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  • Antville
    Based on an open source project aimed to the development of an "easy to maintain and use" weblog-hosting system. It can host unlimited blogs.
  • Blog Depot
    Weblog hosting and linked resources. Quarterly fee.
  • Blog Studio
    Free blog publishing and hosting service. Blog posts are sent via FTP.
  • Blog Trotter
    Free blog for travellers.
    Providing the community with a free and easy to use publishing site without the hassle of HTML and FTP.
  • BlogEasy
    Free blog host service.
  • BloggedUp
    Offers free webspace for personal weblogs. PHP & CGI included, POP Email, FTP and no ads. 10MB of space available.
  • Bloghorn
    Intuitive blogging software and a reliable hosting platform with responsive support.
  • BlogMe
    Hosting which includes personalised URL and email. Three levels of service available.
  • BlogOnTheWeb
    Free full featured blogger. No banners or popups. Blog can be Syndicated, trackbacks, comments, categorized, WYSIWYG editor and free image gallery.
  • BlogSpot
    Free weblog hosting integrated with Blogger.
  • Blogthing
    Simple, yet feature-packed, web-based weblogging tool. Includes hosting, commenting system and other features.
  • CamBlog Create a weblog for our cell phone camera photos.
    Free personal communication hub. Includes weblog, chat, webcam and guestbook.
    Provides blog and web hosting services, providing installation and support for all the major blogs, a network of blog communities, and online community building tools.
  • Content Portal
    A free service which allows users to manage XML driven portals.
  • daa^3 Web Blog
    Provides free web online personal blog service in Boyel Journal Style.
  • Deadjournal
    An online journal service based on the same open source code as LiveJournal, but with a much darker mood.
  • eBloggy
    Free service with tools like templates, group blogs, SMS blogging, signatures, and private messaging.
  • Electric Diary
    Free online diaries and writers community. Supports XML Diary syndication and remote diary updates.
  • Emo Blog
    Free blog community, where you may publish information instantly on your account and customize your weblog templates to fit your personality.
  • Fotopages
    Share your photographs in a blog. No programming necessary, uses a simple web interface.
  • Free-Conversant
    Conversant is an Internet groupware platform which allow flexible hosting of weblogs and web community sites with browser-based editing, as well as email and NNTP integration.
  • Full Moon Webs
    Free hosting for personal pages, weblogs and email.
  • IlohaBlog
    Create, customize, and maintain your own weblog from the web without having to worry about the nitty gritty technical details.
  • ImageSquirrel
    Content management tool that allows users to remotely update their websites.
  • Interblog
    Free blog publishing and hosting.
  • Ipadder
    Personal publishing service for weblogs, journals, diaries or anything that needs fast and easy publishing on the web.
  • Itownblogging
    Provides software for blogging and a directory of towns around the world.
  • Journal Space
    Free hosting and software for a journal or blog.
  • JournURL
    Free personal publishing tool that also offers community and forum services. All sites are syndicated.
  • Kit
    Software package for use with Radio Userland, including search, news aggregation, file uploader, and other tools.
  • Life with Christ
    A free full featured Christian weblog host.
  • lightBlog
    Member-based weblog hosting for writers, photographers, travelers. Customizable, allows remote posting via email or mobile. Annual fee, ad-free.
  • Livelog
    Customizable basic weblog hosting with subdomains.
    A service for creating your personal online web journal/ blog.
  • MessageMonster: Blogs
    Create your own blog, online journal, diary, family message board, communicate with co-workers.
  • MetaJournal
    Free, open-source weblogging project with a strong focus on community interaction.
    Free blogging, photo galleries, and forums based on the Postnuke content management system.
  • ModBlog
    Weblog host also offers users a bulletin board, forum, and intrasite messaging.
  • Motime
    Hosted weblog community with integrated instant messaging for real-time update alerts and member-2-member chats.
    Using a simple to use web interface you create your blog or website, and it's free.
  • nuTang
    A community. Browse through member weblogs, writings, profiles, guestbooks. Customizable. Plus, features internal messaging and buddy list systems.
  • Official Greymatter Hosting
    Providing hassle free journal hosting with Greymatter pre-installed.
  • Onclave Collaborative Portal
    A collaborative information sharing resource, including publishing tools and newsfeeds.
    Free hosting for weblogs and news sites. Supports both ftp and web-based editing. Features include templates, multiple editors, and a "" sub-domain.
  • Port41
    A free suite of web publishing tools including search, comments and an easy to use WYSIWYG editor.
  • Rotten Tomatoes: The Vine
    Blogging and networking for entertainment.
  • 20six
    Allows you to create an online journal with text and images. Also post via MMS from your camera phone. Free host.
    Create your own moblog, with pictures from your camera phone.
  • Sparkpod
    Personal web logging tool and host. Annual fee.
  • Tabulas
    Webhosting service featuring weblog and photo album hosting.
  • TypePad
    Service for hosting and publishing weblogs and photo albums.
  • uJournal
    Offering free online journals. Based on LiveJournal code.
  • Upsaid Weblog/ Newslog
    Blogging tool with features such as posting comments on entries and placing a hitcounter on pages.
  • Web Design India
    Providing customized blog design and hosting services.
    Blog hosting for the masses. New Zealand's only dedicated weblog hosting service.
  • Weblogger
    Free Weblog hosting for life using Manila. Web based editor. Excellent for collaborative editing.
  • Worldlog
    Simple site providing free and dependable web log capability. Getting your own free web log takes less than 30 seconds.
  • Xanga
    Personal publishing. Free weblogs.
  • Xaogo
    Online blogging community where users can create a blog and change every single aspect of it through out powerful skinning system and meet new people.
  • X-Journal
    Weblog journal system for expeditions, researchers, adventurers, travelers and others in far-flung and remote places of the planet.
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