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  • eAD Extreme Programming Issue
    An issue of Cutter Consortium's "eBusiness Application Development" newsletter dedicated to discussions of XP and Crystal Clear.
  • Extreme Programming: A Gentle Introduction
    Introduction to Extreme Programming, one of several new lightweight software development methodologies. By J. Donovan Wells.
  • Extreme Programming FAQ
    F requently asked questions about Extreme Programming (XP).
  • Extreme Programming from a CMM Perspective
    Mark Paulk, one of the creators of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) compares and contrasts XP and CMM.
  • ExtremeProgrammingRoadmap
    C2 Wiki's resource guide to XP.
  • Introduction to Extreme Programming
    Part one of this paper introduces Extreme Programming (XP) by comparing risk management approaches to software development. Part two covers the twelve practices of an Extreme Programming project.
  • JUnit
    A unit testing framework for Java. Extremely useful for implementing the XP testing practice.
  • (ootips) Extreme Programming
    Summaries of the main concepts of XP.
  • Pair Programming
    An XP practice where two developers work side by side at the same workstation on the same program. The two developers share in the design and implementation to produce high quality code.
  • Ralph Johnson XP Talk
    Slides from a talk given by Ralph E. Johnson at the Chicago Smalltalk User Group on 5/25/1999.
  • Review of XP Explained book
    Slashdot review and discussion on Kent Beck's XP Explained.
  • RoboTracker
    A tool to improve task estimation skills of developers on an XP project.
  • Short introduction to extreme programming
    The site contains a short introduction to the XP concepts relevant to the customers: Iterations, User Stories, Acceptance Tests, and Releases.
  • William Wake: Software Design and Development
    Extreme Programming practitioner, and author of book: Extreme Programming Explored, Addison Wesley; draft online. Also links, games, refactorings, essays, and XP Radar Chart.
  • XP123 - Exploring Extreme Programming
    The XPlorations series by William C. Wake
  • XP Developer
    A wiki-clone dedicated to the extreme programming methodology.
  • Xp Glossary
    Glossary of Extreme Programming terms and acronyms.
  • XP Mailing List
    An active discussion forum for XP.
    Articles, FAQs, and other information on the XP methodology.
  • XTremeTeam
    An online process management tool for the Extreme Programming process. It guides teams through the XP process of story creation and release planning and then provides reports and documentation on their projects.
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