profish Software
    Downloads, tutorials, links, and games for Windows.
  • Radio3000
    Various utilities for radio stations and broadcasters including a broadcast calendar generator and ad scheduling software.
  • RaptureSoft Computing
    Freeware programs.
  • Registry Explorer
    A Windows system tool that is intended to replace regedit.
  • REM Publications
    Hidden camera control and email checker for Windows, and a directory of programs for OS/2.
  • RenderSoft CamStudio
    Records screen activity from the Windows desktop into standard AVI movie files. It is an ideal tool for creating software demonstrations and active presentations. [Freeware/Opensource]
  • Roger Smith Software
    Free software.
  • S-Calculator
    A scientific engineering calculator for Windows 95/98/NT.
  • ScoreExtractor
    Program that can help to manually convert wav files to midis. The idea is to draw notes on a time-frequency picture, then test yourself, and save the results. [Windows 95/98/Me/2000]
  • Script and Graph
    Program to plot or graph any mathematical function in two-dimensional Cartesian space. The user has the ability to alter the script variables when the graph is already computed and visible. [Windows 98/95/NT]
  • Sensible Freeware
    Utilities for network management, web-site monitoring, and computer-based paging.
  • Shadowcraft homepage
    Home to iNFERNO and other freeware software.
  • SilverWolf's Digital Diary
    Multi-user password protected journal program. [Win32, GPL]
  • SimpleCalc
    Calculator with basic functionality and value added tax calculation.
  • SlavaSoft Inc. - HashCalc
    Calculator to compute message digests, checksums and HMACs for files, as well as for text and hex strings.
  • SoomSoom
    PIM and address book, includes many useful features such as calendar, follow-up system, calculator, and web browser. Access anything on the computer by using names and subjects.
  • Spell Checker for Edit Boxes
    A near-universal spell checker for Windows edit boxes; free for private use.
  • SpiraClock
    Small Java program that continuously displays upcoming events from schedules and time-tables inside a desktop clock.
  • Sports Software by Sydex
    Free software for youth soccer coaches and track high school and college coaches.
  • STG FolderPrint
    Print and visualize Windows folders with disk space indicators, file filters, and display customization.
  • Task Plus
    Appointment calendar that runs in the Windows system tray allowing instant access to alarms and notes.
  • Tedium Compensator
    - Sets a random background, startup wave file and shutdown wave file on Windows bootup.
  • Telephone Message Software
    Keep track of your company's phone messages in a central database. (Windows)
  • Thomas Mitch Franey
    Offers a talking Freecell game and a manufacturing costing program for download.
  • @Time
    A utility providing a clock that displays Swatch internet time.
  • Tiny Clock
    Alarm clock for Windows, customizable with skins, with several included and instructions for making new ones.
  • Tray Commander Lite
    Multifunctional utility that sits as an icon in the system tray, to execute many different commands, such as: launch program file, open folder, launch screensaver, make screenshot, open or close CD door and many others.
  • TriDComm
    3D file manager for all Windows platforms. It requires OpenGL and a 3D accelerator card.
  • TurboNote
    Sticky note program that includes network and email sending, alarm, search, and quick launch feature to easily open files, email and URLs.
  • UCmore
    A free Internet navigational tool that simplifies and organizes your web browsing by showing you relevant links without having to use search engines.
  • Unsatisfactory Software
    Tips, warnings, freeware.
  • VAMP Media Center
    Listen to Mp3s, organize media, edit clips, make screen savers, wallpaper, calendars, and photo albums. Enjoy photo sharing and download new materials every day. Play On-line games.
  • VCool
    Windows utility to cool Athlon/Duron processors on Via KT133 or KX133 (VT8363 or VT8371/VT82C686x) chipsets during idle.
  • Video Caster
    Software to easily capture a video file, upload it to a Windows Streaming Server and distribute video clips through an e-mail link to friends or stream the videos directly from the web site.
  • Vocab
    Windows program helps to improve vocabulary while learning a foreign language.
  • Ware-Lords
    Original programs and games for Windows including an MP3 player, a picture puzzle, and a Tetris clone.
  • WinMac
    Macintosh style menubar that can be used in Windows 95/98/NT4/2000.
  • Wireless Messaging Freeware
    SNPP based wireless messaging from Windows.
  • XaltraNet
    Author's site. Offers Diary Defender (to help write and store a secure diary) and The Cheater's World (to help 'cheat' in your favorite games).
  • Zip Notes
    Sticky note that runs in the system tray. Full control of alarms, email, OLE drag/drop, fonts and passwords.
  • Zipdy
    Program for Linux to calculate the distance between two zip codes. [Open Source, GPL]

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