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  • Convergence International  
    The non-Wintel user group, supporting Acorn, Amiga, Apple, ARM, Be, NCs, PowerPC, Psion, Unix and other alternative operating systems. Services include a non-Wintel news summary.
  • Acromania: OS
    from Ziff-Davis.Net.
    Links to news and sites for Macintosh, Linux, BEOS, Kosh, Amiga, YellowDogLinux, Redhat, and most other alternate OSs for the Macintosh and PC markets.
  • How Stuff Works: Operating Systems
    Unbiased enlightening tutorial with impartial description of how OSs work, and many related links.
  • Internet Operating System Counter
    Statistics on Internet OS use, WWW, FTP, and News servers. Over 940,000 hosts checked in last survey.
  • Operating System Sucks-Rules-O-Meter
    The web-based operating system quality and approval metric.
  • Opsys
    Operating system and development news; programming and networking resources, small website.
  • OS Counter and Help System
    Place to register what you feel about your OS, see what others think of it, get help with it, and/or help others with theirs.
  • OS Musings N
    ews and views on operating systems and related aspects of computers.
  • OSNews: Exploring the Future of Computing
    Weblog style online magazine on operating systems and computing environments. Daily updates, reader forum with many comments.
  • osOpinion
    Tech Opinion commentary for the people, by the people.
  • ServerWatch OS Server Sort
    Looking for a server that runs a given OS? See a comprehensive list of servers grouped by OS. All servers listed above are profiled.
  • VMware, Inc.
    Virtual Platform Technology: a virtual machine that allows running many OSs at once: BSDs, DOS, Linux, and Windows.
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