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Scheduling Utilities  

  • ABC Scheduling Software
    Scheduling software for rooms, activities and resources.
  • Active Software Timetable
    Specializes in fully automatic timetabling software. Offers software for schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions. Download free demo versions.
  • Ad Astra Information Systems
    Offers Astra schedule, a room scheduling software tool used in the higher education to improve performance of college and university scheduling.
  • aSc TimeTables
    Timetabling program for primary/secondary schools with unique automatic generator.
  • Automated Scheduling
    Academic scheduling services and software, which can be used on their own in conjunction with other administrative software.
  • CCM - Facility Scheduler for Schools
    Scheduling package for schools which allows automatic scheduling, multi-user use and scheduling of exams.
  • Celcat
    Timetabling software for universities and colleges, web publisher and software for scheduling shift systems.
  • Computer Aided Timetable
    Designed for small to medium sized schools. Larger schools and departments in larger schools or colleges might also find it useful. Does not automate the creation of timetables.
  • ComQuip, Inc.
    IQ.Session is an on-line course, classroom and events scheduler for higher education. IQ.Session offers custom scheduling based on faculty preferences, course requirements and facility attributes.
  • DivvyUP Course Scheduling Softwar
    [MAC] Course scheduling sofware for college administrators. Helps formulate a schedule for a department's semester of course offerings.
  • Erasmus - School and College Timetabling
    Provider of the Didakt timetabling software for automatic timetable construction and consulting services.
  • Human Edge Software Corporation Pty Ltd
    Australian based developer of First Class 2000 School Timetabling Software, SAS2000 School Administration software and Pay2k Payroll Software.
  • ICS - Intelligent Class Scheduler
    A web-based class scheduler for colleges. Generates all possible schedules, given a set of classes. Supported schools include UCLA, UTexas, and UNLV.
  • iMagic Timetable Master
    Offers software for schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions.
  • Kat Timetabler
    Software for timetabling in schools using the latest in optimisation algorithms.
  • Lantiv Timetabler 2005
    School schedule timetabling software for timetable scheduling of classes, teachers, students, courses, resource and block scheduling. Download a free trial version.
  • LilaBerg Scheduling Software
    Software for timetabling in schools. Visual, user-friendly and has a large capacity. Generates HTML-reports.
  • Mimosa Software Oy
    General-purpose software for timetabling in schools and universities. User-friendly, flexible and has a large capacity.
  • MMS For Schools: Student Scheduling Solutions
    The MMS Student Scheduling System maximizes the use of resources, teachers and rooms while scheduling the most students possible.
  • Modelino
    Generates complete weekly timetables, a more compact working program for each teacher and class, and prevent overlapping and gaps for both.
  • Orologio - Scheduling Software
    Automated timetabling tool suitable for schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions.
  • Penalara Software
    Rationalizes and automates the preparation of scholastic schedules. Effectively generates a compromise between the involved interests that is optimal and equitable.
  • Planning Software Limited
    Gti3 timetabling software uses a graphical interface to accommodate timetabling tasks. Networked use allows multiple timetablers to share resources. Output can be sent to a printer or the Web.
  • SchedulExpert
    Conference scheduling services and course scheduling software.
  • Scientia Knowledge Computing
    Flexible, multi-user resource management software that helps universities and colleges produce optimal schedules for all resources including students.
  • S'CoolTime
    Course timetabling software for schools and universities.
  • Significant Software Solution's TTABLE
    } Timetabling software for administrative scheduling of teachers and school schedules.
  • Solstar Student Scheduling
    Prepares student schedules by matching course requests for each student to a master schedule of class offerings.
  • The Timetabler
    Timetabling software for schools
  • Timetabling for Schools & Colleges
    TimeTabler by Keith Johnson - timetabling and scheduling software for school and college timetables.
  • TTMaker
    Scheduling software that creates clash-free timetables, use for schools, universities, festivals and commerce.
  • Untis Timetabling Software
    Scheduling program. Many options for school administration: absent teachers, free lessons, room planning, distribute teaching duties, calculate cost of each period.
  • Vytork Software Solutions
    Virtual Tutor Coordinator, a program that automates and facilitates activities for most tutoring systems.
  • Willis Software
    Vendors of the educational timetabler, SchoolPro 2000. Build a conflict free school timetable.
  • ypSched Scheduling Tool
    Free download tool to schedule students into classes by preferences.
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