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Cluster Sites

  • ACME
    At Purdue University. Cluster configuration, FAQ, and links to software.
  • Aeneas Supercomputer
    At the University of California at Irvine. Hardware description, news articles, software links, and benchmarks.
  • Alice
    Cluster at Iowa State University. Users guide and statistics.
  • ASMA
    At Bogazi?i University, Istanbul, Turkey. Cluster specs, publications bibliography, scheduler documentation, and links to other Beowulf resources.
  • ATS's Beowulf Cluster
    At the University of California, Los Angeles. Software documentation.
  • Avalon
    Cluster at Los Alamos National Laboratory. News articles, research, papers, and FAQ.
  • Baldric
    At the University of Western Ontario. Cluster description, pictures, and FAQ.
  • Beowulf at UMD
    At the University of Minnesota in Duluth. Description and installation log.
  • Beowulf cluster at SARA
    Cluster description and software documentation at the University of Amsterdam.
  • Beowulf Project
    At the Center for Research on Parallel Computing and Supercomputers. Description and benchmarks.
  • Beowulf Project at Florida Tech
    Hardware description and programming information.
  • Beowulf Project at the University of Missouri, St. Louis
    Specifications and software links.
  • Bolo
    Specifications and pictures.
  • Brahma
    At Duke University. Hardware and software design details.
  • Bunyip Beowulf Project
    At Australia National University. FAQ, configuration details, photos, and users' guide.
    Cluster at Florida State University. Configuration details, network design, and benchmarks.
    Clusters at Clemson University. Specification, pictures, and links to parallel research projects.
  • Centurion at the University of Virginia
    Configuration details, photos, and software links.
  • The Chaingang
    At the University of Sciences in Philadelphia. Hardware specs, links to software, and pictures.
  • Chiba City
    At Argonne National Lab. Configuration, users' guide, documentation, and pictures.
  • The Cluster
    At the Ohio Supercomputing Center. Information about using schedulers, compilers, debuggers, and performance analysis tools.
  • Cobalt
    At the University of Calgary. Hardware and software configuration, and information for users.
    At the Penn State Department of Aerospace Engineering. Links to research, current cluster status, and animations of simulations computed by the cluster.
  • The Collective
    At the University of Idaho. Hardware description.
  • Colony
    At the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Configuration information and users' guide.
  • Comyc
    At the University of Heidelberg. Users guide, documentation, status, and configuration details.
  • Cootie Project
    At Clinton High School in Clinton, Michigan. Configuration details and scripts.
  • CWRU Beowulf
    Cluster at Case Western Reserve University. Pictures and Beowulf documentation.
  • The Cyborg Project
    Photographs, hardware details, and links to message-passing resources.
  • DeepFlow Alpha Cluster
    Specifications, information for users, how to use the scheduler, pictures, and research information.
  • Distributed ASCI Supercomputer
    Cluster information and pictures.
  • Earthdome
    Description and papers about Watson Technical Consulting's cluster.
  • ERATO-1
    Kitano Symbiotic Systems Project. Hardware specs, photos, and links to research.
  • Gargleblaster
    At the University of California at Santa Barbara. Documentation and pictures.
  • Gecoa AlphaPC cluster
    At the Ames Laboratory. Cluster information, links to software, and benchmarks.
  • Genetic Programming, Inc.
    Clusters used for genetics research. Pictures, news articles, and design and configuration details for very large clusters.
  • Genome Sequencing Centre in Jena
    Configuration information and photos.
  • Gollach
    Used for radar and image processing at the University of Cape Town. Specification and photos.
  • Gravitor
    Used for astrophysical simulations at the Geneva Observatory. Hardware and software information, pictures, and links to research.
  • HEP Batch Computing
    At the Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute. Hardware information, news, and papers.
  • Hermes
    At the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron in Hamburg, Germany. Cluster description and diagram.
  • Hibana
    A project to port Linux to the AP1000+, a distributed-memory multicomputer. Papers and documentation.
  • H?lge
    At Arrhenius Laboratory, Stockholm University. Cluster information, benchmarks, and information about research.
  • Hrothgar
    At Harvey Mudd College. Reference material, system status, and list of current projects.
  • Hyglac
    At the High Performance Computing Group of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Pictures and cluster information.
  • ICE Box
    At the Center for High Performance Computing at the University of Utah. Specs, users guide, and software documentation.
  • J. W. Essex
    Links to research and configuration information.
  • Jane Option Black
    Cluster information and benchmarks.
  • Jazznet
    At the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Benchmarks, research information and pictures, and hardware and software information.
  • KAIST*GALAXY Beowulf Cluster
    Nuclear Reactor Analysis and Particle Transport Lab at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. Description of hardware, benchmarks, links to software documentation.
  • Kentucky Linux Athlon Testbed
    At the University of Kentucky. Press releases, hardware details, and benchmarks.
  • Korea Beowulf Cluster
    News articles and pictures.
  • Kybele
    At Bogazi?i University Computing Center, Istanbul, Turkey. Specifications and links to documentation.
  • Laboratory for Advanced Computing in the Mathematical Sciences
    At the University of Bristol. Cluster specifications and information about research.
  • Lalainya
    Used for analysis of traffic patterns at the Bluepoint Institute of Higher Technology Foundation. Hardware information.
  • LAMA's Beowulf
    At the Materials Laboratory at Universidad del Pa?s Vasco, in Bilbao, Spain. Cluster configuration, photos, and status.
  • LoBoS
    At the National Institute for Health. System configuration, status, benchmarks, links to software, news articles, and information for users.
  • Loki
    At the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Documentation, configuration information, benchmarks, and pictures of calculations.
  • Mad Dog
    At the University of Science and Technology in Manchester. Configuration information.
  • MAGI
    Used for speech recognition research at CTU Prague. Description and pictures.
  • Maginet
    At the Quantum Chemistry Group of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona, Spain. Cluster specs and pictures.
  • Naegling
    At the Center for Advanced Computing Research. Configuration, instructions for users, and links to images rendered by the cluster.
  • NCSA NT Cluster Group
    Information about application scaling.
  • The NERSC PC Cluster Project
    At the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center. Cluster information and parallel computing research links.
  • Nuredduna
    At the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies. Cluster description and pictures.
  • Odin
    At the Materials Science Division of Argonne National Laboratory. Specification and pictures.
  • Ohm
    Used for network topology research at Calvin College. Cluster description.
  • Parallel Computing Lab
    At New Mexico State University. Configuration information and diagrams, research, publications, and links to parallel programming information.
  • Parallel Evolutionary Algorithm Machine
    At Edinburgh University. Cluster description and links to research.
  • The Parallel PC Cluster
    At Indiana University. Cluster information and users' group presentations.
  • Parnass
    Cluster statistics and links to papers about research conducted using it.
  • Pentium Farm
    At the University of Mannheim. Configuration details.
  • Pondermatic
    Description of construction.
  • RWCP
    At the Tsukuba Research Center. Benchmarks and papers.
  • Scrap
    At High Point University. Specs, benchmarks, and pictures.
  • The Sparrow Lab
    At the University of Arkansas. Linux documentation, hardware description, and pictures.
  • Spear
    At the University of Rhode Island. Cluster description.
  • Spectra
    At the University of Alabama in Hunstville. Hardware information, benchmarks, and description of research.
  • Stone SouperComputer
    At the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Configuration details, news articles, papers, applications, and links to Beowulf resources.
  • St?rtebeker Cluster Project
    At the Institute of Computer Engineering, Medical University of Luebeck, Germany. Links to research, hardware description, and pictures.
  • Super Abacus
    At the City University of Hong Kong. Hardware configuration, pictures, benchmarks, users' guide, and research description.
    At Oregon State University. Configuration, benchmarks, and information for users.
  • TECOM's Cluster Tux Project
    Used for weather forecasting at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Hardware description, benchmarks, and pictures.
  • Tempest and Lear
    At the University of Pittsburgh. Hardware configuration, queue information, benchmarks, and links to research.
  • The-Elements
    Cluster description, links to research, benchmarks, articles, and information for users.
  • theHIVE
    Pictures, software, benchmarks, research, and users guide.
  • Tina
    At the Institute of Theoretical Physics, Magdeburg. Description of research, current workload, and pictures.
  • University of Louisville Mechanical Engineering Department
    Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory.
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison: Alpha Beowulf System
    Hardware description, pictures, benchmarking code, and construction details.
    At the Center for Atomic-Scale Materials Physics in Denmark. Hardware and network description, benchmarks, and software information
  • VTT Electronics
    Cluster information and links to Beowulf resources.
  • The Wesleyan Physics Clusters
    Hardware and software details, links to projects using the cluster, and links to other resources.
  • Wonderland
    At the Texas Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics. Hardware and software information, benchmarks, links to research, and pictures.
  • Yet Another Cluster
    At the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute. Pictures, projects, and configuration details.
  • ZUSE Parallel Pentium-Pro Cluster
    At the University of Koblenz-Landau. Configuration diagram.
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