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  • on Databases
    Articles, discussion forum and links covering a variety of database products.
  • ADO Explorer
    An SQL database tool that presents a explorer tree view of a database. By PEYO.
  • Allexperts Database Programming Q&A
    Volunteer experts answer your detailed one-on-one questions about database programming.
  • Alpha Software
    Produces database products for Windows and DOS operating systems.
  • askSam Systems
    Free-form database and information management software.
  • Birdstep Technology
    Provider of enabling software for companies operating in the embedded and wireless marketplace.
  • Cardett Associates
    Advanced Query Tool is designed for database developers and DBAs with particular features for DB2, Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server.
  • Cincom Systems, Inc.
    SUPRA is an ANSI-compliant relational database management system that can help you bring your legacy mainframe data into the SQL, client/server, and ODBC world.
  • Data Harmony, Inc.
    A text based database company providing software and technical support for small and large business needs.
  • Database Administration and Scripts
    DBA scripts and articles on Informix, Oracle and ERP software such as SAP, Baan, and Peoplesoft.
  • 4Databases
    Guide to databases from
  • DBMS Overview
    Leonid Druyanov's descriptions of database modeling tools such as ERWin.
  • DbTools
    DbLoader, DbExport, DbView, Console, Windows shareware for scanning and manipulating data in relational databases using ODBC. By Ing.Roman Vincze.
    Database-related downloads.
  • Easysoft Limited
    SQL Engine is a relational database engine that provides users with heterogeneous access to multiple local and remote data sources and enhanced functionality in your existing ODBC drivers. Native access is also provided to Easysoft RDBMS, which provides a powerful local Relational Data Base Management System.
  • FairCom Corporation
    Cross platform database solutions.
  • Hill Croft Information Technologies
    Developers of ODBC drivers and other utilities for DataEase databases.
  • Innovative Routines International
    Vendor of CoSORT (Unix and Windows NT sort software), netCONVERT (cross-platform file and data translation), and x-PRESS (cross-platform data compression).
  • Innovative Systems Techniques
    Insyte designs database management and decision support systems using Vision, our object-oriented database technology.
    Expert answers for IT professionals.
  • InterSystems Corporation
    Provider of high performance database systems including Cach?, a post-relational database with a multidimensional data server and application server.
  • Introduction to Databases for the Web
    This tutorial introduces how to use CGI scripts, with Perl 5, to interface to SQL databases. Introduces database concepts and give you the tools you need to get to work using the databases available to you. Suitable for webmasters and web developers with little or no database experience.
  • itmWEB: Database Administrator Toolbox
    Useful collection of tools, vendor sites, discussion forums, FTP locations, and resources selected especially for database administrators.
  • ITtoolbox Database
    Offers forums for technical discussion, an integrated directory, white papers and daily news geared towards database professionals and users of database products.
  • Lazy Software
    Develops and distributes Sentences, the first database management system based on the Associative Model of Data.
  • Micro Data Base Systems, Inc.
    Offers high-performance solutions for developers of complex information management applications and creator of TITANIUM, a multi-model database engine supporting relational SQL, ODMG object classes, and navigational APIs.
  • NewsNow Database Theme
    A 24-hour database-specific newsfeed aggregating breaking news headlines from over twenty of the Web's most prestigious sites. Sources include CNET, TechWeb, Wired, The Register, Slashdot,, InfoWorld, and PC Week. NewsNow updates every five minutes, every day.
  • Ocelot's Full SQL DBMS for Windows
    Download the complete package (libraries, documentation, example programs) useable with Windows 95/98 or WindowsNT with ODBC 3 interface.
  • ODBC and the Mac
    MacInTouch discussion on the declining state of ODBC on the Mac.
  • Open Source Database Benchmark
    A free, open source, performance benchmark for private testing of relational database systems. Tests are written in the C language using GNU tools.
  • OpenLink Virtuoso
    High-performance and compact DBMS server with support for SQL-92, ODBC, JDBC, UDBC, SAX, DOM, and XML.
  • Paradigma Software
    Developer of the Valentina database, the object-relational cross-platform database engine.
  • Pervasive Software, Inc.
    Supplies application builders and developers with embedded database products (ODBC, SQL, client-server) with high performance, small footprint database engines.
  • Pr?dictus Corporation - ERDB
    The Entity Relation Database is a real-time dataflow management system built on entity-relation structures designed specifically for response-sensitive environments.
  • Quick Tips
    Quick cheats and information for Sybase, Oracle, Informatica, and Microstrategy.
  • Resolution Software
    xCase offers powerful automation and maintenance features to assist the database developer throughout the life cycle of the application.
  • RTX Data Access
    Free Internet enabled, Java database query and reporting tool for Oracle, DB2, Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server from ioMetrics, Inc.
    Database-specific portal. Includes database-focused search, links, editorial insight, summaries, daily news, weekly tips delivered via email, career center and chats. By, Inc.
  • Sleepycat Software, Inc.
    Builds, distributes, and supports The Berkeley Database, an open source embedded database system. Berkeley DB is a programmatic toolkit that provides high-performance built-in database support for both standalone and client/server applications.
  • SoftTree Technologies, Inc.
    Tools for database management, performance monitoring, tuning, and benchmarking as well as job scheduling, PowerBuilder add-ons, and custom built solutions. Based in Brooklyn, NY.
  • TimesTen Performance Software
    Provides a commercial in-memory database system.
  • UCO-Wisql
    Wisql, by Tom Poindexter, is an X11 version of isql (Windowing-ISQL) which gives you a SQL query editing window, a results window, and a lot of menus and buttons.
  • Xenomorph XBD Time Series Database
    High performance data management and analysis system for risk management, trading and software application development
  • XTG Data Modeller
    Visual CASE tool for data structure modelling, reverse engineering of the database, generation of SQL scripts, and HTML documentation of the model.
  • Zoot Software
    A multiple database storage model and provides a browser-like interface. Features a number of built-in databases.
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