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Patterns and Anti-Patterns

  • Analysis Patterns
    Patterns developed by Martin Fowler; a specialist in object-oriented software, building business objects, the UML, patterns, author of "Analysis Patterns" and "UML Distilled" books. The site has a collection of links to related subject areas.
  • Arcus Patterns for Business Information Systems
    Contains pattern papers on exception handling, database access, client/server UI design and design in general for the domain of business information systems.
  • Arimta Technology: Patterns
    Catalog of Patterns related resources. Covers Architecture Patterns, Business Patterns, and Design Patterns.
  • Big Ball of Mud
    An examination of this most frequently deployed of software architectures. A casually, even haphazardly, structured system, the organization of which is dictated more by expediency than design.
  • Chris Ruel's Object Technology Website
    Design patterns, Model-Driven Architecture, object-oriented methodology, best practices, and more.
  • Christopher Alexander and Information Systems Failures
    A paper that looks at how the work on architectural patterns can be of value to the designers of object-oriented systems, by C. Kimble and W. Selby. Includes links.
  • Classic Design Pattern Solutions
    A collection of patterns that can be used to describe classic solutions to common object oriented design problems.
  • Common Ground
    A pattern language for designing user interfaces and other artifacts.
  • A CommonPatternLanguage of OrganizationalPatterns
    This ThoughtsWeaver site is the official repository for the editorial effort to build a CommonPatternLanguage of OrganizationalPatterns that will be published in a forthcoming Prentice - Hall book. Four friends are collaborating as editors on the work: SteveBerczuk, JimCoplien, MartineDevos, and NeilHarrison.
  • Demeter
    Information on Adaptive Programming including links, books, and papers. (Karl J. Lieberherr)
  • Design Patterns
    A collection of design patterns, papers, FAQ, and links.
  • Design Patterns
    Complete and working Java programs with output example shown.
  • Design Patterns
    Started out as a small link collection in 1999, and is now an extensive repository of links and books about Patterns in all forms.
  • Design Patterns and Pattern Languages
    Pattern information and tutorials by Douglas C. Schmidt.
  • Design Patterns in Dynamic Programming
    Tutorial for using classic design patterns, by Peter Norvig.
  • Diemen Repository of Interaction Design Patterns
    Open source (Wiki) collection and collaboration site focused on creating and extending patterns for screen design, with a focus on Interaction Design and Usability.
  • Evolving Frameworks
    A pattern language for developing object-oriented frameworks.
  • Experiences
    Article by Todd Coram and Jim Lee. A pattern language that can be used to generate user centered software designs.
  • Formal And Precise Software Patterns Representation Languages
    An annotated bibliography of articles describing research in the formalization of design patterns, including formal languages, tools supporting the implementation and synthesis of patterns, and position papers.
  • The HCI Patterns Home Page
    Provides conference information and papers about pattern languages for human-computer interaction and user interface design.
  • An HTML 2.0 Pattern Language
    A work-in-progress to describe patterns of HTML development.
  • Huston Design Patterns
    GoF patterns with C++ and Java demos and some other patterns.
  • Hypermedia Design Patterns Repository
    Provides reusable design experience gathered by other designers of hypermedia and Web applications. Includes discussions and papers.
  • Implementing the Singleton Pattern in Java
    An article by Rod Waldhoff with sample source code.
  • Interaction Design Patterns Page, The
    Resources related to pattern languages for interaction design, including user interface design.
  • An Introduction To Process Patterns White Paper
    Introduces the concept of process patterns, reusable building blocks from which an organization may tailor an object-oriented software process. Process patterns bring reuse and consistency to the entire OO software process (OOSP). By Scott W. Ambler, AmbySoft Inc.
  • Java Design Patterns
    List the most applicable Java design patterns with sample code and explanation. A completely free learning site.
  • Jim Coplien
    One of the most influential people in the patterns field. He has links to important papers and publications.
  • JUnit Test Patterns in Rational XDE
    Describes using how to create patterns for the JUnit eXtreme Programming automated testing framework, by Frank Hagenson.
  • Learning Guide To Design Patterns
    A learning guide for those who want to learn and use design patterns, rather than just read about them.
  • Lord Of The Flies
    Describes a "going native" organizational pattern for improving software development productivity.
  • MetaPatterns
    Present a new approach to design patterns, by Mois?s Daniel D?az Toledano. Includes links.
  • Much Ado About Patterns
    An article from ACM Crossroads on patterns with special emphasis on design patterns, a type of pattern often used in software design.
  • Object-Oriented Pattern Digest
    A catalog of object-oriented design, architectural patterns and idioms, articles, books, tools, forum, and links.
  • Pattern Depot
    Categorized collection of patterns submitted by users.
  • A Pattern Language for Relational Databases and Smalltalk
    Includes architectural, static, dynamic, and client-server patterns for integrating Smalltalk and RDBMSs.
  • Pattern Languages of Programs (PLoP) Conference
    Information about forthcoming and past PLoP conferences.
  • Pattern Tools
    Tool support for object-oriented (design) patterns.
  • Patterns: A Way to Reuse Expertise
    By Linda Rising, AG Communications System (AGCS). Published in IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol 37 No. 4, April, 1999.
  • Patterns and Software: Essential Concepts and Terminology
    Comprehensive introduction to patterns by Brad Appleton.
  • Patterns for Object/Relational Database Access
    Contains patterns, links and literature on object/relational database access layers.
  • Patterns Home Page
    This a wonderful resource for all things Patterns (and Anti-Patterns).
  • Patterns of Enterprise Messaging
    Software patterns describing how to achieve Enterprise Integration using Enterprise Messaging (JMS with Java and MSMQ with C#)
  • Patterns-discussion FAQ
    This is not a FAQ in the usual sense. It contains very brief summaries of topics that have been discussed on the patterns-discussion list, in question and answer format.
  • Portland Pattern Repository
    Very useful pattern information. Includes articles as well as discussions in the form of the WikiWikiWeb.
  • Smalltalk Patterns
    Documentation on patterns associated with Dolphin Smalltalk.
  • SoCaseTools, inc.
    Information on Subject Oriented Design and Analysis Pattern Oriented Programming tool (SODA POP). Includes resources and company information.
  • Software Technologies - Design Patterns
    Software Design Pattern techniques, papers, references and catalogues for professional software developers.
  • Some Notes On Christopher Alexander
    A summary of Alexander's contributions to several fields including the use of patterns in programming.
  • Unix Shell Patterns
    A collection of idioms for Unix shell programming
  • Visitor Pattern (Dual Dispatch without Multimethods)
    Simple example of a problem that the Visitor pattern can solve, with a code example in Java, avoiding switch statements and downcasts.
  • Interaction Design Patterns
    A collection for various user interfaces. Includes background information and links to other collections.
  • Why a Duck
    An introduction to polymorphism and design patterns, by John Brewer. Includes links and source code.
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