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Methodologies Resources

  • Bulletin for Applied Computing and Information Technology
    Published by New Zealand's NACCQ along with JACIT (The Journal for Applied Computing and Information Technology), BACIT provides a forum for work in progress and scholarly writings with a strong applied computing focus.
  • C Programming Trends
    CProgrammingTrends is a free email newsletter from iEntry, Inc. Topics include ray tracing, .NET, C#, C++, and other areas of interest to professional programmers.
  • C/C++ Users Journal
    A great C/C++ journal for the intermediate to advanced user.
  • Community Mailing List Archives by the Free Network Group
    Searchable archives of selected Filipino and international software development mailing lists including the Linux Kernel, Python and Zope lists, among others.
  • DDJ - Doctor Dobb's Journal
    A classic programming magazine.
  • developer.* Magazine
    Web-based magazine for software developers of all kinds, featuring articles, essays, and book reviews on a wide variety of topics, both technical and non-technical.
  • Developer Network Journal
    Cross-platform integration, internet security, scalability and rapid application development issues.
    A news site for software developers. Broad range of coverage, from embedded to enterprise. Also does business news, products. Is associated with Australian Developer Magazine (print publication).
  • Developers Newsletter
    A free publication for software developers distributed by email.
  • Embedded Systems Programming
    A monthly magazine for engineers, programmers, and project leaders who build microcontroller and embedded microprocessor-based systems.
  • Methods and Tools Newsletter
    A free PDF and HTML based newsletter focusing on software development.
  • MSDN Magazine
    Microsoft's Magazine for Developer's.
  • .NET Magazine - Understand, evaluate, and implement technologies in areas of, ASP, J2EE, Security, SQL Server, and Servlets/JSP. News, articles, subscription, and discussion area. Archive of past issues.
    Py: A Technical Journal for Python Developers
  • SD Times
    Software Development, a BZ Media LLC publication.
  • Visual Systems Journal (VSJ)
    Is the independent source for software developers focus on COM, Java, Visual Basic and Delphi, published on line and in print.
  • Windows Developer Magazine
    Application development from Windows to Web.
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