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Unified Process

  • Agile Modeling
    Essay discussing practice-based software process. Includes references.
  • Best Practices for Software Development Teams
    Whitepaper giving an overview of the Rational Unified Process.
  • Building E-businesses
    A paper on applying best practices to web solution, by Jason Bloomberg.
  • Dinosaur Meets Archaeopteryx
    A paper that investigates some critical arguments on the Rational Unified Process and phase-oriented process structures.
  • An Enabler for Higher Process Maturity
    A presentation on using CMM with the Rational Unified Process. Abstract and PDF file.
  • Enterprise Unified Process (EUP)
    An extension to the RUP lifecycle to include enterprise concerns.
  • Enterprise Unified Process Mailing List
    A discussion about tailoring the Unified Process.
  • Icon Process
    An adapted form of RUP for web development.
  • Process and Method
    An on-line lecture on the Rational Unified Process.
  • Process Description and Workflows
    An on-line lecture by Mike Fourman.
  • Project Management Workflow
    An on-line lecture by Michael Fourman.
  • Rational Unified Process
    A web-enabled product, developed by Rational, that supports the Unified Process. Includes events, technical papers, user groups and plug-in downloads.
  • Rational Unified Process Forum
    Discussion lists on Rational tools. Search and archives.
  • Spiral Model
    A presentation of a RUP implementation, by Walker Royce.
  • Unified Modeling Language in the Unified Process
    A presentation by Ivar Jacobson.
  • Unified Process
    Web based news groups on different disciplines.
  • Unified Process and Process Patterns
    A paper giving recommendations on object oriented software process.
  • Unified Process Resources
    Pragmatic guidelines and resources for the application of Unified Process disciplines as well as the implementation of the Rational Unified Process.
  • User Interface Rupture
    A paper that examine how the Unified Process takes into account interaction, graphic design and usability. Includes references and related articles.
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