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Fractal and Generative

  • Agentbeats
    Agent based artificial life beat machine. Evolve musical patterns by artificial life simulations.
  • Algorithmic Arts SoftStep
    Win9x modular step sequencer with connectable math and logic modules having various knobs and sliders.
  • Flexatone
    Lexicon of systems and research, links, software downloads, documentation, and audio examples.
  • Artificial Life and Music
    Rod Berry's links dealing with the use of artificial life and biological models to generate music.
  • ArtSong
    Combines algorithmic composition techniques with computer-aided composition capabilities.
  • ArtWonk
    Interactively run algorithms to create MIDI music. Also can drive soft synths such as Reaktor, VAZ, and Pulsar.
  • Blogolith
    Experimental electronic music generated from weblogs.
  • Clara Empricost
    Composing music by selecting the parts at random and rejecting what fails the rules of classical music.
  • Computer Generated Music Composition
    A Master's thesis on generative music, using an expert systems-based process.
  • Digimpro
    Freeware player remixes song to make many variations.
  • Experiments and explorations in generative art
    Collection of work and research related to generative art; 'eu-gene' mailing list for generative artists.
  • Fractal Vibes
    Explorations in fractal soundscapes and sights. Numerous examples created using a number for fractal music software.
  • FractMus
    Freeware fractal music composer.
  • The Generative World Of Unkle Velvet
    Generative Music with a musical philosophy inspired by The Residents and N. Senada.
  • MusiNum - The Music in the Numbers
    Free sonification program which turns numbers into generative fractal music. Fractal concepts made audible.
  • Poodles and Flan
    Postmodern MIDI music meta-composition. Another Paul Whalley program.
  • QuasiFractal Composer
    Freeware program that uses quasifractal techniques to generate polyphonic MIDI music. By Paul Whalley.
  • Random Music Project
    Interactive MIDI composition by use of randomizing sequencers. Collaborative composition site, links to algorithmic composition programs.
  • Sseyo Koan Generative Music
    Free generative audio system; interactive music entertainment applications.
  • Tangent
    Freeware polyphonic generative music program. By Paul Whalley.
  • Variations: Algorithmic Composition for Acoustic Instruments
    Describes Occam and Nebula, two composition programs based on genetic algorithms. Features some downloadable recordings and several academic papers.
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