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  • Altissima
    [Win] A gradebook with capabilities for keeping other comments on students
  • Artificial Intelligence Technologies
    Makers of "Prediction," a package to store and process student grades schoolwide. Free demonstration available for download. Windows only.
  • A2Z Gradebook
    Stores grades, calculates averages, and generates reports. Merge files from multiple teachers to create comprehensive reports.
  • Calico Educational Software
    [Win] Gradebook and course management software.
  • Class Action Gradebook
    Full featured software to track grades, attendance, and seating chart. Communicate with students and parents using reports, letters, and graphs.
  • ClassMaster
    [Win and Mac] An electronic gradebook that calculates, records, reports, and forecasts student and class performance. It is a flexible, customizable tool that can accommodate an unlimited number of students and gradable activities. Published by William K. Bradford Publishing Company.
  • ClassRoom Windows
    [win] Gradebook and class management freeware program for teachers. Designed to make record keeping and grading much easier.
  • Easy Grade Pro by Orbis Software
    [Win and Mac] Allows creation of an electronic gradebook which, like a paper gradebook, can store student, assignment, score and attendance data on all classes and subjects for a year. In addition, data can be manipulated and analyzed in a variety of ways.
  • Easy Gradebook
    [Win] Inexpensive, easy-to-use shareware grade book program.
  • eSembler
    [Win and Mac] Web-based grade book and attendance software for entire schools or school districts.
  • Excel-lent Gradebook
    A full-featured gradebook program that runs inside of Microsoft Excel. Shareware.
  • Excelsior Software, Inc.
    Dedicated to the development of electronic gradebook systems as an industry, Excelsior has established over 80 integrations between administrative and other third party educational software.
  • EZ Grader
    [Win and Mac] Manage lesson plans, class information and grading structure.
  • Fast Rabbit Software
    [Win-Mac] GradeBook1 features password protection, auto-save, easy backup, birthday reminders, score calculator. Shareware. Purchase online.
  • GGradebook
    [Linux] Free software for recording grades.
  • Gradebook 2.0
    [Win] Many features and report options. See screen shots and download a demo version of the program.
  • GradeBook for Windows
    Software to maintain students test scores and other grades, features include sending progress reports via e-mail.
  • Gradebook Power
    [Win] Over 40 academic reports including attendance and seating charts. Import and export to school administrative software. Supports block schedule, traditional and trimester school years.
  • GradeBusters
    [Win, Mac, DOS] Regularly updated computer-based gradebook software. Free upgrades for life after initial purchase.
  • GradeGenie
    Gradebook and attendance program. Push-button operation. Many configuration options for customization. Security features.
  • Gradekeeper
    [Win and Mac] Powerful and easy to use gradebook software that allows teachers to record grades for the entire school year. Gradekeeper can also create a web site so parents and students can check their grades online.
  • Gradepoint
    [Win] Provides a database software grade book for managing student grading activities. Download a free 30-day trial version.
  • Grades XML editor
    Free software for recording grades.
    [Win] Online gradebook server software. Trials of web interface.
  • GradeSource
    A web-based instructor course management tool with student viewable web page reports.
  • Integrade Pro from NCS Pearson
    [Win and Mac] Allows teachers to show anyone who has a right to know, at any time, a complete list of a student's scores, missing assignments, and up-to-the-minute calculated grades. A variety of printed reports are possible.
  • J&S Gradebook?
    For the Macintosh. Unlimited number of students, activities and classes. Customizeable progress reports and statistics. Web publishing with iGrade? add-on program.
  • Marksbook Academic Reporting Software
    A system specifically designed to manage all the assessment types used in Australian schools today. [Windows]
  • Master Grade
    [Win / Mac] Manage and report student progress.
  • Misty City Software
    Developer and publisher of Grade Machine and Grade View. For grading and classroom management, and for getting a quick, detailed, school-wide picture of any student's performance.
  • OpenGrade
    [Windows, Linux] Free software for recording grades.
  • Paper Trail Software
    Grade Point grading program. Comprehensive grade management system with customizable reports and records. Free evaluation copy.
  • PGGP: Pretty Good Grading Program
    Elementary gradebook software specifically for the elementary teacher. Demos available for Macintosh and Windows.
  • 1st Class GradeBook
    [Win] Easy to use, feature packed, and has a wide variety of reports and graphs. Download a free trial copy.
  • Teaching Software
    [Win] Offers gradebook software
  • ThinkWave
    ree gradebook software and complete classroom organizer. Manages attendance, lesson plans. Allows publishing grades to the web and facilitates e-mail to parents. Win95/98.
  • Tiny Red Book
    Gradebook with many related features for Palm OS.
  • T-Tools
    A suite of software tools that includes a Personal Planner, Classroom Manager, Gradebook, and instant Website Builder. [Mac, Windows and Palm]
  • VARed Software
    VAR Grade gradebook program is flexible and capable. Handles any grading system or size class. Windows only. Plots, statistics, attendance, seating charts.
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