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Data Integrity and Cleansing Tools

  • ArkiData Corporation
    Developed automated data cleaning technology that is effective in eradicating errors from large historic databases.
  • Business Data Quality Ltd
    Provider of data quality assessment, data profiling and data monitoring products.
  • Cambia Research
    Provides data cleansing software and services.
  • Corworks
    Software that enables organizations to capture, transform, manage, and explore all their enterprise information.
  • Data Quality Solutions, Inc.
    Provides integration solution for most data quality tools. This leverages the products' individual strenths and allows the user to create complex enterprise business processes.
  • Data Quality Suite
    Tool that evaluates your data repeatedly creating a data profile with a time dimension. Errors in your data are discovered because they conflict with expected variations.
  • DataFlux Corporation
    Data quality software vendor providing solutions for data matching, integration, standardization, verification and enhancement.
  • DataLever Corporation
    Offers a component-based data management framework that unifies disparate and often hand-coded processes into a single integrated environment.
  • Datalinx Ltd
    Provides data cleansing, capture, and telemarketing services to UK businesses.
  • DataMentors, Inc.
    Provides on-site data quality and matching products such as Datafuse and Validata as well as service bureau processing.
  • DQ Global
    Software for data deduplication, correct addressing, data cleansing, data conditioning and data enhancement.
  • DQ Now
    Integrating data profiling, cleansing, and match/dedup tools with in-depth interactive reports.
  • Evoke Software
    The products in the Axio suite are infrastructure solutions used across the enterprise to speed the process of analyzing and understanding corporate data for eBusiness, CRM, ERP, and data warehousing implementations.
  • Firstlogic, Inc.
    Print and mail solutions (Postalsoft), customer-centric data quality solutions (i.d. Centric), e-data quality, and related professional services.
  • FUZZY! Informatik AG
    Search technology based data quality software with address check, data qualification, data cleansing, and data retrieval.
  • Group 1 Software Inc.
    Provides software solutions for data quality, database marketing, electronic document composition systems, and direct marketing and mailing efficiency applications. (Nasdaq: GSOF).
  • InfoRoute Inc.
    Developers of address validation and correction, name parsing, and customer matching software.
  • Innovative Systems, Inc.
    Industrial-strength data integrity and data linking tools, systems integration, and customer-centric databases.
  • Netrics
    Provides enterprise data quality and search software that offers high accuracy, high error-tolerance, easy integration, multilingual support, and scalability -- for both databases and free-text.
  • NotePage, Inc.
    TextPipe Pro sequentially applies filters to incoming text. Filters include search and replace, convert end-of-line characters, remove or insert lines or columns, remove HTML, and remove extra space characters.
  • n-Tier Financial Services, LLC
    Provider of Web based software for managing enterprise wide data quality.
  • Pitney Bowes docSense
    Global provider of solutions for the creation and distribution of documents in paper and digital form.
  • Potter's Wheel
    Berkeley Database group CONTROL Project, an Open Source interactive tool for data cleaning, analysis, and transformation.
  • SAS Data Quality (DataFlux)
    The SAS Data Quality Solution bundle includes SAS Data Quality - Cleanse, SAS/Warehouse Administrator, and the Dataflux DFPower Studio and Match modules.
  • Similarity Systems Ltd
    ATHANOR is a suite of data quality software products that handle key functions from profiling and matching to standardization and consolidation.
  • The Software Company
    Component and standalone software for address verification, validation, formatting, and standardization, as well as name formatting and gender coding.
  • Trillium Software, Inc.
    Vendor of the Trillium Software System, an enterprise-wide, general-purpose data cleansing software product that enables organizations to cleanse all types of legacy and operational data.
  • Uniserv GmbH
    Provides solutions in address management combined with market orientation and customer proximity. Offers live tests of postal address validation plus address analysis for 16 countries.
  • Universal Information Technology Consulting, Inc.
    UITC specializes in data integration, data quality and data monitoring, consulting, and software development.
  • Vality Technology
    Leading supplier of data quality, standardization and matching software and consulting services.
  • WinPure Ltd
    Offers a data cleaning tool consisting of an email cleaner, case converter, text/column cleaner, intelli dupe finder, and dupe remover. Free trial version available for download.
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