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Patch Libraries

  • IRCAM directory of Max objects
    Downloadable Max externals.
  • Bill Orcutt's Max/MSP Externals
    Includes a shell object, a mySQL client, and other utilities.
  • Bomb
    A visual-musical instrument.
  • Boot Squad
    Several maxlets (apps written using MAX, MSP and NATO). Also hosts most recent version of NATO modular reference utensil.
    Patches and Objects from UC Berkeley's CNMAT
  • Eric Singer's Max Patches
    AiffPlayer, Text-to-Speech, a CD clipper and video.
  • FFTease
    Max/MSP objects for spectral processing. Includes additive-synthesis phase vocoder, noise reducer, cross synthesis.
  • Joshua Goldberg's Max/MSP/NATO page
    Links, patches, externals and apps.
  • Listlib by MMyneta
    List objects
  • Lobjects by Peter Elsea
    FTP-site for download of Lobjects, Peter Elseas collection of externals for dealing with lists.
  • Max Patches by Jeffrey Burns
    Programming modules, demo of "Piano of Light", "Max Synagogue" (Max patch singing the Torah), other patches.
  • Max/MSP Externals
    Phase aligned formant synth, computation of spectral centroid, pitch follow, sinusoidal decomp, percussion follower.
  • MaxMSP Objects
    by Eric Lyon.
  • MegaMAX
    A collection of user interface objects and other externals for use with Opcode’s MAX programming environment.
  • PeRColate
    Collection of synthesis and signal processing objects for Max/MSP. By Dan Trueman and R. Luke DuBois.
  • Rainstick
    Max externals. Network transmission using AppleTalk or TCP, and vector calculation.
  • Real Time Composition
    Patches for MAX offering compositional techniques like serial procedures, permutations and controlled randomness.
  • Tim Place - Interactive Music
    Patches and externals, pdf class notes and stuffit archives of the class examples from UM-Kansas City.
  • Trond Lossius (Bergen senter for elektronisk kunst)
    Objects for Max, list operations, MIDI, MSP and Nato modular.
  • VBAP
    Vector Base Amplitude Panning, objects for multi-channel 3-D sound
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