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  • Definition: Structured Programming
    From General Services Administration, Federal Standard 1037C (Telecom Glossary 2000): 'Telecommunications: Glossary of Telecommunication Terms'. Long title, short but very clear definition.
  • How to Draw Jackson System Development (JSD) Diagrams
    Learn about Entity Structure Diagrams (ESD) and Network Diagrams (ND) used for Jackson System Development (JSD). Download SmartDraw's trial version for free and draw JSD diagrams with ease.
  • Jackson Structured Programming Editor
    A program to create JSP diagrams and generate a C or Pascal code skeleton.
  • La Trobe University: Structured Programming
    College course notes (PowerPoint 4), handouts (MS Word 6); introduce students to theory and practice of structured problem-solving methods, and ways they may be applied to producing software using a current language, C.
  • Michael Jackson
    Curriculum vitae of this software development consultant. Includes papers.
  • SMUG Book: Structured Programming
    Several very good quotes that define and explain this topic.
  • Structured Programming
    Resources for a course at the Columbia College of Chicago. Includes links.
  • Structured programming in Java
    Short article arguing for teaching structured programming before object-oriented programming, and that Java is a good language for this; shows and explains some simple examples.
  • Tutorial on Jackson System development
    A lecture on JSP and JSD.
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