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  • Bas' Buzz
    Jazzy songs, away from the Buzz-mainstream (if there is one...) Also: the Buzz-talk mailing list archive.
  • Buzz Distro
    A distribution of Buzz which contains the latest machines, vst, dmo, dx support.
  • Buzz Faq Message Board
    Buzz Faq Message Board. An updated manual is also there
  • Buzz Machines
    Central Buzz site, many users, lots of machines and song updates.
  • Buzz Machines Plug-in
    Browser plug-in to play Buzz songs.
  • Buzz Newsserver
    buzz group server
  • Buzz Tracker Web Ring
    This is a web ring of jeskola buzz sites.
  • Buzzar-K
    spanish buzz site
  • BuzzBMX
    ASP database of .bmx and .mp3 files made with Jeskola Buzz.
    Examples of source code.
    Jeskola Buzz portal with articles, related files and latest Buzz distributions.
  • chat
    chat rooms for buzz replaces the old #buzz link
  • Climox Audio Projects
    Buzz plugins by climox official site for: cmx Wacko T1 Climox 303 Climox Breaker
  • CyanWerks Buzz
    Projects, articles, utilities, links.
  • Dexter's
    Journalism, links to buzz, programmer information, beginners guide to vst effects programming, free soundfonts, free music programming tools .
  • DJLaser Site
    Buzz news, links from people using Buzz, tutorials and up to date packages and tools.
  • Hamster Alliance Productions
    Music composed entirely with Buzz Tracker. Professional producer.
  • Jeskola Buzz Starters Pack
    Official Jeskola Buzz 1.2 install
    The programmer of buzz's web site.
  • Lykwyd Chykyn
    Melodic, mid-tempo techno music created with Buzz.
  • Maximum digital audio
    Around 50 vst effects and instruments.
  • P. DooM's Homepage - buzz
    Tools music and machines of pdoom.
  • ReBuzz
    Official homepage. The ReBuzz Project is dedicated to developing a full 100%-Buzz-compatible free and opensource alternative to Buzz.
    Buzz insiders site.
  • Yahoo! Groups : Buzz-Buzz
    An email buzz message group.
  • Yahoo! Groups : buzz-jam
    A group buzz jam that you can join.
  • Yahoo! Groups : experimental-music-with-buzz
    Buzz email chat group.
  • Zephod's Griff Beta Buzzmachines
    Beta machines that may or may not become rare.
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