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  • Aspect-Oriented Software Development
    Aspect-oriented tools and research projects for various languages; applications of AOP; theory; events calendar; discussion and announcement mailing lists.
  • AOP: Aspect-Oriented Programming
    Methodology enabling modularizing of crosscutting concerns. Experience shows that with standard procedural or object-oriented languages it can be hard to modularize many design concerns. Outgrowth of Xerox PARC OO programming research.
  • AOP index
    Includes bibliography of aspect-oriented publications, sorted by year and by author.
  • Aspect-Oriented Decomposition and Composition
    Free chapter from the book "Generative Programming" - covers basic concepts of AOP with examples in C++, Java, Smalltalk, and in AspectJ, Demeter, SOP and Composition Filters; and techniques for implementing weaving.
  • Aspect-Oriented Software Engineering at Lancaster University
    Rashid et al. work on aspect-oriented programming, specification, and databases.
  • The Case for Aspects
    In this two part article Ivar Jacobson describes how aspect oriented programming provides the missing link to providing use-case modularization all the way from requirements down to code.
  • Composition Filters
    Modular, orthogonal, aspect-oriented filters which are attached to classes and intercept messages.
  • I want my AOP!
    A series of 3 articles in JavaWorld magazine, with code examples, on how Aspect-Oriented Programming helps separate concerns and improves maintainability and flexibility.
  • Multi-Dimensional Separation of Concerns: Software Engineering using Hyperspaces Hyperspaces allow software enginners to split code - and other software artifacts such asrequirements and design documents - along multiple concern dimensions, and recombine them automatically.
  • Revisiting Separation of Concerns with an Aspect-Oriented Framework [ECOOP 00 Poster]
    Short poster from ECOOP 2000, highlighting the role of AOP in taming component interactions (high coupling).
  • Second International Workshop on Aspect-Oriented Modeling with UML
    To be held in conjunction with the Fifth International Conference on the Unified Modeling Language - the Language and its Applications. September 30 - October 4, 2002, Dresden, Germany. Position papers and workshop agenda. (September 30, 2002)
  • Workshop on Aspect-Oriented Programming and Separation of Concerns
    Proceedings of the workshop are available for free download. [Lancaster University, UK] (August 23, 2001)
  • MIT Technology Review cites Aspect-Oriented Programming as one of Top Ten Innovations
    The respected publication MIT Technology Review predicts that the power of aspect-orientation to separate previously difficult-to-disentangle concerns will make it a big success. (January, 2001)
  • Aspectual Components
    Paper on the integration of work on aspect-oriented programming, software architecture and component-based software development. (March, 1999)
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