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Internet Traffic

  • Nua  
    Comprehensive round up of all internet related news worldwide as well as a mailing list.
  • Security Space  
    Monthly published research reports covering issues like web server market share, popularity of web sites, and web authoring tools.
  • Atlas of Cyberspace
    Maps and graphic representations of the Internet.
  • Behind the Numbers
    A handy repository of news and analysis of key Internet metrics and indicators. From the editors of
  • Browser stats
    Browser usage stats from the major sites and some annalysis
  • Children Go Online: Emerging Opportunities and Dangers
    Academic survey on the Internet use of children in the UK.
  • Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis
    CAIDA collects, monitors, analyzes, and visualizes several forms of Internet traffic data concerning network topology, workload characterization, performance, routing, and multicast behavior.
    Statistics and Web marketing information, enabling you to understand the business environment and make more informed business decisions.
  • E-mail Server Software Survey
    Market share statistics of the top ten E-mail server software used on the Internet.
  • European Internet Stats
    European Internet stats, trends, and strategies.
  • EuropeProfile
    Your source for research intelligence data on European E-business trends, demographics and strategies.
  • Geography of the Internet
    Data, maps and analysis on the geographic distribution of Internet domain names by city, region, state, and country.
  • Global eCommerce Report 2002 by Taylor Nelson Sofres
    Internet/ecommerce penetration, products purchased online, reasons for not purchasing products online, ecommerce spending. Contains 3 years worth of trend data for 37 countries.
  • Global Internet Revenue Survey 2002
    This is a confidential internet survey for online entrepreneurs and web site owners.
  • Global Internet Statistics
    An up-to-date chart of the estimated number of people online in each language.
  • .gr survey home
    About Internet in Greece, by NET Letter. In greek and english.
  • Guide to Internet Statistics
    A selection of links to statistics, demographics, generators, worldwide maps and ISP details.
  • GVU Center's WWW User Surveys
    Historical and current information on the growth and trends in Internet usage. View of developing web demographics, culture, user attitudes, and usage patterns, advertising, electronic commerce, intranet web usage, and business-to-business transactions.
  • ICT statistics
    Statistics extracted from the ITU World Telecommunication Indicators Database, concerning the spread of information and communication technologies in over 200 economies worldwide
  • iDiary - Internet Measurement System
    Combines Internet tracking with surveying to deliver knowledge about the Natural Population of your web site.
  • Internet Demographics Directory
    Directory of Internet demographics, user surveys, backbone/ISP reviews and Internet topology. Entries categorised and ranked.
  • Internet Domain Survey
    Attempts to discover every host on the Internet by doing a complete search of the Domain Name System. Statistics available for free and commercially.
  • Internet Economy Indicators
    Facts and figures about the internet including data on e-commerce.
  • Internet Mapping Project: Map gallery
    Contains graphical representations of the Internet. Looks like star maps, but with websites grouped by ISP.
  • Internet Statistics Directory
    Directory of Internet statistics web sites including published reports, studies, Internet geography and commercial reports.
  • Internet Use(rs): Demography and Geography of the Internet
    Academic paper giving analysis of the geography and demography of the Internet. By Albert Benschop of the University of Amsterdam.
  • Internet World Stats
    Internet usage data for 233 countries and regions, consolidated from various periodic surveys.
    Latency and uptime for North/South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. Email alerts for major problems.
  • Major Internet Backbone MAPs
    Maps of Internet backbones, sorted by market share.
  • NEC Research Institute: Size of the Web
    Provides results of statistical search engine studies.
  • Netcraft Web Server Survey
    A monthly updated survey of web server software usage on computers connected to the Internet. Also surveys most popular websites, and top level domains.
  • NetRadar
    Insights, facts, trends and numbers at a glance.
  • Netvalley
    IT history, reports, stats and ranks.
  • Nielsen//NetRatings
    Information on Website usage, internet access, and advertising data.
  • StatMarket
    Updated daily and based on stats from over 65,000 sites. Everything from search engines, browsers to screen resolutions, ISPs.
  • statMetrix
    Subscription service that provides monthly research reports and newsletters for global web activity, search engine use, web browser market share, operating systems, connection speeds, and mobile web trends.
  • WebHosting.Info
    Provides statistics and research data about the Web Services Industry. Tracks over 35,000 Web Hosting Companies Worldwide.
  • NEC Study
    Predicts competition and diversity on the web. (April 15, 2002)
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