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Max and MSP

Patch Libraries

  • Cycling'74
    Makers of Max, MSP, and pluggo.
  • Composing Interactive Music
    Max textbook covering interface design, interaction concepts, controllers, algorithms, and program structure.
  • jMax home page
    Graphical programming environment for interactive real-time audio applications.
  • jMax user's guide
    By CCRMA: The Stanford University Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics.
  • MAX Listserv
    McGill University's Listserv and Max resources
  • Max Object Gallery
    Max objects developed for a variety of installation and performance pieces, with emphasis on device interface.
  • Max Resource Guide
    Links to hardware, software and human resources.
  • Snot Wong's Max/MSP Creations
    Various fun and somewhat useful max/msp patches for you to play around with.
  • Software Developer Kit
    Kit to enable users to create new Max objects in C.
  • Support Site for jMax
    Free object libraries such as filters, video integration, ongoing projects.
  • Unauthorized MAX
    Mailing list and other information.
  • Writing Max Externals
    [PDF] Information on developing Max Externals
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