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  • Addendat
    Blogging tool for those who don't like Javascript or whose servers are running SCP, which makes using other blogging tools difficult or impossible.
  • Adminimizer Toolbar
    Fully-featured HTML editor that works inside a web browser to update a blog.
  • b2
    Weblog client.
  • The b2 Dev Suite
    Fully customizable PHP blogging tool.
  • bBlog
    A free PHP powered open source blogging program. It has many unique features including threaded comments, and smarty templates.
  • b2evolution
    Full featured PHP/ mySQL blog tool. Supports multiple categories, sub-catgeories, multiple blogs, skins, stats, comments, anti-spam filters.
  • Big Blog Tool
    Making a blog or personal website easier to create and manage.
  • BLog by Ring
    Free, self-formatting blogs with many features including optional password protection for privacy. Advanced blogging concepts are shared check registers with checkBlog and wine logging with wineBlog.
  • Blog Drive
    A weblog publishing service that is easy enough for a beginner and advanced enough for an expert.
  • Blog Organizer
    You can create, manage, organize, share and publish your blogs. All blogs will be automatically organized according to time of the blog. Also organize them further based on the subject of the blog or related people or locations.
  • Blog Script
    Asimple, command-line based utility for maintaining personal weblogs.
  • BlogFace
    A weblog product for the Zope application server.
    Free, automated weblog publishing tool that sends updates to a site via FTP.
  • BlogLite
    A basic, easy to use weblogging suite built with PHP and MySQL. 2 scripts, 2 HTML templates. Web journaling script.
  • BlogMax
    Emacs elisp package for maintaining a web log.
  • Blosxom
    Lightweight blogging application written in Perl.
  • CocoBlog
    Open source blogging package based on Apache's Cocoon and Xindice products.
  • Coranto
    The temporary home of Coranto, a full featured news posting program with all the normal features, along with addon support
    Customizable weblog interface and hosting. Free trial.
  • Drupal
    Full-featured content management/discussion engine suitable to setup a news-driven community or portal site.
  • EasyMoblog
    An open-source platform for personal weblogs and moblogs. It allows the creation of customizable and easy-to-use weblogs. Update just by sending e-mail messages.
  • Geeklog
    Free open-source blog tool. Runs on many different operating systems and uses PHP4 and MySQL.
  • Greymatter
    Weblogging software requires Perl 5 and knowledge of HTML.
  • The Journaling Script
    Free CGI script for publishing a journal or weblog.
  • JournURL
    Integrates blogging and forum features to create a communal content management system.
  • KleverKids
    Created and managed by three "klever" homeschooled kids. Offers many features and templates.
  • Metateque
    A Windows 32 bits client.
  • MeYou
    Publish your own blogs with your PC or your mobile Java phone. Community directory available.
  • MKDoc
    Web site building, serving and content management tool that has been designed to encourage the use of good information architecture and the production of accessible web sites.
  • Moblogs by textamerica
    Post from any country and any mobile provider. Customize the look of your pages. No HTML knowledge needed. Free service.
  • ModBlog
    Provides free, innovative, and easily customizable blogs.
  • Monaural Jerk
    Free, open-source PHP/MySQL weblog system. Includes calendar navigation, "edit this page", searching, channels, RSS, XML, tell-a-friend, and spider-friendly URLs.
  • Movable Type
    Perl based software for weblog management.
  • Moveable Type Mods and Hacks
    Includes details of several modifications that can be made to the Movable Type weblog software to add new features.
  • MT Plugin Directory
    Searchable directory of add-ons for the Moveable Type software. Includes examples and bug tracker.
    Easy-to-use blogging tool with mapping system designed specifically for travelers. Post text and photos. Includes a notification system to let your friends know when an update is posted.
  • Nucleus CMS
    A PHP/SQL blogging tool which resides on your webserver. Includes multiple blog capabilities, and RSS syndication.
  • Open Journal Project
    Free, perl-based open source journal script.
  • People's Online Publishing
    A community-oriented web-based tool to create online publications. Targeted at commercial and business clients.
  • Personal Weblog
    Personal Weblog is a PHP/MySQL include file for adding a weblog to a home page. It is highly configurable and can be changed to fit any web page style.
  • PHPNuke
    Community-oriented publishing software requires PHP and MySQL.
  • PHPosxom
    PHP rewrite of Rael Dornfest's Blosxom.
  • Pivot-log
    A customizable web log tool written in PHP and using XML as the data store.
  • pMachine
    Blogging and news software with extra features, like member registration, mailing list manager, random content displayer, public weblogs, search engine, birthday calendar and hit counter.
  • Pocket Blog
    Pocket PC application for managing weblogs that support the Blogger API. Works offline, posting entries when internet connectivity is available.
  • Radio UserLand
    Weblog software for individuals, educational institutions, and corporations.
  • Roller Weblogger
    Open source weblogger written in Java and based on Struts, Velocity and Castor. Not recommended for beginners.
  • Scoop
    Free collaborative media software for running community web logs . Requires Perl, mod_perl, and MySQL.
  • Simsi Mobile Weblog
    A free photo moblog written in PHP.
  • SnapLog Photo Blogger
    A one click photo blog publishing application that sends updates to a site via FTP.
  • Somery
    PHP-based 'blog software.
  • Sunlog
    Weblog software written in PHP and MySQL.
  • tBLOG
    Integrate fully customizable blog templates, with any website. Add calendar, search, link management, voting, and comment modules.
  • Trellix
    Client-side windows based blogging software. No HTML experience required.
  • The Unofficial Coranto Website
    Content management script supports static /dynamic content generation, unlimited users, categorized content, multiple page generation, customizable news style, auto-archiving, web-based setup and configuration and addon modules.
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