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  • ACS Software: AutoEDMS
    AutoEDMS combines information retrieval, versioning, archiving and workflow.
    Canadian imaging & document management specialists.
  • ADMS, Inc.
    Offers the Solutions Bureau, a complete document management system and service for legal, corporate, and educational organizations.
  • a.i.s. angewandte informationssysteme (in English)
    The Windream document management system integrates into windows and allows rich indexing and search options.
  • American PrintWare, Inc.
    Offers software products designed to convert, control, manage and monitor printing requirements and output throughout a network scheme that utilizes mixed CPU protocols, equipment and resources.
  • Anacomp
    Products and services for imaging web documents, online document storage and online document retrieval.
  • Archive Power Systems
    Document and image management software.
  • Archivista
    Organizes your papers and documents, and can handle up to several million pages per database.
  • ArcItUp
    Document management software which allows you to archive, and easily find, your documents. Print to archive, search and view from an Internet Browser.
  • Arimtec International
    Offers document ASP, management and system integration services. Includes case studies and downloadable demo presentation.
  • ARM Group
    Advanced contract management software for corporations and government agencies. Track all types of contracts.
  • Aurora
    Specialist supplier of electronic document management solutions. Includes case studies and manuals.
  • Bamboo Solutions
    Makers of Infotrak, a universal document and information management technology that integrates seamlessly with ERP systems.
  • Byelex Workgroup Technologies
    Develop and market document management products within the Lotus Domino environment. Offices in Rotterdam, London and Geneva.
  • Captiva Software Corporation
    Provide information and forms processing software solutions. Processes paper based forms to e-commerce data with a single, fully integrated data capture solution.
  • Catalogue : HTML catalog builder
    Simple software utility that generates HTML summaries and indexes of Microsoft Office documents. For Windows.
  • CDC Solutions
    Enterprise electronic publishing software, including regulatory submissions, dossier compilation, database publishing, controlled printing, and documents "on demand".
  • ChemSW, Inc.
    MSDS Digital File Cabinet. Complete MSDS document management system capable of interfacing with the Chemical Inventory System for complete automation.
  • Click2Doc
    Send self-opening documents via e-mail. No downloads or viewers needed by receiving party. Automatically generate loan documents.
  • ColumbiaSoft
    Document Locator document management software for Windows offers full text searches on MS Office documents, PDFs and TIF-4 images. Find documents in seconds, manage versions, electronic approval, templates and more at an affordable price.
  • Compusoft Canada
    Metals industry quality assurance document management software. TraceAbility? is specifically designed to accommodate the requirements of metals distribution and/or fabrication environments.
  • Computhink, Inc.
    Document management and productivity software including ViewWise 5 - Java-based product that integrates with GroupWise and Outlook, ViewWise for Small Businesses, and The Paperless Office 2.x.
  • Create!form International
    Provider of document management systems and related products and services. Includes case studies, news and events, and partner information.
  • Crusader Technologies
    Provides electronic document management systems and knowledge management systems.
  • Cypress Corporation
    The integrated document and knowledge server provides archiving, report distribution, document search and retrieval, and output management.
  • Datamatrix
    Document management and Internet solutions.
  • Diamond Head Software, Inc.
    Image and storage software tools for the enterprise document management market.
  • Docdolittle (Owl Central Limited)
    Document assembly software that combines the gathering and assembly of information into a single process. Information is automatically assembled into an MS Word, RTF or PDF document and E-mailed.
  • DocMan Technologies
    PC DOCS integrator for legal applications and other industries.
  • Docosoft
    Customisable document management suite for offices offering electronic filing, retrieval, sharing, and exchange. Strong CAD background. Developed in Ireland. Close customer support in the UK.
  • DocSmart?
    Helps you to secure, notify, track, and utilize your information to its fullest, so that your communication within your company and with your customers is always current and up to date.
  • DocuMap
    A powerful document management system integrated with a GIS that uses an interactive map to access and manage computer documents and hard copy registers.
  • Document Control Systems
    MasterControl, web-based document control and change management software.
  • Documenta Ltd.
    Offering software to support digital archiving and access to archived documents.
  • Documentum
    Vertical document management applications, including web content management and project collaboration.
  • Docunet
    Offer DocuWare document management software.
  • Dotelec - global document management
    UlysSoft makes Dotelec, software permitting up to 200 workstations to exchange and view documents, files and information on a server.
  • DSS Corporation
    Provides electronic document management, document imaging, COLD and Forms processing along with an ASP hosting model for customers who do not want to invest in infrastructure.
  • Easydocs
    A low cost, easy to use, web based document management system for organizations of all sizes.
  • e.FileClerk Document Management
    e.FileClerk, an platform-independent document management solution, links to multiple host applications and integrates documents into your business applications with no program changes.
  • eManage Inc.
    Email lifecycle management and records management technology that enables organizations to manage email and records on an enterprise-scale.
  • empolis GmbH - fileworX is a safe and consistent distribution and archiving system as well as a controlled and automated converter of file-based information of any kind.
  • Epsiia (formerly PSI Technologies Corp.)
    Digital Xpress Reports (DXR) archives and retrieves bills and statements as images, PDF or HTML. Also provides remote hosting services.
  • Eurospider Information Technology AG
    Modern search systems that allow to intelligently acquire, sort and access knowledge.
  • Eye Com Scan and View
    Document management software designed to meet low-to-mid volume needs.
  • Fairfax Data Systems
    Certified reseller and solutions provider of FileNET Panagon.
  • FileCentre
    Software for managing electronic documents and information across an entire organisation. Includes a free evaluation download.
  • FileNET Corporation
    Producers of Panagon Integrated Document Management software, which manages information and enhances productivity through standards-based workflow, electronic document management, Web content and report management software.
  • Files on CD
    Document storage solution and digital imaging service.
    Web-based online storage for document and record management. Scanning software for knowledge management, document imaging, file converter and electronic filing.
  • fortuneinformatics ltd
    Fortune Papyrus is a comprehensive integrated single Document management solution. K-click is an information portal supporting offices and business process automation.
  • GaelQuality: Q-Pulse
    A PC based Windows software application for controlling and adding value to formal management systems such as ISO 9000, ISO 9001:2000, ISO14000, QS 9000 and JAR-OPS.
  • Gmi Home
    Provides services and software distribution for the range of O&M documenting and maintenance software produced by GMI. This software graphically documents complex systems, particularly in buildings.
  • Green Pasture Software
    W/EDGE software lets you to manage CAD, engineering and office documents. Also lets you to automate document life cycles and track versions and revisions.
  • HiSoftware - metaPackager(tm)
    A complete client/server application for document management, distribution, and indexing.
  • Hummingbird
    Specialize in the development of enterprise software solutions, including PC DOCS document and knowledge management systems.
  • Hyland Software Inc.
    Offers the OnBase software system that combines the technologies of document imaging, management, and workflow into a single web-enabled application.
  • Hyperwave Information Management
    Offers functional and intuitive knowledge management technology.
  • i.Doc
    Get full PDF fidelity with this scalable, versatile Java-based Internet platform that can store, structure and automatically publish documents.
    Internet/Intranet Document Control System - controls and distributes documents electronically via the web, notifying registered Viewers of new and revised documents.
  • The IDP Companies, Inc.
    Technical knowledge and expertise in delivering system solutions to reduce or eliminate paper-based processes.
  • ImageTag Electronic Filing Management
    The Kwiktag system indexes scanned documents according to a Post-It tag one sticks to the first page. For Windows.
  • Imaging Automation, Inc.
    Photo identification and document management systems, supplying advanced electronic equipment that captures and authenticates photos, documents, and biometric data for global security applications.
  • Imaging Solutions
    Offers imaging, forms processing and workflow management software. Includes client list and company profile.
  • iManage
    Provides document and content management solutions for enterprise-wide networks, intranets and the Internet.
  • Informatik Inc.
    Document management and archiving software, deed plotters and TIFF printer drivers.
  • InfoRouter
    Document management system that manages and shares corporate information.
  • Inteum Corporation
    Relational information management system that helps technology transfer professionals manage the varied and detailed types of information they use.
  • Research Corporation
    Uses Web-centric architecture to re-define enterprise document management. puts rapid development tools into the hands of end-users.
  • iSleuthHound Technologies
    Document retrieval and management software for a standalone PC.
  • KnowledgeArc
    Aviator software provides document management for Lotus Notes and the Internet.
  • Kruse Control
    Document management software suite.
  • LaserFiche
    Document imaging and document management software for records management professionals. Manages, stores and retrieves millions of pages across the enterprise. Documents can also be published over the web or via CD. Also provides COLD/ERM and workflow solutions.
  • Logical Access
    Design, implementation and integration of Electronic Document Management (EDM) and archiving systems.
  • Luft Technology
    Offers secure software with modules designed for various industries. Includes screenshots and features.
  • Macro 4 - enterprise wide output solutions
    Enterprise-wide output solutions for MVS, VSE, VM, OS/400, UNIX and Windows NT printing.
  • Manedge: Carmen Suite
    Carmen supports versioning, check-in, retrieval and viewing of documents in various file formats.
  • Mesa Corporation
    Specializes in automated optical archiving solutions for all industries.
  • Meticulus
    Meticulist software provides versioning and full-text searching, sharing and security for Windows files and documents of small businesses.
  • MindWrap: Optix
    Optix manages the scanning, revision and retrieval of any file format of document.
  • Monarch|ES Enterprise Reporting
    Archive and deliver existing reports from any computing system to the desktop.
  • Network Software Associates, Inc.
    Provides web-based solutions with Report.Web for web to host report distribution and Dynacomm/Elite and NS/Elite for host connectivity and emulation.
  • Paper Solutions Inc.
    Provides electronic filing systems. Office in Westchester, Illinois.
  • The Paper Tiger
    Combines a computer indexing system with the paper-management methods of Barbara Hemphill.
  • PearlDoc
    Modular, web-based solutions able to cover the lifespan and flow of docu-centric information within a company; capable of managing structured and unstructured data - DM, versioning, imaging, ERM/COLD, workflow, thin-client, XML.
  • Precis Abstract Management
    An abstract management and processing service designed for organizations conducting research or ongoing studies. After a call for papers, Precis processes them for panel review and later printing and publication.
  • Principal Solutions
    Resellers of Cabinet NG, a paperless office, workflow management, document management / automation software filing system.
  • ProgressSoft Corp.
    Produces PS-Image, a document archiving system, PS-TERM, a terminal emulation system, PS-SIG, a signature verification system, and PS-Forms, a forms processing system.
  • QuadraMed
    An Electronic Document Management solution for your healthcare network that acts as a repository for downloaded and scanned documents.
  • Quality Systems International
    Developers of Lotus Notes/Domino software for document management, process improvement, quality and environmental records, and compliance with ISO-9000, ISO-14000, and QS-9000 business standards.
  • Qualsys - UK based electronic document management systems.
  • rDoc - Document Management
    The data warehouse to cleanup, archive, inform.
  • ReadSoft
    Develops and markets software for automatic data capture, including scanning and interpreting hand or machine printed information on forms.
  • Reams Computer
    The Court Records Management System was designed specifically to meet the land record indexing requirements of the Clerks of Court in the state of Virginia.
  • Resulting
    The RBM Toolset helps consultants, managers, project leaders and process teams to tackle management issues through a retrieval system that is designed to return any relevant document within one minute.
  • ROH Inc.
    OCULUS 2.1 is a powerful compound document management system that was created to run in a true 3-tiered environment.
  • ScanFile Document Management
    Document management system.
  • ScanSoft
    TextBridge and Pagis document management software.
  • SER Solutions, Inc: SERDistiller
    A software solution that uses neural network techniques to extract information from documents and manage content without tedious programming or data entry.
  • SimpleScan Software, Inc.
    Provides enterprise wide document management software.
  • SoftNote
    Soft Notebook allows the user to create tabbed computer "notebooks" to import, organize and archive digital information.
  • Softology
    Specializes in electronic document management and image enabling, workflow, systems integration and support and advanced build technology.
  • Tampa Bay Systems
    Produces WebDocumentz, a customizable browser based document management suite.
  • Tangent Systems, Inc.
    High speed document processing and imaging in applications such as remittance, sales drafts, proxy, and coupons.
  • TeamWARE
    Workflow, document management, collaboration, security and internet community products. A Fujitsu company.
  • Three Rivers Software
    Vision2020, an intelligent EDM suite for processing and managing virtual documents.
  • 3Tier Technology
    Browser based software for document management, ISO-9000, quality control, and process improvement.
  • TIMS Inc
    Producers of SAPERION, a comprehensive solution for imaging, document management, storage management, COLD, and scripting workflow.
  • TOWER Software
    TRIM records and document management systems.
  • Tracker Software
    Publishers of DocuTrack, document management and archiving software for business. Offer a freeware version of software with 10,000 document limit.
  • Verity
    KeyView Pro accelerates productivity by providing access to documents regardless of format, avoiding the need to install hundreds of applications.
  • Virtual Filing
    Full-service document management company. Corporate information, services, description of software and hardware.
  • Vredenburg
    Provides professional and technical services to the defense, public sector, and industry. Developers of High View document management software.
  • Westbrook Technologies: Fortis
    A client/server document management software suite, providing capture, indexing, retrieval, editing, annotation and distribution of both paper and electronic documents and images via LAN/WAN, internet/extranet/intranet, fax, email and printers.
  • WindFire Technology
    Provides an integrated and embeddable suite of products designed for document imaging, management, workflow, ERM, and heirarchical storage management.
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