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  • Azure
    Blog from where ever your mobile phone can get usable signal reception. Free software.
  • Blog52
    A weblog application (still under major development) written in ASP with Microsoft SQL Server as default database engine.
  • The Blog Bar
    Internet Explorer plugin side bar providing the ability to post simply and quickly to your Blogger blog where ever you are.
  • blogBuddy
    A Windows application for managing sites using or others that implement the Blogger API.
  • BloggerBot
    A publishing gateway that allows users of AOL Instant Messenger to post to sites using Blogger.
  • BlogniX
    Native QT/xmlrpc-c based Linux blogging client.
  • Blosxom
    A lightweight yet feature-packed weblog application designed from the ground up with simplicity, usability, and interoperability in mind.
  • Blozom
    A stand-alone Mozilla based weblogging tool.
  • Bplog
    A minimal news/weblog system using PHP4 and SQL.
  • Chronicle Lite client for all platforms. Easy to use, full featured front end to Blogger, available for free. Licensed under a BSD style free software license.
  • Eastgate Tinderbox
    Personal content management assistant. Stores notes, ideas, and plans. Share ideas through Web journals and weblogs. Runs on Macintosh computers.
  • Fuseblog
    An open source blog software package written using ColdFusion, based on the Fusebox framework. The source code is downloadable form the site.
  • GLUE wiki
    A soapbox engine, PHP/mySQL framework which can be used to set up discussion sites or weblog sites. Unlike single-person weblogs, its main focus are discussions. Can be used as simple weblog software, discussion site framework or even as knowledge repository.
  • GreyMatter Mirror
    The home of mods, templates, and development updates for Greymatter.
  • InstaBlog
    A minimalistic weblog-by-IM tool written in Perl; requires only FTP access to the web server.
  • Mod_blosxom
    Module for Apache that builds a lightweight weblog enivironment.
  • Movable Type
    Blog-System written in Perl.
  • MozBlog
    Blog while surfing with Mozilla.
  • Nucleus
    A weblog/ news system written in PHP4 and MySQL. It allows multiple weblogs and authors, and is customizable.
  • PersonalBlog
    Light-weight personal blogging application that is suitable for installing on a host provider. It's written in JAVA and uses a variety of J2EE technologies.
  • PowerBlog
    A weblogging client tool for Windows. Uses Blogger API and offers other publishing mechanisms as well.
  • RealBlog
    A WYSIWYG weblog publishing system for PHP4 and MySQL with advanced image functions.
  • SimplyBlog Software
    Tool designed to create weblogs on corporate Windows based Intranets.
    Weblog and wiki system written in Java.
  • telnet7 Bloggy
    For websites that use free webhosting services. Still in its alpha stages but can already be used.
  • Textpattern
    A flexible, elegant, easy-to-use content management system for all kinds of websites, even weblogs.
  • Traction Software
    Enterprise weblog software. System for capturing and managing knowledge in the course of a communication or business process.
  • w.Bloggar
    A Windows client for several different hosts and software that support the Blogger API.
  • WordPress
    A semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.
  • Write2Left
    The PHP/ MySQL-based personal publishing system.
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