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  • AlsaPlayer
    PCM player written for ALSA driver and library, supports other outputs like OSS and esd. Plug-in interface.
  • Audio File Library
    An API for accessing a variety of audio file formats.
  • Aumix
    Adjusts an audio mixer. X and ncurses interfaces.
  • Baudline Signal Analyzer
    Realtime signal analysis and spectrum analyzer tool.
    GTK+/GNOME based front-end to BSE framework to simulate audio synthesis and tracking composition.
  • CoverViewer XMMS Plugin
    Displays covers or images related to songs. Internet cover retrieval facility. Handles tagged files, CDs, and streams.
  • Dave Phillip's Listings
    Many categories of Linux audio. Also Dave's editorial musings and picks.
  • Ecasound
    Audio software for Unix.
  • Geoff and Dave's Audio Mixer
    A digital audio mixing package.
    Free and extensible Linux/Unix audio editor. GNU licence.
    GTK+ client program for the NOMAD Jukebox, using libnjb and id3lib to handle communications and ID3 tagging.
  • hdrbench
    This is a benchmark for audio recording under linux using the Alsa drivers.
  • IMMS: Intelligent Multimedia Management System
    Playlist plug-in for XMMS that tracks the user's listening patterns and dynamically adapts to suit tastes.
  • KGuitune
    A program for tuning guitars and other instruments that is available for download.
  • Lilypond
    Music typesetter. Inputs Mudela files, outputs Postscript sheet music and MIDI files. GNU license.
  • Linux Music Software Site
    Free and Shareware programs: screen shots, and user reviews.
  • Matti Koskinen Software
    Programs including a de-noiser, MIDI generation from fractals, sound creation from gifs.
  • Mixxx
    Open source DJ mixer.
  • Nexus Sound Project
    Graphical music studio project for Linux (Gtk). Freeware.
  • Orpheus
    Text and window mode audio player for CDs and MP3 with CDDB interface.
  • Philip's Music Writer
    A music typesetter. Input is a plain text file, output is in PostScript.
  • Rosegarden
    MIDI sequencer and notation editor for Unix-like systems.
  • SndStretch
    Plug-in for XMMS to adjust pitch and tempo of a sound.
  • Sound & MIDI Software For Linux
    Links to everything related to music on Linux, including programming documentation and sound repositories.
  • Sound Processing Kit
    An object-oriented class library for audio signal processing.
  • SoundTracker
    MOD tracker for X, similar to FastTracker. Includes a sample recorder and editor.
  • Spatializer StreamFX
    Enhancement software for Linux XMMS Player. 3D stereo, dynamic bass.
  • TerminatorX
    Realtime audio synthesizer allows you to "scratch" on digital audio. Multiple turntables, effects, sequencer.
  • TiMidity++
    MIDI player, converter to wav. Uses Gravis compatible patches and can play these through soundcards lacking their own patches.
  • XMMS-SID SIDplay Plugin
    Plug-in for playing Commodore 64 music (SID tunes) with XMMS. Requires libSIDPlay library (link given).
  • xmp: Extended Module Player
    Open source (GNU GPL) portable module player for Unix or Win32.
  • Zero Tolerance's Cue Creator
    A small Perl script that allows you to create CUE and MP3/OGG/WAV-files from audio CD's.
  • ZynAddSubFX
    Synthesizer with two engines, realtime polyphonic, Midi support, microtonal capability, effects.
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