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Agile Patterns and Anti-Patterns
Aspect-Oriented Refactoring
Evolutionary Structured
Literate Unified Process

  • Alexandria
    Composition-based product line methodology supports the flexible development based on product lines.
  • Another B Tools
    Present a formal method for incremental development. Includes documentation, tools, examples, and a forum.
  • Cleanroom software development methodology
    Introduction, overview, and examples by John W. Shipman.
  • Cleanroom Software Engineering
    Information on this methodology aimed at zero software defects. Includes education, literature, experts and tools. By Data and Analysis Center for Software (DACS).
  • Dynamic Systems Development Method Consortium
    DSDM is a standard based on Rapid Application Development and Agile Method. Information on the organization, resources, publications and events.
  • Introduction to Thoughtful Programming and Forth Philosophy -
    By Michael Misamore; essay with text and references, on a flexible, proven, back-to-basics, minimalist philosophy that operates consistently from low to high abstraction levels; with ideas for future improvements. [Freely Distributable]
  • Lean Programming
    Assembly-line production techniques applied to software programming, with recommendations. By Software Development Online.
  • Metamodels
    Information on metamodelling activity. Includes news, FAQ, glossary, and links.
    Provides general information and list of paper, books, forum, and links.
  • Osellus Inc
    Offers consulting and the IRIS software to automate and simplify the software development process. Includes white papers and links.
  • Select Business Solutions
    Provide modeling tools, component reuse, and service oriented architecture tools.
  • Sequoia
    A practical guide, to this software development methodology, that helps the developer in every step of an IT project. Includes examples and links.
  • Software Development Process
    Information on the SCRUM development method. Includes papers, books, and links.
  • Target Method
    Proprietary, visually-oriented, web-enabled, structured, full lifecycle management methodology, and based on best practices. By Americas Systems, Inc.
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