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  • SED, the Stream Editor
    Eric Pement's Cornerstone Mag site hosts an extensive FAQ, download sites for most operating systems, large list of handy one-liners, table of version differences, exhaustive links.
  • Batch and Third-Party Programs
    Benny Pedersen gives examples of the use of SED in DOS batch files.
  • Custom SED Proposal
    Wish list and manifesto for development of a new version of the editor.
  • GNU SED version 3.02.80 for OS/2
    A port of the program for OS/2, requires RPM and EMX.
  • Roger Chang's SED and Shell Scripts
    SED and Bourne Shell scripts by a seder in Taiwan.
  • SED
    The Open Group "Single UNIX Specification" man page.
  • SED & AWK
    The most popular book on the stream editor, from O'Reilly.
  • SED - the stream editor
    Sven Guckes's scripts and links.
  • SED FAQ (He Sed She Sed)'s alternate frequently asked questions list is arranged in increasing order of difficulty, and can be read as a tutorial.
  • SED Tutorials
    Some items selected by Yiorgos Adamopoulos from the Seders grab bag and mailing list.
  • Sokoban for SED
    The timeless Sokoban game written in a SED script.
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