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Directories and Guides

  • Beakerware
    Descriptions and reviews of software available for teaching biology at the college level.
  • Bob Bowman's Guide to Free Educational Technology
    How-to guides on finding and using free technology and software for education. Links to tutorials, software reviews and related resources.
  • Children's Software Revue
    3800+ reviews of the latest children's educational software. "Software Finder" to make finding reviews easier. "Mailbag" for you to ask questions about software and technology for children.
  • Computing With Kids
    Weekly syndicated column available as a free eZine. Discusses issues relating to computing with kids and reviews software, websites, smart toys, and peripherals.
  • DynoTech Software
    Download award-winning educational software and puzzle games by DynoTech, the online games are free and fun.
  • Educational Resources for Electronics
    Discussion of the role of CAI and CBT in teaching electricity and electronics. Also provides links to sites providing free and trial software for teaching electricity.
  • Educational Software Directory
    Annotated. Links to reviews, publications, publishers, and related organizations.
  • Flashcard Trainers Reviewed
    Flashcards are used in language learning and other fields where memorization is relevant. This review starts listing the features of good flashcard training software, and goes over to commenting 50 such applications.
  • Instructional Software: Enhancing Student Learning
    Provides five steps to assist with selecting the "right" piece of software to impact student learning. Covers the right questions to ask when purchasing software.
  • Kids Domain
    A great place for educational software reviews and downloads for Windows and Macintosh platforms. There are also crafts and online games.
  • Learning Village Ltd.
    Software guide for parents and teachers that provides reviews on the best childrens educational software written by experienced educators who use software in the learning context.
  • New Teaching Shareware
    Collection of shareware in different areas.
  • Parents Information Network
    Independent UK organisation providing information and advice to parents about the role of computers in their children's education. Includes the results of PIN's independent educational software evaluations.
  • The Review Corner
    Children's software reviews with ratings, educational product reviews, software news.
    Demos, freeware and shareware versions of educational software.
  • Scholastic Technology Guide
    Scholastic's technology buyer's guide for educators.
  • SuperKids Educational Software Review
    Provides impartial reviews of children's software by parents, teachers, and kids.
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