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  • Cetus on Object-Oriented Database Management Systems
    Links to evaluations, benchmarks and products.
  • Choosing the Right OODB Solution
    A short comparison of ObjectStore, Versant, Poet, and Objectivity mostly focusing on the evaluation criteria.
  • Construct Server
    A web based object oriented database for MS Windows, accessed by xml web services and seemingly also with VB.NET bindings. Access to a demo database as well as a 30 days evaluation license is provided.
  • ConteXt
    An object-based database management system optimized for user interaction instead of transaction processing. It includes a database browser providing secure access to its server across the Internet. C++ binding for several flavours of UNIX. [Source code freely available but not on website.]
  • Eaglehawk StrongBox
    Internet accessible object-oriented database that allows inherently secure remote access to (legacy) data from fixed and wireless devices. Also provides on-line schema evolution and access audit mechanisms.
  • eXtremeDB
    Main memory database for embedded devices with no need for secondary storage persistency. Provides ACID transactions. Schema compiler generates object-oriented-like interface using C as target language. Available for Win32/Windows CE, QNX, VxWorks, Linux and others.
  • EyeDB
    ODMG 3.0 compliant DBMS (including OQL) with manipulatable classes, templates and triggers. Supports multi-database objects. C++ and Java bindings. [Free for educational purposes]
  • Generic Object Oriented Database Management System (GOODS)
    Fully distributed ODBMS using a fat client model. The client side contains an adaptation layer to enable language independence and metaobjects to represent different aspects of transactions and caching. Currently only C++ bindings. [Open Source]
  • GigaBASE
    Single-node DBMS with SQL-like query language, arrays, computed attributes and a C++ API. [Open Source]
  • Neuralite
    Simple, fast object-oriented database engine optimised for real-time and embedded applications. C++ bindings under MS Windows.
  • ObjectFile
    Object storage engine with explicit object reads/writes for C++ programs. Supports schema evolution. Available in source code.
  • Object-Oriented Database Management Systems Revisited
    This report provides a critical review and technology assessment of Object-Oriented Database Management Systems and evaluates seven major ODBMS.
  • Orient
    ODBMS compliant with the ODMG 3.0 standard. It's available as Just Edition (for small applications) and Enterprise Edition with extra components for replication, load-balancing and fault-tolerance. Supports Windows and Linux. Free Just version available on Web site.
  • XDb
    Light-weight, single-user, object-oriented, main-memory database for Windows and PocketPC.
  • ZOPE
    The Z Object Publishing Environment consists of an object database (ZODB) and application server (ZServer) written in Python.
  • Zope IndexedCatalog
    is an LGPL extension to the Zope DB that provides indexing and querying.
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