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Products and Tools

  • Barbedwire Technologies
    Manufacturer of multi-purpose hardware security appliances that provide IDS capabilities. Features include SSL-based management console, single or multi platform deployment, pre-installed sensors and detection signatures, and aggregation of reports from multiple sensors.
  • Beadwindow Intrusion Prevention System
    The Beadwindow Enterprise 100 is a complete active firewall and intrusion prevention appliance that uses as a network-based perimeter defense to protect networks against intrusions.
  • Blue Lance LT Auditor+
    LT Auditor+ enables administrators to track network activity and alerts users about intrusions through email or paging.
  • Cisco Systems IDS
    The Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection System is an enterprise-scale, real-time, system designed to detect, report, and terminate unauthorized activity throughout a network.
  • Countersnipe
    Provisioner of IT security products with a focus on active protection of corporate infrastructures. Products include 1U, 2U and 4U rack mountable intrusion detection/prevention systems.
  • Critical Test Access Points
    Developer of TAP (Test Access Point) devices designed to give Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) the ability to view both sides of a full duplex conversation, reduce packet loss due to network hardware, and view all transmitted packets.
  • CyberSafe
    CyberSafe is a software publisher, specializing in the development and implementation of network security solutions, such as Centrax IDS.
  • CyberTrace
    A network security management system.
  • Demarc PureSecure
    A cross-platform compatible technology which can be deployed and scaled to a wide variety of network infrastructures.
  • DigiStamp: e-TimeStamp Secure Time Stamps
    Commercial time-stamping service that provides intellectual property witnessing and document authentication for any file on a system. Service intends to provide digital evidence that data has not been altered or backdated. Recognizes IETF Standard RFC-3161 (Time Stamp Authority).
  • DigitalWholesalers
    Manufacturing distributor of Geovision, a PC-based, multi-channel video surveillance system. Up to 16 cameras can be viewed live on a local monitor or via TCP/IP network. Video can be recorded to hard disk (or optical device) on specifiable schedules or motion detection.
  • eCom Corporation
    Firewall security, intrusion detection systems, network security, and network security management.
  • EiP Distribution
    Distributor of Internet security systems for intrusion detection (IDS) and prevention (IPS), anti-virus, SSL VPN, enterprise risk management and vulnerability assessment.
  • Enterasys Intrusion Detection
    Host and network-based IDS appliance designed to meet the security requirements of the enterprise environment. Support for Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, and HPUX.
  • eTrust
    Computer Associates' IDS solution.
  • Firewalls Direct
    Certified Netscreen Intrusion Detection & Prevention and Firewall Reseller.
  • Internet Security Systems
    A comprehensive host based security assessment and intrusion detection tool, S2 identifies and reports exploitable system weaknesses.
  • Intruder Alert
    Comprehensive enterprise security monitoring that will detect and respond to attacks in real-time.
  • IntruLock Security Solution
    IntruLock is a commercial application that attempts to consolidate all security and system monitoring tasks in one common easy to use environment. Current integration includes Snort, Cisco IOS, OpenBSD pf, FreeBSD ipfw, and Linux iptables. Also available as a freeware version, IntruLock Lite.
  • Intrusion, Inc.
    The maker of SecureNet Pro, a commercial Network Intrusion Detection (NIDS) product suite.
  • Ionx
    Provides intrusion detection software for both computers and servers.
  • ipANGEL Adaptive IDS/IPS
    ipANGEL integrates vulnerability assessment and intrusion detection/prevention technologies, creating a new type of solution that is aware of its environment, and modifies the security posture accordingly.
  • Joret Software
    Vendor of "Security Detective" suite, an application that helps auditors and system administrators protect critical information assets by quickly identifying potential security exposures. Investigate Windows NT, UNIX, OS/400 and VMS security from one central PC.
  • KCE Network Security
    Publisher of LogonPro and WebPro software packages. Provides information on the company, contact details, product descriptions and technical support.
  • KeyFocus - KF Sensor - Honey pot IDS
    KFSensor is a host based Intrusion Detection System (IDS). It acts as a honey pot to attract and detect hackers by simulating vulnerable system services and trojans.
  • Lancope
    Features a dynamic threat management system that monitors security breaches and internal misuse without relying on attack signatures.
  • LANguard
    Intrusion detection, content filtering, security scanner, Internet access control, network security, Internet monitoring.
  • MacAnalysis
    Macintosh security Auditing suite.
  • Manda Technologies
    Developer of ZZMonitor, an Intrusion Detection System designed to monitor and protect internal networks and the confidential information they contain. Features the ability to detect intrusion attempts at the network, server and workstation level.
  • Melior Inc.
    Offering iSecure - the True Intrusion Prevention System (TIPS) with patented distributed Denial-of-Service defense (dDoS) and patented Infrastructure Cloaking functionality.
  • Neogenesys
    We offer multiplatform security secure, detect & audit. (AS/400, Unix, Linux & Windows NT/2000)
  • Network Flight Recorder "
    Clue-Gathering Tools for Network and Security Managers" from which an IDS can be built. Source code freely available.
  • Network Security Associates
    Company specializing in network security using products from Microsoft and Cisco.
  • Next Generation Security Technologies
    NGSEC is a security company with two main focuses: ngProducts (set of security solutions ranging firewalls, and IDS) and ngServices (penetration tests, source code auditing, software and development).
  • NIKSUN Inc.
    NIKSUN is the recognized worldwide leader in developing and deploying a complete range of network performance monitoring, security surveillance and forensic analysis tools serving a wide range of protocols and interfaces, ranging from Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet to OC-3. Our products are the only network appliances that continuously capture and analyze LAN, MAN and WAN traffic at Gigabit rates in a single platform.
  • Nitro Data Systems Inc.
    Suppliers of NitroGuard, the intrusion prevention device based on their open source HogWash software. Unlike intrusion detection, it is used to prevent intrusion.
  • Nokia Intrusion Detection
    Learn about Nokia's network security appliance featuring the RealSecure intrusion-detection engine.
  • nPatrol
    An adaptive Intrusion Detection System from nSecure.
  • PacketAlarm
    Real-time network sensor-based Intrusion Detection System (IDS). Based on snort, features include live signature updates and custom signature creation.
  • Paldion Networks
    Information security specialists providing penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, application security audit and intrusion detection implementation services
  • PENS Dragon IDS
    The PENS Dragon Intrusion Detection System.
  • Psynapse Technologies
    Offers the checkmate intrusion detection software and network security consulting.
  • QJRN/400
    QJRN/400 is a system and database audit solution intended to audit and secure IBM OS/400 servers. Functionality includes access control and detailed monitoring of system events.
  • Safety-Lab
    Provider of security scanners, and web analyzers for network maintenance, also consulting and vulnerability testing.
  • Securicore
    Manufacturers of SecoShield, an OPSEC-certified multi-sensor IDS available as a nIDS appliance or as software only. Protection is based on signature, policy, anomaly and re-analysis.
  • SecurityMetrics
    Manufacturer of Intrusion Detection/Prevention appliances. Features include Layer 2 network bridge operation, an integrated hardware/software solution, and automatic attack signature updating.
  • Silicon Defense - Intrusion Detection
    Providing Snort, the world's most popular IDS with other security software, mounted on an extensively-hardened Sun platform, backed by a superior technical support package at a very competitive price.
  • Snort 2.0 Intrusion Detection
    The first book dealing with the Snort IDS, written by a member of, offers insight into the code base, tutorials, configuration and troubleshooting scenarios.
  • SPECTER Intrusion Detection System
    Official site of the SPECTER intrusion detection system.
  • ThreatSentry
    ThreatSentry compares system requests against an evolving system baseline to detect untrusted activity and prevent known, undocumented and other misuse for Microsoft IIS webservers.
  • TippingPoint Technologies
    Develops multi-gigabit, multi-zone, auto-adapting network-defense systems that deliver threat assessment, detection and prevention.
  • Top Layer Networks
    Manufacturer of network IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems) hardware. ASIC-designed devices help prevent attacks such as distributed denial of service, flood, HTTP URI and SYN attacks for high-traffic networks.
  • TriGeo Network Security, Inc.
    TriGeo Network Security, Inc., is a software development and services firm providing network security services and an overlay software solution that centralizes and enhances existing third party network security tools to protect against internal and external attacks.
  • Tripwire, Inc
    Data integrity system that detects unauthorized changes to data on servers and routers and sends notifications. Immediate remediation of altered data is possible.
  • TruSecure Corporation
    Risk mitigation for complex and interconnected business environments. Provider of managed security, risk reduction, and software solutions to prevent network intrusion.
  • UAC Intrusion Alert
    Unified Access Communications has developed a Linux-based intrusion detection system with an easy to use graphical interface.
  • UK Security Online
    Provide intrusion detection software for the UK from a variety of sources
  • Vela Network Security
    Provides real-time monitoring of networks, including intrution detection, firewall security, server monitoring, and security update notification.
  • WHO'S Spying on you
    PC Surveillance Countermeasures. Anti snoopware, spyware, online privacy advocates
  • Wireless LAN Monitoring & Intrusion Protection Software
    WiMetrics' solutions provide a real-time view of all 802.11 wireless device activity on the wireless LAN. Locate rogue wireless access points without using a wireless sniffer device. Authorize 802.11 devices for trusted network access and automatically block intruders from gaining access to the wired LAN.
  • Wireless LAN Security Intrusion Detection and Monitoring for Enterprise 802.11 WLANS
    Industry-First Wireless LAN Intrusion Detection and Protection 24x7 real-time monitoring of 802.11 WLANs. Integrates multi-dimensional intrusion detection with stateful monitoring to effectively secure WLANs from intruders, hackers, interference and network abuses
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