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  • Pandia Powersearch  
    List of search engines and directories for finding sites, files, people, shops, news, music, and reference. Also includes a metasearch engine, directory from the ODP, search tutorial, and a free newsletter.
  • Search Engine Watch  
    Danny Sullivan's comprehensive coverage of the search engine world. Includes submission tips, better use of search engines, links to featured search services, reviews, articles, ratings, daily and monthly newsletters.
  • About Web Search
    Jennifer Laycock's guide to search and search engine optimization, with a directory of search tools, news, articles, reviews, and glossary.
  • Age of Dot Com
    Links to search resources including start pages, integrated search forms, portals, engines, guides, and directories. Offers both a simple links page and a directory with descriptions and ratings.
  • Aleph Search
    A directory of directories. Links to selected information- rich web resources, both unspecialised and specialised, with a strong emphasis on UK-based sites.
  • All Search Engines
    Lists all major search engines and hundreds of other related services by category.
  • Beaucoup
    A directory listing thousands of search services includes engines, directories, and indices, with descriptions and metasearch tool powered by Findtarget.
  • Big Search Engine Index
    Directory listing hundreds of search engines, categorized, described and rated.
  • Complete Planet
    Directory of databases and specialty search engines from Bright Planet.
  • Direct Search
    Gary Price's compilation of links to the search interfaces of resources that contain data not easily or entirely searchable/accessible from general search tools.
  • Fetchfido
    A graphical interface of links to search engines. It is multi-layered, with Universal, UK, US, European and Worldwide sections.
  • FinderSeeker
    Find the search engine you want by selecting a thematical category and/or country, or search by keyword.
  • Fossick
    Provides links to search engines on many topics, together with metasearch from Curryguide.
  • FTP Search Engines
    Rated links to ftp and mp3 search sites.
  • Geniusfind
    Categorizes thousands of the most useful topic-specific directories and databases, with descriptions.
  • Indexing the Internet
    An essay by John Hubbard analyzing the question of what is the best way to index the Internet, with references.
    A directory of search engines and directories worldwide, organized by geographical area and subject, includes articles on site submission, marketing, and optimization.
  • Navigator
    The starting point that New York Times reporters and editors use for their explorations of the Web. A straightforward list of some of the best sources on the Web for all types of information.
  • Search Ability
    A guide to directories of specialized search engines. Each directory is reviewed and classified in some detail.
  • Search Canary
    Argues that Google has too great a share of the search engine market and recommends other search engines and directories.
  • Search Engine Colossus
    Directory of hundreds of search engines, organised by country and topic.
  • Search Engine Guide
    A directory of thousands of general and specialty search engines, together with news and newsletter archives on searching and search engine marketing.
  • Search Engine Relationship Chart
    Bruce Clay's pictoral view of how search engines provide data to partner engines and directories. Requires Acrobat Reader.
  • Search Engine Showdown
    A user's guide to Web searching with features, comparative analysis, strategies, discussion, news and reviews.
  • Search Engines News -
    News on the search engine industry continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.
  • Search Engines Worldwide
    Search engines sorted by geographical location.
  • Search Tools for Web Sites and Intranets
    Provides information, news and advice about web site searching technology. Includes a guide, search tools list, glossary, and opportunity to compare searches of its own site by different tools. Offers a free monthly email newsletter.
  • Searchenginez
    Search forms for the most effective engines in dozens of categories from Robert Skelton. Includes reviews, ratings, webmaster tools, and tutorials.
  • Those Dark Hiding Places: The Invisible Web Revealed
    Librarian Robert J. Lackie provides annotated links to directories, searchable sites, databases, and search engines useful for uncovering content that the general search engines fail to disclose.
  • The Ultimate Search Engine Links Page
    A directory of search engines: general, metasearch, pay-per-click, children's, subject, country and people search. All are described and can be rated.
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