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  • Abacus
    [Win] Foreign language training software for business.
  • Anotek
    [Win] Software for learning French, English and Greek
  • Auralog
    [Win] Software for learning Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and English as a second language.
  • CASE Learning Systems
    [Win] Multimedia software for learning Swedish, Finnish, Danish and Finnish
  • Classics Research Software and Bibliographies
    [Win] Offers research software and bibliographies for Latin and Ancient Greek
  • Declan's Software
    [Win] Grammar programs for learning Irish
  • Dictionary 2000
    [Win] Dictionary program which works with 13 languages.
    [Win] Digital interactive audio/video recorder
  • DynEd International
    [Win-Mac] Multimedia language learning software (ESL, Spanish, Japanese) for schools, universities and corporations.
  • EuroAsiaSoftware
    [Win] Software for learning Chinese and Japanese
  • Hello World
    [Win] Interactive software for learning languages
  • Industrial soft
    [Win] Software for learning Romanian, English as well as an online English-Romanian dictionary
  • Language Adventure
    CD-ROM captures the attention of children in an animated story. For ESL, French, German, Spanish, Italian, English.
  • Language Intelligence
    [Win] French and Spanish multimedia language software.
  • LanguageMaster
    [Win] French and Spanish language learning software for download.
  • Learn Greek Language CDROM
    Learn the Greek language from interactive multimedia CDROM.
  • Liberation Philology
    Computer programs to help beginning and intermediate students learn vocabulary and basic grammar of a variety of ancient, medieval, and modern languages.
  • LINC
    [Win-Mac] Software delivering an interactive approach to language and culture
  • The Rosetta Stone Language Library
    [Win-Mac] Offers multimedia language learning software in a variety of languages
  • SaralSoft
    [Win-Mac] Interactive multimedia software to learn Indian languages, including Hindi.
  • SMILES Production
    [Win] Software for learning Hebrew, Arabic and Persian
  • Spr?k&Media
    [Win-Mac] Language software shop
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