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  • BlogBack
    Free remote commenting for weblogs.
  • BlogBack PHP
    A GPL'ed version of Marcus' original BlogBack script, suitable for hosting comments for ten or twenty blogs.
  • Blogcomments
    Free self-hosted commenting system with an ASP base. Layout can be customized using CSS.
  • BlogKomm
    Free commenting script displays comments below posts rather than in pop-ups.
  • BlogOut
    Free commenting script.
  • CGI Comments
    requires CGI. A perl based commenting system for use with weblogs.
  • Comment This!
    Free hosted Blogger comments system.
  • DocumentRoot Weblog Tools
    Free weblog commenter and counter tool.
  • DoodleBoard
    Let your site visitors add photos and text comments with a remotely hosted message board.
  • DotComments
    Server-side, requires PHP. Has it's own support email list.
  • Enetation
    A simple, free, remotely-hosted commenting system for any weblog.
  • HaloScan
    Free, easy to install weblog commenting system allowing webmasters to receive feedback on their website.
  • Installing CGI Comments
    Tutorial by Raymond Gan.
  • MyTagBoard
    Add a feature-rich tagboard/ shoutbox to your site. All features are offered free.
  • Pollxn
    A lightweight discussion engine for Blosxom and other weblog/blogging applications. It lets people post comments about your blog stories right on your site.
  • Reblogger
    A comment system for weblogs that can be used as a remote commenting system or can be installed on any server with cgi capability and perl.
  • Remote DotComments
    Remotely hosted commenting script.
  • Snorcomments2
    A script programmed in perl that can be run on most web servers with cgi capabilities.
  • Tag-Board
    Free message board for blog webmasters wanting to communicate with users. Displays inline comments.
  • Tara Star's Script
    Requires PHP. Notifies the weblog's owner when new comments are posted.
    Free remotely-hosted commenting. Available in multiple languages and does not require JavaScript. Users can edit and delete posts, and ban IP addresses.
  • ZonkBoard
    A free blabber board made specifically with weblogs in mind.
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