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  • Bibliography on Literate Programming
    A part of the Computer Science Bibliography Collection.
  • The CWEB System of Structured Documentation
    By Donald Knuth and Levy, describing a prominent system of Literate Programming.
  • Literate Programming
    The WikiWiki entry point for related information and discussions.
  • Literate Programming
    Resources for Literate Programming. Consulting services. Download freeware for Windows 95, 98, and NT. Learn about the CWEB programming language.
  • Literate Programming
    A Book by Donald Knuth, who started the ideas about Literate Programming with WEB.
  • Literate Programming -- Propaganda and Tools
    Overview of the concepts and some ideas for applying this methodology.
  • The Literate Programming FAQ
    A good place to start looking for information
  • Literate Programming in Forth
    An article by Peter J. Knaggs, originally presented at euroFORTH'95.
  • Literate Programming Library
    A large collection of links to related resources.
  • Literate Programming using Pascal
    WEB2 programming tool for Pascal combining program-code and documentation into a single source-file.
  • Noweb
    Simple, extensible tool for Literate Programming.
  • SGML/XML and Literate Programming
    Information on applying SGML and XML to Literate Programming.
  • XML and Literate Programming
    A seminar by Anthony B. Coates on combining XML and LP.
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