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  • AccountPro Software Inc
    Inventory Control 2000. Runs as a standalone module, or optionally interfaces with other AccountPro modules.
  • Accurate Data Systems, Inc.
    Provides bar code data collection systems and equipment for physical inventory tracking, warehouse management and compliance labeling.
  • Accurate-ID - Inventory software that interfaces with barcoding.
  • Analytical Science Corporation
    Manufacturers of software for tracking job costing, and time and attendance by using bar coded and/or magnetic striped badge to activate the data capture terminals to track progress throughout the day.
  • Asset Systems
    AssetWIN provides both inventory management and fixed asset tracking in a single system. Complete integration to bar code technology through DataCAP, its bar code data collection software.
  • Backtrack Bar Code Tracking Software
    nformation on bar code tracking, item tracking and inventory control software.
  • Bar Code Tracking Software - Track anything with Backtrack 4.3. Software includes bar code label module, 5 databases, and a custom report generator.
  • B-Coder Pro - Inventory tracking spreadsheet for Microsoft Excel. When used in conjunction with BC-Wedge or WinWedge this permits one to add to, remove from and look up products just by scanning a bar code. Keyboard Wedge interface, and manual data entry also supported.
  • ChemSW
    Inventory tracking software with a barcode interface.
  • English Mountain Software
    Offers barcode compatible inventory control software.
  • Format Business Systems
    Warehouse inventory barcode distribution software systems.
  • Hardcat
    Asset management system that manages your assets from initial purchase through to final disposal. It uses barcode technology to organise and easily control your company's fixed assets.
  • iMagic Inventory Software
    Offers barcode compatible inventory control software.
  • Intelligent Alternatives Inc.
    Barcoding, Timekeeping, Shelf Tag Audit, Access Control and Store Management Control Systems are offered on this site.
  • Inventory Management Solutions
    Inventory management software for fixed asset inventory tracking and elimination of manual inventories.
  • Inventory Trackers
    Offers a line of barcode evidence and inventory systems for law enforcement and government.
  • Picture Safe
    A barcode reader based inventory control system and automated archive tool for video production companies.
  • Royal 4's Systems
    Comprehensive yet flexible and easy to use warehouse management system, provides users with real time information tracking and intelligent warehouse operations.
  • Scan Secretary
    Inventory collection, tracking, recording and managing software under Palm OS.
  • Scanlink
    Inventory management software for all aspects on warehouse and inventory tracking.
  • ShopWizard
    A home inventory and shopping system based on UPC barcodes.
  • SIMMS Software
    Inventory control, distribution, and manufacturing software solution for small to medium-sized companies.
  • Tracer
    Create and run your own barcode-enabled application in minutes. Perfect for Inventory and Asset management tasks. Collected data can be HotSynced to Access and Excel.
  • Transformations
    Custom software programming for bar coding systems allowing inventory tracking through every stage from raw materials to finished goods, shipping and receiving.
  • Triton Commercial Systems
    Triton develops Inventory Management software including scanning. Labeling and bar-coding, specialists in food processing and cool store industries.
  • Visual Inventory Control
    Picture driven inventory control software for user-friendly business inventory management. Features a user friendly barcode requisition screen.
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