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Advocacy Licenses

  • - Computer Users Group of Yokota
    A great resource for fun, information and of course... computers.
  • - General information on Free Software (Open Source) and its community.
  • GeoCrawler Mailing List Archives
    More than 2,150,000 email messages archived from thousands of mailing lists, some dating back to 1985 - covers many Open Source software topics.
  • Intel Open Source Computer Vision Library
    The computer vision library will provide a wide range of functions, including gesture recognition, object-tracking, face recognition and camera calibration, that will help researchers develop ways to use "computer vision" as a method for people to interact with computers.
  • Open Source Development Network
    The OSDN brings many of the Open Source community's favorite gathering places together and makes it easier to move between them.
  • Open Source IT
    Information and resources for the developer and technical professional interested in open source software.
  • Open Source Resources
    Resource site for Open Source Software researchers. Contains a bibliography, news and opinion sources, and links.
    A number of Open Source software projects that run on various HP (former Compaq) systems.
  • Panday.Net
    A community website for Filipino Open Source Software / Free Software (OSS/FS) advocates.
  • A Quantitative Profile of a Community of Open Source Linux Developers
    University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, study: histories, analyses, explanations.
  • Softpanorama
    (slightly skeptical) open source software educational society. Eastern European focus; many links are ideal for those with few resources in hardware or money.
  • Tocun
    Home of AYB, an open source multi-lingual instant messenger client.
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