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  • Amulet Explorer File Manager
    A Windows 95 File Manager for Linux/Unix.
  • CLEX File Manager
    Text based file manager for UNIX systems. Free source code distribution.
  • FLFM
    Fast Light File Manager. A small graphical file manager for X-Windows based on the FLTK library. Xdnd 4 compatible. GPL.
  • GNU Interactive Tools
    GIT contains a text mode extensible file system browser, an ascii/hex file viewer, a process viewer/killer and some other related utilities and shell scripts. Open source, K&R C, for all Unixen.
  • KCommander
    Linux Windows Commander style filemanager. Open Source.
  • KNC
    Graphical 2 windows file manager for KDE. Download source.
  • Kruiser
    A Win95-like file system explorer for KDE. GPL source.
  • Midnight Commander
    A combined Unix shell and text mode, Norton Commander style file manager. Part of the GNOME project. Open Source.
  • The NewSyslog Project
    Newsyslog is a highly configurable program for managing and archiving log files (such as those produced by syslogd).[Unix or Unix-like system]
  • The Unix Cockpit
    Open Source file manager for X11/Unix, runs under almost any Unix flavour.
  • UnixTree
    XTree-alike console mode filemanager for Unix and Linux systems. History, tips and tricks, guided tour. Freeware.
  • VFU File Manager
    The Vladi File Manager for UNIX, console (text mode), for Linux, DOS, Solaris, NetBSD. Open Source.
  • The XNC Filemanager
    X Northern Captain, X Window graphical filemanager for Linux, BSD, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX and Digital Unix systems. Bookmark, hotkey, viewer, drag and drop, zip archive support. Free download source or binaries. Mailing list.
  • Ytree
    A Unix (curses-based) file manager similar to DOS Xtree for browsing filesystems and archives. Open Source.
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