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Theory and Ear Training

  • Boomsoft Metronome
    Small simple beat counter.
  • CATS
    Theory and tests, over 25,000 possible questions. Covers Associated Board music theory exams, grade 5 theory.
  • Clarion
    [Mac] Practice and be quizzed on the various intervals of the 12 tone western music octave division.
  • Cope Media
    [Win] Musical eartraining software: aural training of scales, chords, intervals, melody, rhythm, inversions and progressions.
  • Deelakord
    [Win] Card game that teaches music theory: notes, scales and chords. Order form included.
  • DMetro
    Metronome for Windows. Learn to keep time when playing.
  • Dolce Ear Training
    Allows the advancing music student to gain skill in identifying rhythms, intervals, and chords.
  • Dolphin Don's
    [Win - Mac] Games for ages 6 to adult teach ear training and reading by identifying notes, rhythms, key sigs, intervals and chords.
  • Ear Trainer
    [Win] Improve your musical ear.
  • Ear Training Expedition, Part 1
    [Win] Helps students learn music theory and practice their ear skills with colorful, creative games.
  • Ear Workout
    [Mac] Open source software for musical ear training.
  • EarMaster Pro
    Play, improvise, compose, transcribe music by ear. Exercises in intervals, chords, scales, melodies and rhythms.
  • EarPower
    [Win] Can be used as a daily routine, helps anyone from the "tone-deaf" person to the professional musician.
  • Eartraining
    [Mac] Practice intervals, chords, scales and perfect pitch; shareware by Lars Peters.
  • Essentials of Music Theory
    [Win-Mac] Lessons, ear training with acoustic instruments, scored reviews, glossary and exercises.
  • GNU Solfege
    Free ear training software written as a GNOME application, can run on systems with only the Gtk+ libs, runs on Win95.
  • Guitar & Bass Ear Trainer
    Interactive software contains lessons and realistic play-along exercises.
  • Happy Note!
    [Win] Computer game allows people to learn how to read music while playing.
  • The Harmonic Metronome
    [Win] Produces scales and arpeggios, perfectly tuned and perfectly timed. Demo available.
  • Hip Hop Ear Training CD
    Techniques that will help you to perfect your musical ear and allow you to hear music like the Hip Hop professionals.
  • Jumatek Inc.
    Z-Tuner, for instrument tuning and improving musical hearing.
  • Listen
    [Mac] Ear training program for students and individuals to strengthen perception of melodies and harmonies. Exercises.
  • Metronimo
    [Win] Study music theory, discover classical composers, test your musical culture, recognize instruments, with this game. Also in French.
  • MuseBook Metronome
    Trace the tempo of the music you are listening to.
  • Musemath
    Flash animated site uses the guitar to demonstrate some of the science behind western traditional music.
  • Music Study
    [Win-Mac] Ear training and music theory instruction software, by Dr. Gilbert Trythall.
  • Musica Analytica
    [Mac] Covers music theory fundamentals to part writing and voice leading treatment. Includes help and class management.
  • MusicEar
    Ear training software for PDA: site includes program description and registration form.
  • MusicGoals by Eye & Ear
    [Win] Ear training, sight reading, and music theory - combined approach for piano, guitar and string instruments.
  • Musicianship Basics
    [Win-Mac] For schools and piano teachers. Graded ear training and theory activities. Demos available.
  • Note Chaser
    [Win] Music transcription assistant helps anyone to transcribe a CD track by frequency display and slowdown.
  • PBJ Music - Computer Activities
    [Win-Mac] Games disguise the drill and practice of elementary through intermediate music theory concepts.
  • Perfect Pitch via Brainwave Synchronization
    Listen to PowerPoint files created with Brainwave Synchronization encoding.
  • RhythmTutor
    [Win-Mac] Music instruction software: learn to sight-read musical rhythm notation. Demo available.
  • Rising Software
    Offers Auralia, an ear training program for Win and Mac and Musition, a theory training program for Win.
  • Scala - Experiment with musical tunings: equal and historical temperaments, just intonation, microtonal and non-Western scales. Win, Linux, OSX.
  • Teoria
    [Win] Develop your music theory and ear-training skills.
  • Treblis Software Corp
    Music theory and appreciation software for intermediate, high school, and college level students and their instructors.
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