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Visual SourceSafe

  • Bris SourceHelper
    SourceSafe add-on that extends VSS functionality. It enables you to specify actions and run them at any time, and to search the repository for information.
  • CheXpy: SourceSafe Monitoring Tool
    CheXpy is a utility for that monitor and notifies on changes in Visual SourceSafe repositories.
  • Configuration Manager's Workbench
    A family of configuration management utilities providing extensions to SourceSafe. These extensions include change and problem tracking, task tracking, software inventory and release management.
  • CryptoMonkey CMNotify
    A single, simple server for email notifications from Visual SourceSafe.
  • Mainsoft Visual SourceSafe
    Visual SourceSafe for UNIX platforms. It supports Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, IRIX, and Digital UNIX. (Mainsoft Corporation)
  • Microsoft Visual SourceSafe
    A project oriented file server based version control system for Win32. (Microsoft Corporation)
  • Microsoft Visual SourceSafe Best Practices
    Outlines recommended practices to help prevent data corruption in Microsoft? Visual SourceSafe?. Includes a discussion on the data repair Analyze tool that ships with the product. (Microsoft Corporation)
  • Microsoft Visual SourceSafe General FAQ
    Frequently asked general questions and answers for Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. (Microsoft Corporation)
  • Microsoft Visual SourceSafe Technical FAQ
    Frequently asked technical questions and answers for Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. (Microsoft Corporation)
  • Performance Software International.
    FormatVB - A program to reformat Visual Basic source code into a readable and consistent style.
  • SourceCompanion
    Provide email notification for changes in VSS, and synchronizing with VSS directly using email, batch synchronization, intelligent merge of redundant emails. Clients side is entirely integrated within Outlook and VSS.
  • SourceOffSite
    SourceOffSite lets you use SourceSafe remotely over any TCP/IP network.
  • SourceOffSite Collaborative Edition
    SourceSafe add-on that combines source code control with bug tracking, chat, discussion groups and operation notifications to create an integrated collaborative environment.
  • SourceSafe Tools
    Fast file-diffs, remote code reviews, and whole-project analysis. Intergrations with Explorer and Visual Studio 6.0 and .NET.
  • SourceXT
    SourceXT is a web service gateway to Visual SourceSafe. It provides remote access to SourceSafe files over a standard Internet connection.
  • SQL Source Control 2003
    Source control and documentation versioning for SQL Server 2000 with Source Safe 6.0 support.
  • TeamVizor Developer
    Couples Visual SourceSafe to a suite of team management and process tools to help managers coordinate projects, help team members communicate clearly, and makes SourceSafe an effective teamwork tool, by Interface Technologies, Inc.
  • Visual SourceSafe Add ons by Giant Technologies
    A range of add-ons which extend the functionality Microsoft's Visual SourceSafe.
  • Visual SourceSafe Frequently Asked Question
    An unofficial Visual SourceSafe FAQ with answers.
  • Visual SourceSafe Help
    Help for poorly documented issues such as remoting and integration with InterDev.
  • Visual SourceVizor
    A SourceSafe add-on that provides E-mail notifications, reports on SourceSafe activity, control of working folders override and other functionality.
  • VssConnect
    Remote SourceSafe access using low bandwidth internet connections.
    Allows one to use Visual SourceSafe over the Internet by HTTP and .NET WinForms.
  • XpressApps - Connecting MS SQL to Visual SourceSafe
    Connecting MS SQL Server with MS Visual Source Safe and other Version Control Systems for Total SQL Source Control.
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